Board Meeting Notes

June 27, 2017 Build’s Board of Directors discussed the following topics:

Build CEO Matt Lynch introduced Karl Pawlik as Build’s new Director of Entrepreneurial Services.  The Board was excited about the prospect of Karl’s joining the company and the possible growth of entrepreneurial ventures to employ our clients. Matt provided the

May 23, 2017, Build’s Board discussion topics

*BUILD CEO, Matt Lynch examined the project for canning craft beer for local microbreweries.  Matt distributed an informational packet containing financial projections and expectations *Matt discussed the conference he attended in Sacramento and some of the key takeaways from the
Dedicated Build Employee and Friend Patti Cooper Abbott Dies

Dedicated Build Employee and Friend Patti Cooper Abbott Dies

Dear friends, It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I, on behalf of myself and Build Rehabilitation Industries, announce the passing of Patti Cooper Abbott, a friend and employee. Patti was my friend for over 38 years and a

October 2016 Newsletter

Client Holiday Party Date Build CEO Matt Lynch notified the Board of Directors that the Client Holiday Party has been scheduled for Friday, December 16th, and will be held at the company headquarters in Sylmar.   Refinance Building in Sylmar

November 2016 Newsletter

Holiday Staff Gift Build CEO Matt Lynch and the Board of Directors decided to increase the Staff Holiday Gift this year to allow for a $35 gift card to Trader Joe’s.   Refinancing Sylmar Building CEO Matt Lynch kept the Board
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