[The Benefits] of Kitting in Product Fulfillment

Online retailers are always finding new ways to enhance speed and reduce costs. A new option that’s available to minimize costs in product fulfillment is called kitting. It’s a concept that offers minimized prices for a combo.

Product fulfillment companies, like Build Industries, use this model in the shape of kitting services, where they put a group of individual products into one package and send it to customers. Kitting is an efficient way to save and earn a lot of money. Below are some other benefits of kitting.


By combining a lot of different products in one box, you can minimize the cost per unit. Let your supply chain companies know about this so they can recommend which products to combine and can also send you overstock or let you involve in pick-and-pack fulfillment to minimize costs.

Once you begin to learn more about your customers and what they want, you can make your kits more attractive. This will ensure that you’ll always save when selling your top products, marketing items from suppliers and have the most purchases and feedback from customers.

Faster Assembly

Kitting in bulk creates a more streamlined operation each time an order gets placed. This means a faster assembly of kitted products if you manage your own order fulfillment. As each kit is counted as one stock keeping unit (SKU), you save money on pick/pack costs.

Less Shipping Mistakes

Shipping materials in a kit minimize the probabilities for error with order fulfillment. It also lets your fulfillment house print the shipping labels in advance. This gets rid of the need to weigh and label single items.

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Enhanced Packaging

Kitting can help you save on postal costs as your packaging becomes more cost-effective and efficient. Instead of packing single items into a standard-sized box, you can create a custom box for top-seller kits to minimize the weight and size of the package. This won’t only delight your company but your customers as well.

Improves The Manufacturing Process

For manufacturers, the major benefit of kitting is that it minimizes material handling and manufacturing time. Kitting offers all the materials you need for production so you can start your business without delay. It also minimizes the number of deliveries and the storage space required for assembly lines.

Creates More Space

By moving kitting services and inventory to a professional warehouse, you can create more floor space for manufacturing. You can use the free space for more important things like creating more assembly lines for production.

Why Choose Build Industries?

Need kitting solutions for your product fulfillment issues? Build Industries has the services and experience to make your product fulfillment operations more successful. We are a nonprofit contract packager offering contract packaging services in Los Angeles to different manufacturers who need kitting, packaging, and assembly services.

We offer flexible contract packaging services customized to your special business needs. Contact Building Industries by calling 1-818-898-0020 today!

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