4 Ways Build Rehabilitation Industries Can Help Your Business with Contract Packaging

4 Ways Build Rehabilitation Industries
Can Help Your Business with Contract Packaging


Build Rehabilitation Industries Warehouse, Contract Packaging, FulFillmentWhen you hire Build Rehabilitation Industries in Los Angeles to fulfill your contract packaging needs, you ensure the reliable release of your products and have the opportunity to expand production in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Businesses in the Los Angeles area have outsourced their packaging needs to professional contract packagers like Build Rehabilitation Industries. Not only is contract packaging cost effective, but it will also increase your business’s profit much more than if you handled it in-house. When you let Build Rehabilitation Industries handle your packaging needs, you don’t have to worry about the capital required to train your employees, buy the packaging equipment, and set up the software.

For over 50 years, Build Rehabilitation Industries has offered contract packaging services tailored to businesses, specializing in turnkey packaging products, hand assembly, and fulfillment services. We guide every project from inception to completion with competitive pricing, reliable turnaround and our high standards of quality. We serve a wide variety of businesses and retail channels and have experience in primary packaging as well as club store packaging such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Amazon, etc.

Build Rehabilitation Industries is always striving to develop the most efficient packaging solution for each unique product they handle. By entrusting Build Rehabilitation Industries with your products, you won’t have to worry about ways to keep costs low; instead, you will have the advantage of our entire team of qualified and customer service focused staff handling every aspect of your project. Streamlining the packaging process for our clients is one of our primary objectives at Build Rehabilitation Industries.


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Here are a few ways that Build Rehabilitation Industries can help your business:


  1. Increase Production

When a professional contract packager like Build Rehabilitation Industries is handling all of your packaging needs, you’ll easily be able to increase your production rates without having to update your own facilities or equipment or hire additional employees. On top of that, when you work with contract packagers, you are essentially adding an entire team to your business. Our expertise lies in creating the right packaging for products. This will allow you to take risks and try to create products that you normally wouldn’t be able to create without access to specialized facilities or a professional team.


  1. Increase Reliability of Product Releases

It is our job to ensure that your products can be packaged efficiently, and released on time. When you create a new product, there are several factors that can delay its lead-time to market. However, by working with Build Rehabilitation Industries from the initial phases of a product’s development, you can cut down on lead-time and be sure that everything is ready to go the second that your product is completed. Often times, we can also aid you in the distribution of your product, allowing you to move inventory efficiently.


  1. Contract Packagers Can Handle Your Seasonal Needs

Sometimes you only need packaging for a product for a short period of time. Purchasing equipment and taking all of the steps to package the product on your own is often overly expensive and unfeasible. Build Rehabilitation Industries is prepared to handle several types of packaging requirements, so short-term packaging plans are always an option. If you have an ever-changing inventory, then short-term packaging could be exactly what your business needs. However, it is important to note that Build Rehabilitation Industries can also fulfill long-term packaging requirements.


  1. Turnkey Packaging Services Can Save You Time and Money

Build Rehabilitation Industries offers turnkey packaging services where we gather every material and resource needed for packaging your specific products. Turnkey packaging services enable us to help your business to save money but also save time. Whether you’re a small or large business, the success of a product largely depends on whether it launches on schedule. With turnkey services, you’ll be able to streamline the process, so that your product goes from the manufacturing to packaging stages smoothly.


When you hire Build Rehabilitation Industries to handle your packaging needs, you ensure the reliable release of your products, save money, and have the opportunity to expand production in the most efficient way. Having access to a team of contract packaging professionals, who are experts in marketing and packaging efficiency, will enable your business to better communicate its brand image and increase profits. Build Rehabilitation Industries is one of the leading contract packaging services in Southern California and our packaging solutions have been satisfying customers for more than 50 years! Visit our website, or give our team a call at (818) 898-0020 for more information.

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