[Best practices] for retail clamshells and blister packs

The unfortunate reality is that there still remains an abundance of new brand developers that do not put too much emphasis on packaging solutions at the beginning only to regret such a decision in the end. This is particularly true for packages that are designed to showcase the product in a retail setting.

So you won’t have to face the same regrets that many developers have experienced throughout the years, here are some of the best practices for retail clamshells and blister packs that you might want to follow:

Consider Industry best practices Experts in retail clamshells in Los Angeles recommend tailoring the product size to the available space of the shelf in which it will be displayed on a regular basis. You may be tempted to outdo the competition by making your own products appear bigger than them but this may not always work in your favor. There are necessary costs for assembly, shipping, and the like that you need to consider too.

Know what the pilfer-resistance requirements are

For blister packaging companies in Los Angeles, they always make sure that the package is pilfer-resistant enough to a point that the contents of the package are impermeable to outside tampering but at the same time won’t give consumers a nightmare experience once they try to open it. How pilfer proof your package should be will depend mainly on the way in which it will be merchandised. You might also want to determine what the on-shelf, POP, and other display requirements are just to be sure.

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Consult your suppliers and consumers

There are so many factors that will simply be beyond your control that’s why it’s important that you consult the key groups in your industry so you won’t have to assume things all the time. First, you might want to reach out to your suppliers directly so you can avoid last minute surprises. You might also want to interact with consumers through various means. Integrating blister packs with small pockets, for instance, can offer exclusive cross-promotional opportunities.

Understand consumer tendencies

Clamshells are notorious for giving consumers a tough time in opening them. To counter this kind of issue with the packaging, there are retail clamshells in Los Angeles that rely on integrating directions and informative labels designed to help make things easier for consumer once they begin un-packaging their orders.

In the end, however, consumer taste and preferences are pretty much subjective. There are those who tend to correlate bulkier packaging for quality and there are those who see a poorly designed packaging as cheap. For this reason, it’s important to understand consumer biases so you can better present your packaging.

Level up your packaging

It’s always best to keep yourself acquainted with the latest trends and technologies in packaging so you can level up your products. Plastic printing, for instance, has become so advanced and efficient that it is now one of the best ways to entice consumers to avail for higher-end options. You can even market relatively inexpensive goods as luxurious products through elaborate and decorative packaging like what successful blister packaging Los Angeles companies have done throughout the years.

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