The UPS Strike And Amazon

You might not realize this, but the UPS (Union Parcel Service) is Amazon’s lifeblood/subsidence for survival (they deliver the vast majority of Amazon’s products to its customers), and there’s a brewing clash rising between the 260,000 Teamsters who deliver Amazon’s goods and Amazon itself — over the agreement they have which is set to expire on July 31st, 2018.

Last week, the UPS Freight Teamsters voted to authorize a work stoppage (tallying over 93% of those who voted) to form picket lines, and to stop delivering Amazon goods (and eBay).

This matters for a number of reasons, but here are just some ways that this might affect your own personal product purchased on Amazon (according to FoxBoston):

“-Amazon will likely step up shipments via the U.S. Postal Service and its nearly totally non-union shipping partner FedEx. That means consumers would likely see more packages delivered by the mail carrier. And instead of those familiar chocolate-colored trucks pulling up to your home, you’ll see a lot more of the purple variety.

-Look for Amazon’s ‘Shipping With Amazon,’ (SWA) program to expand rapidly. The SWA program quietly launched in Los Angeles, California, this past winter and takes on UPS and FedEx directly by hiring people to pick up packages from businesses and ship them to consumers. While Amazon hasn’t updated the public on SWA in months now, it’s reasonable to expect that it could be rolled out to more cities soon.

-Local courier companies would likely benefit from a UPS strike. Although it’s relatively rare, Amazon typically uses local couriers if the ordered product is close enough to one of its myriad Amazon warehouses. Smaller companies like Lasership and OnTrac could see increased Amazon deliveries.”

Although Amazon and other e-commerce stores are perceived to only affect the internet ecosystem, the truth of the matter is that they are as impactful for the rest of the economy as Walmart is. Amazon partners with a number of other warehouses and businesses across the country to connect services/products with customers all over the world. A strike by UPS workers will have a number of trickle-down effects on Americans as a whole.

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