The Holidays, Packaging, And Sales

The holidays are just around the corner and that means that annual consumer spending is about to dramatically spike.

Although consumers spend more at this time of the year than at any other point, for businesses that sell packaged items, the task of getting consumers to actually purchase a packaged good still remains. There are a variety reasons for this, amongst those being the graphic design of the package itself, and the allure of the product.

Consumers make impulse purchasing decisions in about 1/3 of a second, meaning that customers make their impulse purchasing decisions purely based on how attractive the package for that product looks. What this means is that businesses can excel in selling their products — if the packaging is done right, conversely, they might struggle to sell their product(s) if the packaging doesn’t connect with the consumer.

Package design and the holidays

The holidays are a busy time for most Americans, and most people are looking for products that can make their holiday and purchasing experience easier. A study by the Flexible Packaging Association found that 14% of consumers would pay more money for products that they can reseal. Being able to reclose a product helps to preserve its freshness, and it helps most people when gift wrapping comes along.

Consumers desire products that are reusable/refillable; for example, candy dishes. Until very recently, the only way that consumers could keep certain items fresh was through press-to-close zippers. Now, through new innovations (such as small-sized sliders), keeping food items fresh isn’t as much of a task it was once.

As the holidays rapidly approach, consider this, every item, product, or good that you purchase at the store comes in a package that was meticulously worked on, approved of, and market-researched.

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