September 2015 Newsletter

On Tuesday, August 26, 2014, Build Industries board of directors discussed the following matters:

  • Build President and CEO, Matt Lynch discussed various components of the marketing strategy for Build’s Samaritan Kits. Mr. Lynch mentioned the company’s intention to post an advertisement in the Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) monthly publication. The Board also provided input on proposed marketing strategies as well as the appearance of the final product’s label and packaging.
  • The Directors discussed the company’s summer picnic, which was unanimously hailed as a success. Various Board members, who attended, also expressed satisfaction with the picnic’s format, the food and beverages served, the turnout and the location of the picnic.
  • The Board also considered the possibility of a Cost of Living Adjustment, and after extensive deliberation and discussion, the Board elected to continue with its current policy of merit pay increases.
  • President Lynch provided the Board members with the annual departmental program evaluations and asked that each member review the evaluations and be prepared to deliberate and discuss when the next Board meeting convenes in September.
  • Mr. Lynch also notified the Board members of the date of Build’s 2nd annual art show which will be held at the Sylmar, Paula Romero, company headquarters on December 05th 2014.
  • The Board of Directors reviewed, considered and discussed various revisions and possible additions which can be made to the Board of Governor’s bylaws.
  • Options program manager Joel Smollett, was present, as a guest, at the Board meeting and discussed the Quest program, which will be an Adult Day program established by Build Rehabilitation to provide day services to members of the aging Intellectually Disabled population.
  • The Board also discussed the type of facility necessary for establishment of the Quest Adult Day program and various Board members weighed in on possible properties available as well as ways in which acquisition of the desired certificate of occupancy may be accomplished.
  • The Board of Directors also discussed, Google docs and various cloud storage options available to provide the company with an alternative paperless format for storage of documents and vital information.


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