[How Contract Packaging Supports] Effective Retail Fulfillment

[How Contract Packaging Supports] Effective Retail Fulfillment

The retail industry is bustling and the growing demand makes it even more competitive. Businesses choose to outsource a part of their production to third party companies. With the recent technology and fine-tuned experience, 3PL companies allow faster and free shipping, not to mention lower overhead costs. Contract packaging services in Los Angeles are just a few of the third-party providers that help other business catch up with the supply chain’s state of flux.

But how does it actually work on the bigger picture? Packaging companies in Los Angeles usually do the following:

Accommodate order flexibility

Compared to maintaining an in-house packaging system, contract packaging companies can handle bigger orders. This is a crucial aspect, especially for companies who are always under high demand and strict deadlines. The orders will be sent to the warehouse of the packaging company for faster picking and packing as the orders stream. Also, this means reducing space requirements inside the production house where quality maintenance can be a pain.

Outsourcing the packaging and delivery of goods will ensure that order surges are handled well.

Transparency within the supply chain

Retail fulfillment nowadays uses automated systems to track products that circulate in the supply chain. An experienced 3PL provider can do this with precision and speed – the two most important foundations of distribution. Large companies use the RFID technology to track the products without having to count it manually. It speeds up delivery while utilizing time and resources on other logistical tasks. With the products arriving on time, the business will experience more sales.

Larger profit margins

Inventory management doesn’t just consume endless hours when doing it in-house. It also eats up resources and piles up expenses in the maintenance of equipment and additional personnel. This is what contract packaging companies solve. 3PL providers have more purchasing power. They can secure bigger discounts which they can pass on to retailers. These savings translate to larger profit margins among retail partners; a good sign of business and patronization. Not to mention the performance of best practices, availing contract packaging Los Angeles style will be cost-efficient.

Better customer experience

The packaging of the product sets the first impression among buyers. The easier it is to open without sacrificing quality, the better. Many consumers demand packaging that is child-proof, especially for pharmaceuticals products. Aside from securing the goods inside, the packaging is also an excellent avenue to improve branding awareness. Contract packaging companies who can come up with creative designs that will enhance customer experience is the best to partner with. Enjoyable unboxing is a thing nowadays; contact packaging can make it work to your advantage.

More options, lower cost

The most experienced packaging companies in Los Angeles deal with shipping carriers that charge based on the dimensional weight of the products. Instead of charging based on the space that the products occupy, dimensional weight takes into account the weight in relation to the occupied space. Retailers who outsource their packaging will likely enjoy this benefit, especially if they are shipping large quantities.

By using the best contract packaging services in Los Angeles, retail fulfillment shouldn’t be a burden to businesses.

[5 Benefits] of Shrink Wrap Product Packaging

[5 Benefits] of Shrink Wrap Product Packaging

Shrink wrap packaging is used in a wide range of industries with food production as one of the prominent users. It uses soft plastic sheets to cover the product using heat and other machinery. The plastic wraps tightly on the product regardless of its shape in order to extend shelf-life and maintain the quality. These advantages of shrink wrapping make it an in-demand solution for businesses.

True enough, here are some of the benefits that packaging companies in Los Angeles love about this method of wrapping.

Product quality

When the plastic material wraps tightly on the product, it creates an almost vacuum-like condition that maintains the freshness of the goods. It prevents high levels of oxygen from being stuck inside which is the leading cause of rotting among perishable items. And when products are fresh for a long time, less effort and resources will be needed for its replacement and production. It’s one of the reasons why shrink wrap packaging is best used for food, pharmaceuticals, and other ingested products.

product packaging Los Angeles

Utilized storage

Excessive storage is added expenses on logistics. Instead of using boxes and clamshells, shrink wraps are excellent alternatives if a business wants to save money from freight costs and storage. This is without sacrificing the quality of their products. Also, multiple products can be wrapped together like soda bottles, spray cans, and cup noodles. Aside from saving space, the packaged products will also weigh lighter so businesses can save more from distribution costs.

Low cost

Start-ups who are a bit cash-strapped in terms of production will benefit from using shrink wrap packaging. The plastic material used in this process is cheaper than purchasing carton boxes and hard plastic encasements. Another thing is that production is faster with shrink wrapping which directly translates to utilized manpower. This method of packaging will directly reduce the cost of production, distribution, and the end cost of the goods.

Durable and versatile

Although it doesn’t look as thick as other packaging, shrink wraps hold well on the product. If done well, the packaging will not wither or puncture easily even if stacked in several layers. The good thing about shrink wrapping is it’s easy to detect whether a distributor tampered with the product. Any sign of punctures or tears on the packaging will become obvious. It’s an added security to the quality of the product.

Shrink packaging is very versatile that it can be used across a variety of products. It’s an excellent choice for general merchandisers who are dealing with a wide range of goods.

Added aesthetics

Since the packaging is clear, buyers have the chance to check the quality of the product. This is very effective for perishable items like vegetables and fruits. Customers are more likely to purchase a product that they can scrutinize closely instead of counterparts packed in boxes and opaque materials.

Businesses will also enjoy the benefit of marketing since the plastic material can be printed without affecting the visibility of the item.

Shrink wrapping will likely benefit your business too like how it works well on packaging companies in Los Angeles.

How to Choose the [Best Clamshell Packaging] for Your Small Business

How to Choose the [Best Clamshell Packaging] for Your Small Business

Clamshell blister packaging is everywhere. If you’ve purchased anything in a store, you will have seen it before. It’s the rigid plastic container that contours and encases the product perfectly. Such a thing allows the product to be seen without sacrificing the seal and protection. According to the Freedonia Group, the clamshell packaging is the leading packaging in the market, consisting of about 65% in total.

Unlike carton boxes, the clamshell packaging is more economical and appealing to the consumers. In case you’re looking to use the services from packaging companies in Los Angeles, you should know how to choose the best clamshell packaging. Here are some points to ponder:

The cost

There’s no specific price for this type of packaging. It will vary on the size, shape, and volume as well as the supplier’s rates. The other listed factors here will affect the price. Be smart enough to distinguish if the price equates the quality of the packaging.

Shape and size

The bigger the packaging is, the more plastic material needed. It’s essential that you determine the required size and shape for the product you intend to package. In case the shape is difficult to nest together, the shipping cost could become higher. Nevertheless, achieving the exact shape and size of the clamshell blister packaging is best for your business.


The more you buy the bigger discounts you can bargain with the supplier. If you have products you need to sell, it’s best to order the packaging in bulk so you can save more money. Still, this depends on your financial ability as a small business.

Stock vs. custom

A custom clamshell packaging is the best option if you want a form-fitting container. However, you will need to purchase a separate custom tool that can cost as much as $5,000. Bear in mind that this type has an MOQ of 30k units. Stock clamshell packaging, on the other hand, won’t need any tooling and you can order units for as low as 20 pieces.

Supplier’s expertise

It’s advisable to seek the expertise of suppliers about the best option for your packaging. Most likely, they can offer help in the insertion of the marketing material and the product itself on the clamshell packages you purchased. If you’re lucky, some packaging services in Los Angeles may have a connection with a printing service that can provide your marketing material as well.

Packaging services in Los Angeles

Type of product

Products like food and medical goods will require compliance with different safety regulations. It is always best to ask your supplier about which of the clamshell packages they offer meet such standards. Meanwhile, non-perishable items like toys and headphones would not require any special clearance.

Barcode printing

If you’re running a POS sale system where you have the ability to generate barcodes, you can have the code printed right on the inserted marketing material. You can request this to the printing service so you no longer have to paste a separate sticker to the clamshell blister packaging.

[Best practices] for retail clamshells and blister packs

[Best practices] for retail clamshells and blister packs

The unfortunate reality is that there still remains an abundance of new brand developers that do not put too much emphasis on packaging solutions at the beginning only to regret such a decision in the end. This is particularly true for packages that are designed to showcase the product in a retail setting.

So you won’t have to face the same regrets that many developers have experienced throughout the years, here are some of the best practices for retail clamshells and blister packs that you might want to follow:

Consider Industry best practices Experts in retail clamshells in Los Angeles recommend tailoring the product size to the available space of the shelf in which it will be displayed on a regular basis. You may be tempted to outdo the competition by making your own products appear bigger than them but this may not always work in your favor. There are necessary costs for assembly, shipping, and the like that you need to consider too.

Know what the pilfer-resistance requirements are

For blister packaging companies in Los Angeles, they always make sure that the package is pilfer-resistant enough to a point that the contents of the package are impermeable to outside tampering but at the same time won’t give consumers a nightmare experience once they try to open it. How pilfer proof your package should be will depend mainly on the way in which it will be merchandised. You might also want to determine what the on-shelf, POP, and other display requirements are just to be sure.

packaging companies in los angeles

Consult your suppliers and consumers

There are so many factors that will simply be beyond your control that’s why it’s important that you consult the key groups in your industry so you won’t have to assume things all the time. First, you might want to reach out to your suppliers directly so you can avoid last minute surprises. You might also want to interact with consumers through various means. Integrating blister packs with small pockets, for instance, can offer exclusive cross-promotional opportunities.

Understand consumer tendencies

Clamshells are notorious for giving consumers a tough time in opening them. To counter this kind of issue with the packaging, there are retail clamshells in Los Angeles that rely on integrating directions and informative labels designed to help make things easier for consumer once they begin un-packaging their orders.

In the end, however, consumer taste and preferences are pretty much subjective. There are those who tend to correlate bulkier packaging for quality and there are those who see a poorly designed packaging as cheap. For this reason, it’s important to understand consumer biases so you can better present your packaging.

Level up your packaging

It’s always best to keep yourself acquainted with the latest trends and technologies in packaging so you can level up your products. Plastic printing, for instance, has become so advanced and efficient that it is now one of the best ways to entice consumers to avail for higher-end options. You can even market relatively inexpensive goods as luxurious products through elaborate and decorative packaging like what successful blister packaging Los Angeles companies have done throughout the years.

[The Benefits] of Kitting in Product Fulfillment

[The Benefits] of Kitting in Product Fulfillment

Online retailers are always finding new ways to enhance speed and reduce costs. A new option that’s available to minimize costs in product fulfillment is called kitting. It’s a concept that offers minimized prices for a combo.

Product fulfillment companies, like Build Industries, use this model in the shape of kitting services, where they put a group of individual products into one package and send it to customers. Kitting is an efficient way to save and earn a lot of money. Below are some other benefits of kitting.


By combining a lot of different products in one box, you can minimize the cost per unit. Let your supply chain companies know about this so they can recommend which products to combine and can also send you overstock or let you involve in pick-and-pack fulfillment to minimize costs.

Once you begin to learn more about your customers and what they want, you can make your kits more attractive. This will ensure that you’ll always save when selling your top products, marketing items from suppliers and have the most purchases and feedback from customers.

Faster Assembly

Kitting in bulk creates a more streamlined operation each time an order gets placed. This means a faster assembly of kitted products if you manage your own order fulfillment. As each kit is counted as one stock keeping unit (SKU), you save money on pick/pack costs.

Less Shipping Mistakes

Shipping materials in a kit minimize the probabilities for error with order fulfillment. It also lets your fulfillment house print the shipping labels in advance. This gets rid of the need to weigh and label single items.

contract packaging services

Enhanced Packaging

Kitting can help you save on postal costs as your packaging becomes more cost-effective and efficient. Instead of packing single items into a standard-sized box, you can create a custom box for top-seller kits to minimize the weight and size of the package. This won’t only delight your company but your customers as well.

Improves The Manufacturing Process

For manufacturers, the major benefit of kitting is that it minimizes material handling and manufacturing time. Kitting offers all the materials you need for production so you can start your business without delay. It also minimizes the number of deliveries and the storage space required for assembly lines.

Creates More Space

By moving kitting services and inventory to a professional warehouse, you can create more floor space for manufacturing. You can use the free space for more important things like creating more assembly lines for production.

Why Choose Build Industries?

Need kitting solutions for your product fulfillment issues? Build Industries has the services and experience to make your product fulfillment operations more successful. We are a nonprofit contract packager offering contract packaging services in Los Angeles to different manufacturers who need kitting, packaging, and assembly services.

We offer flexible contract packaging services customized to your special business needs. Contact Building Industries by calling 1-818-898-0020 today!

[Kitting and Assembly Services]: Get Your Product to Market

Many companies think that their work is over after they’ve developed and produced a high-quality product, but they soon become overwhelmed when they realize how much work is involved with getting that product to the stores where it’s to be sold. That’s why it’s so beneficial to work with top quality kitting and assembly services that can smooth over the transition from factory to store. The right services will help your company save money on this transition while helping you get your products to market faster and more easily as well.

kitting and assembly services

Warehousing, Packing, and Shipping

It’s a lot of work handling the logistics of products being sent all over the country and many companies simply don’t want to deal with the extra work involved. A top quality kitting warehouse service will hold onto products for a given location until they are ready to be put out at the final destination. When searching for kitting solutions to help make your products look their best on location, try to find a company that also offers warehousing solutions.

These companies are the best to work with because products can be housed at the location and then sent out to different locations. Kitting warehouse services make dealing with a kitting and assembly services company as beneficial and seamless as possible so that you can go back to planning out more products, testing them and worrying about the production cycle.

Kitting and Display Assembly

Getting a shipment of products from a factory warehouse to an actual store is a great deal of work, and it takes time to make sure they look good on the shelves as well. The right kitting and display assembly services can ensure that your products don’t just arrive where they are needed, but that they are put onto high-quality displays that will help them stand out in the best way possible. Hiring top-notch kitting and display assembly services to put up displays for your products will only improve your sales down the road and help you get your product selling at more locations. It’s a worthwhile investment and will offer the value that you’ll have a hard time getting from most other services that you find today.

kitting solutions

Enjoy More Efficient Operation

Businesses are best when they stick to tasks and projects that they are experienced and specialized with. That’s why it makes sense to hire professionals for kitting solutions rather than hiring a team to take care of the task in-house. Hiring an outside company will help you avoid all the hiring hassle while helping you save money along the way as well. It’s the best investment that you can make to ensure your company does not become overwhelmed by all the different products that need to be installed on location.

Stop worrying about how you are going to distribute your products around the country. Reconsider hiring employees at your company to handle this task, and avoid worrying about buying company trucks and other equipment to handle all the shipping needs. Instead, focus on finding those top-notch kitting and display assembly services that will truly meet your needs. The right kitting solutions will make the task quick and easy and make sure that your products look great everywhere that they arrive.

Warehousing and Distribution Services – a strategic way to [add value to your business]

You may be in the middle of signing up to contract to package with packaging companies in Los Angeles that offers warehousing services in Los Angeles. However, something might be holding you back from doing so. You may be thinking, “Will this be beneficial for my business?”

Well, we are here to convince you with that. Below are some reasons why warehousing and distribution services add value to your business:

warehousing services in Los Angeles

Storage Space

One of the very obvious reasons why warehousing services in Los Angeles and distribution services like that offered by packaging companies in Los Angeles is the storage space. Your entire business office could do a lot more space by transferring all your production processes to a warehouse or distribution place.

This will prove beneficial to your business because it provides you with a good space to expand your office or company. Also, having your products be at a different place makes your company appear bigger than it actually is.

More Efficiency

Having some processes of your business be separated from you means more time to focus on actually growing your business. If you have to worry about every step of packaging your products, then you are just losing time and effort to do things that you are most capable of.

Using warehousing services in Los Angeles could share your load and make your business more efficient. You won’t have to worry about this aspect as they will have much more capable people to handle such tasks like contract packaging for you. Just make sure that the packaging companies in Los Angeles that you choose from are trusted.

Keeps Track of Your Stock Inventories

In line with the one above, doing business with packaging companies in Los Angeles at your side means having all your product and stock inventories in check. Since these companies have more efficient ways, tools, and expertise to hand such tasks, you can be assured that tracking your stocks and products will be the least of your worries. They will be the ones who will alert you to the processes and information. All you have to do is wait and contact them. No need to actually count them all by yourself.

contract packaging in Los Angeles

Business Safety

Dealing with contract packaging in your business would put all your products and its processes—from packaging to transportation and delivery—safe and secure. And when your products are safe, then your business is too.Goods kept in a warehouse are far safer than just in your company.

It minimizes the business risk that may happen in terms of inventory loss from theft, fire, damage, and more. And these risks, since they are now in the warehouse, are under the responsibility of the packaging company. If such events happen, you will be under the protection of insurance. And surely, the warehouse insurance company will be the one to handle the compensation. So your business will still be safe from such risks.

How To Find the Right Warehouse Services in Los Angeles [Definitive Guide]

Finding the right warehouse service is very important for your business. You need a secure place to store your stock. There are a lot of warehouse options out there and choosing the right one may include a lot of factors to consider. Here are seven things to consider when finding the right warehouse services.

warehousing services in Los Angeles


The area of the warehouse is one of the most important considerations. The location will directly impact the convenience and efficiency in transporting and storing your products. A good location should be close to convenient transport courses, such as shipping port, main roads, and railways.

If you are a small company, consider finding a warehouse near to your company office or main customer base. If you run a large, multi-market enterprise, choose a location that will make the supply of regional demand easier.

Build Industries offer full-service warehousing and packaging services in Los Angeles. They’re strategically located close to the San Fernando Valley freeways. This allows for fast and affordable transportation of your products to all parts outside or within Southern California.


If you’re planning to store your inventory seasonally, consider finding a public warehouse. This type of warehouse is meant to offer short-term storage to different clients. It usually charges a monthly fee which might constitute of transaction and storage fees.

A contract warehouse, on the other hand, is ideal for long-term contracts. It manages the shipping and storage of goods on a contractual basis. The contract often lasts for years.

Services Offered

The services offered may vary from one warehousing business to another. Look at the space, staff, and equipment to determine which warehouse can handle the particular needs of your product. Ensure that the facility is clean if you want your delicate products to be in good condition.

Build Industries offers product packaging in Los Angeles. They offer plenty of services such as Order Processing, Inventory Management, and Amazon Prep Services. They have 50,000 square feet of storage area.

packaging services in Los Angeles


When finding the right warehouse services, consider the accessibility of the warehouse. Does it allow access by others? If so, then make sure that there will be no timing conflicts. You should also know how often you need to access the facility and your shipping/receiving schedule.

Ceiling Height

You should determine the ceiling height of the warehouse so you’ll know whether your goods will be accommodated properly. Don’t choose a warehouse with a very high ceiling because it will only increase your expenses, including utilities and taxes.

Adequate Handling Staff

Not enough handling staff will potentially cause problems for storing and shipping your goods. To avoid this problem, look for a warehouse that has enough planning handling staff. The company should also give a sound business plan to address forecasted volume and any special needs you have.

Cleanliness And Security

Other factors to consider are cleanliness and security of the warehouse. Don’t take their word. See the warehouse yourself and find out if it’s cluttered or clean. Refuse a warehouse facility that looks dirty. Build Industries is a warehouses and services center offering warehouse solutions and cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles. For more information, call 1-818-898-0020 today.

[7 Essential Things] Your Product Packaging Must Have

As more and more businesses surface by the day, the competition to sell products also becomes increasingly high. So a need to step up is called for if you want to keep your business open.

One of the great ways you can showcase your product is through its packaging. The packaging has the power to attract and discourage the customers. And if you want your business to gain, then it helps to aim for the former: make people interested in what you have to offer.

packaging services in Los Angeles

If your business is in Los Angeles, then it helps to know the following things for your product packaging before going off to a company offering packaging services in Los Angeles or even signing into contract packaging service in Los Angeles or even commercial packaging Los Angeles. These are the following:

Complete and Honest Product Information

If you want to establish a good relationship with your customers right from the get-go, then make sure that you provide them a packaging that has your complete and honest product information.

Take note of this aspect also when choosing a company that offers packaging services in Los Angeles. Make sure that they help you get your content and information accurately. There shouldn’t be any mistake with this as it could lead to prosecution. This is Under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, which protects consumers from products that exaggerate or misrepresent in the packaging.

Safety Instructions

Products sold could hold potential danger. And if your packaging fails to put a warning, then it could lead to misuse, which would potentially put a bad reputation on your business. Work with a company that offers packaging services in Los Angeles like contract packaging service in Los Angeles or even commercial packaging Los Angeles to see that the safety instructions are laid out clearly and correctly.

contract packaging service in Los Angeles

Manufacturer Details

For this, you really have to work together with your chosen company that is handling your commercial packaging Los Angeles to put in their name and address on the packaging. This is important in case consumers have a claim regarding the product and would wish to see more information about it.

Green Packaging

On to more physical aspects, it is very important now that you ensure your packaging is green. It has to promote the health of the environment instead of ruining it. So choose a company where you sign your contract packaging services in Los Angeles to that is environmentally-conscious and will help you with this.

Visible Product Design

People now are more curious. Meaning, they want to take a peek at what they are buying before purchasing them. That is why it is a good idea to reveal some of the product to the consumer. This also promotes comfortability with the product.

Visually Appealing Images

Make your products remarkable through a packaging that is visually appealing. Consult with the design experts of your chosen company of packaging services in Los Angeles. People would buy what is attractive. So make the most out of it.

Easy to Open

One thing people really hate is an inconvenience. And when they find your product packaging is hard to open, then they might not come back the second time around. Therefore, make sure that the packaging has easy opening features while also keeping in mind that it secures the product.

Choosing a Contract Packaging Company – [5 Tips] You Need to Know

Choosing a great contract packaging company in Los Angeles provides great advantages to the success of your product line when it hits the shelves. There are many packaging and warehousing services to choose from, however, picking the right one with the proper experience can make your investment go a lot further. You want your product to sell at first glance, so it’s important to choose an excellent company that specializes in your industry and needs. Choosing the right contract packaging company will push your business forward, not backward.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right contract packaging company:

contract packaging company in Los Angeles

They have extensive experience

You’ll know you picked the right contract packaging service in Los Angeles when their history and experience is extensive, successful, and positive. If they’ve worked with brands like yours and have packaged similar products to success, they will be a great fit for your business and brand. How many years have they been in the cosmetic packaging experience? They key is to make sure that the company is well versed in contract packaging specific to your industry. Explain what it is that you’re looking for and look at the different offerings that they have. If it’s a match, you’ll feel it.

They conform to industry standards

The helpful thing about choosing a contract packaging and warehousing service is that they are aware of the regulations that need to be followed when it comes to packaging and handling product. This allows you to save money as the processes are in place and operations will run smoothly. If you’re noticing that the company you choose for contract packaging is not making the process any easier, you probably picked the wrong one.

They have efficient packaging processes

You’ll know you picked the right contract packaging company when they make the process efficient. The staff understands how to best package product in the quickest manner without losing quality. This gives you lower cost for operations.

They give you the opportunity for scale

As you’re saving money on operations by not manufacturing and packaging in-house, you are able to more quickly scale your business. If the demands for your product start to increase, your contract packaging company will know how to handle it.

packaging company in Los Angeles

They save you money

The number one reason why you should work with a contract packaging and warehousing service is to save money. You will have fewer property costs as you won’t be running and operating a warehouse on your own. You won’t need to deal with maintenance issues, costly repairs, or any other warehouse related problems that arise. You will also save money on labor costs because you won’t need to hire any employees to pack, sort, and ship your products. If you’re working with a packaging company and you’re not saving a ton of money, consider working with a more cost-effective solution like Build Industries.

Benefiting from new technologies, new growth opportunities, and decreased overall operating costs are just a few of the tips that tell you you’ve chosen the right packaging company in Los Angeles. Start saving money on manufacturing, rent, and more when choosing Build Industries for all of your contract packaging and warehousing services.

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