6 innovative packaging trends for 2018

Packaging is vitally important in the sale of physical products, and companies are getting more and more creative with what they’re doing with their packaging. They use a range of special techniques today, from making packages into weird shapes with unique textures, to relying on a minimalist design or using beautiful photography to help sell a product. If you’re running a company and looking for good ideas to send to your packaging company in Los Angeles, read on for the top packaging trends likely to continue throughout 2018 and beyond.

A newer trend that will go into 2018 is a focus on minimalism in packaging. More and more people are coming to see a minimalistic design as a proof of quality. With the right warehousing services in Los Angeles and a minimalistic design on your product, it could sell very well to the right audience.

Quality photography isn’t just for hanging on walls anymore, it’s a powerful tool that sells everything from dog food to hair care products, to drinks. Adding an artistic photo that has something to do with your product is a growing trend that will play a big role in selling products in 2018.

Huge Words
Nothing conveys a message like a massive set of words telling all about a product. There’s a growing trend to put massive lettering on the sides of the packaging. Most packaging companies in Los Angeles can handle this need easily.

Pastel Color Schemes
With overly aggressive packaging designs in use for decades, it makes sense that people are more drawn to softer pastels at present. Some leading-edge companies are stepping back with their contract packaging and actually going with soft pastels, lighter messages and a more genuine approach to their products.

Irregular Shapes and Materials
When working with some of the best packaging companies in Los Angeles, as well as talented warehousing services in Los Angeles, it’s possible to go with irregular shapes and materials. There are boxes shaped like trees, there are containers with irregular textures and a bunch of other cool features that make products stand out in interesting ways. Companies should consider altering their products to be outside standard shapes and dimensions because this really gets them noticed.

Color Gradients
One very common technique that’s being used in contract packaging jobs is brilliant color gradients on the packaging. Companies are transitioning from one bright color to several others using color gradients printed onto the package, and that creates a cool contrast that stands out well. There are several packaging companies in Los Angeles that can offer this advanced type of packaging.

Each of these trends is growing in popularity on contract packaging and is likely to become more effective and popular with a bit of time. Try some out for yourself to see how they help your company grow. Couple excellent packaging with top warehousing services in Los Angeles and you have a formula for business growth and success over time.

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