In its 50 years of existence, Build Rehabilitation Industries has assisted over 9,000 developmentally disabled clients.  When Build was launched in 1967, Lyndon B. Johnson was the President of the United States, gas cost 33 cents a gallon and the Beatles released their world-famous album, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Social media was not around and cell phones were science fiction.  Since then, Build Rehabilitation Industries has adjusted to the 21st century.  However, never have they taken their focus off of those needing help.

A nationally recognized mental health program turned vocational program, Build Rehabilitation Industries has assisted thousands of developmentally disabled in their pursuit of employment and a more independent life.

Build Rehabilitation Industries has been finding the best ways to help the disabled since 1967.  Over this time, Build has thrived by making the best of both the good times and the hard times.  Over the years, Build has expanded their reach to include the San Fernando Valley and Burbank.  Build currently offers eight industry leading programs that all result in a better quality of life for the disabled clients.

The difficu;t years for Build were pretty dark, but Build Rehabilitation Industries overcame a failing evonomy in the 70s that forced some of Build’s business partners into bankruptcy and almost left Build in the same condition.  During this time, donations dwindled and the Executive Director of Build died.  At one point there were only ten employees and each of those ten employees was not sure when, or if, their next paycheck would come.

However, Build and its dedicated team overcame.  In 1987, Build was on the brink of bankruptcy.  To breathe life into the organization, Matt Lynch was appointed temporary Executive Director.  In 1988, Matt and the Build team repositioned the organization to pass the accreditation process with flying colors and earn the highest accreditation possible.  Matt still leads Build and under his leadership the organization continues to expand into new programs dedicated to improving the lives of the disabled.

Build works with multiple partners to provide an array of program to meet the differing needs of their disabled clients.  Build continues to evolve its service offerings based on changing governmental policies and evolving demands from their disabled clients and their families.


These employment programs include:

THE BUILD WORK ACTIVITY PROGRAM – This program allows disabled clients to learn transferable skills, such as team work, following instructions and other critical work[place behaviors.  Clients gain these skills (and earn a paycheck) while doing light manufacturing assembly, packaging and repackaging under the care of the Build Workshop supervisors and counselors.  Build has developed relationships with private companies who are in need of these services.  These partners represent multiple industries, including cosmetics, vitamins and supplements, spirits, food and candy, consumer electronics, apparel, beauty supplies and others.  This program currently includes over 100 disabled clients.

BUILD’S SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM – The Build Supported Employment Program (SEP) is a best-in-class program that finds disabled clients work in the community with leading national and local employers.  Clients that work in the community are paired with a SEP job coach who learns the job that the client will perform and trains the client how to succeed in that job.  After the client has learned the job, the job coach will continue to check in with the client to ensure the job is going well and address any needs of the client or employer to enrue success for both parties.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SERVICE PROGRAM – This new program has been developed to create specialized businesses that will employ disabled clients.  These businesses are crated by putting the client first and by building a culture where clients will thrive fulfilling a useful service or providing an in-demand product.  To date, this program has created an eBay store and an urban organic agriculture program is currently under development.

Build also has an array of support programs for the disabled that complement their employment based programs.  These programs include the independent Living Skills Program (ILS), the Options Behavior Program and the Build Club.

INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS – In this program, staff members work one-on-one with clients on problem solving, community access, financial literacy, management of housing, medical issues and building social skills.  ILS staff also help clients access community resources and organize group activities.

OPTIONS – This is a behavioral program designed to improve the social and/or vocational development of clients with behavioral challenges.  Clients served in Options are encouraged to reach their full potential and reduce disruptive behavior frequency through a variety of seminars, training, recreational activities, community outings, social function and applied behavioral analysis.  Staffing is provided at a 1:3 staff/client ratio, as well as 1:1  intensive intervention for clients with more extensive needs.

BUILD CLUB – This unique classroom training is designed to provide clients with skills for employment, appropriate social skills and self sufficiency.

Build is also the operator of the West Valley WorkSource Center.  This center is federally funded through the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board.  As a result of the Workforce innovation and Opportunity Act, the Center provides no cost business services and resource for individuals seeking jobs and employers seeking quality candidates.

Even with all of these fantastic programs, Build continues to look toward the future.  For example, Build is currently developing a model for a fully integrated Work Activity Program.  This integrated model will enable people with developmental disabilities to work hand-in-hand with people that do not have developmental disabilities within Build’s existing workshop.

Build also plans on launching their newly approved community based program.  This program will take clients into the community on a daily basis and allow them to enjoy various environments and settings in the San Fernando Valley area.  These daily trips may include explorations of museums, parks and craft event.

“We are proud that we have been able to the community for 50 years.  We celebrate this rich history and plan to continue to serve the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas for a long time to come.  We will always find every opportunity to best assist our clients.:  Matt Lynch, the CEO of Build Rehabilitation Industries since 1987.

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