[5 Benefits] of Shrink Wrap Product Packaging

Shrink wrap packaging is used in a wide range of industries with food production as one of the prominent users. It uses soft plastic sheets to cover the product using heat and other machinery. The plastic wraps tightly on the product regardless of its shape in order to extend shelf-life and maintain the quality. These advantages of shrink wrapping make it an in-demand solution for businesses.

True enough, here are some of the benefits that packaging companies in Los Angeles love about this method of wrapping.

Product quality

When the plastic material wraps tightly on the product, it creates an almost vacuum-like condition that maintains the freshness of the goods. It prevents high levels of oxygen from being stuck inside which is the leading cause of rotting among perishable items. And when products are fresh for a long time, less effort and resources will be needed for its replacement and production. It’s one of the reasons why shrink wrap packaging is best used for food, pharmaceuticals, and other ingested products.

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Utilized storage

Excessive storage is added expenses on logistics. Instead of using boxes and clamshells, shrink wraps are excellent alternatives if a business wants to save money from freight costs and storage. This is without sacrificing the quality of their products. Also, multiple products can be wrapped together like soda bottles, spray cans, and cup noodles. Aside from saving space, the packaged products will also weigh lighter so businesses can save more from distribution costs.

Low cost

Start-ups who are a bit cash-strapped in terms of production will benefit from using shrink wrap packaging. The plastic material used in this process is cheaper than purchasing carton boxes and hard plastic encasements. Another thing is that production is faster with shrink wrapping which directly translates to utilized manpower. This method of packaging will directly reduce the cost of production, distribution, and the end cost of the goods.

Durable and versatile

Although it doesn’t look as thick as other packaging, shrink wraps hold well on the product. If done well, the packaging will not wither or puncture easily even if stacked in several layers. The good thing about shrink wrapping is it’s easy to detect whether a distributor tampered with the product. Any sign of punctures or tears on the packaging will become obvious. It’s an added security to the quality of the product.

Shrink packaging is very versatile that it can be used across a variety of products. It’s an excellent choice for general merchandisers who are dealing with a wide range of goods.

Added aesthetics

Since the packaging is clear, buyers have the chance to check the quality of the product. This is very effective for perishable items like vegetables and fruits. Customers are more likely to purchase a product that they can scrutinize closely instead of counterparts packed in boxes and opaque materials.

Businesses will also enjoy the benefit of marketing since the plastic material can be printed without affecting the visibility of the item.

Shrink wrapping will likely benefit your business too like how it works well on packaging companies in Los Angeles.

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