Disability Services

Work Activity

The Build Rehabilitation Work Activity program is a sheltered work program designed to assist developmentally disabled adults in their pursuit of vocational skill. Persons served develop a strong work ethic and on the job work skills, as they earn a paycheck. Consumers enrolled in the Work Activity Program (WAP), also known as the Work Services Program, engage in piece rated work, and enjoy working on a wide array of jobs.

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Independent Living

Build Industries - Independent LivingFor consumers who feel that they need to learn basic living skills, Build Rehabilitation provides the Independent Living Skills Program (ILS program). The ILS program is designed to assist developmentally disabled adults in gaining the necessary skill to live independently.

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Behavioral Day Program

For consumers who have behavioral challenges, and wish to develop greater social and/or vocational development, Build  Rehabilitation offers a behavioral day program known as Options.

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If you would like to contact the California DDS (Department of Developmental Services), they can be reached at (916) 654-1690 or by visiting http://www.dds.ca.gov 

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