Build Industries: Committed To Helping Disabled Americans

A contract packager, sometimes known as a co-packer, is a company or organization that provides a myriad of packaging services. At Build Industries, our service’s quality and inventory-control procedures operate at standards and specifications you specify.

In addition to the outstanding contract packaging services in Los Angeles provided by Build Industries, what separates us from other contract packaging companies is our commitment to helping disabled Americans. We make a concerted effort to employ disabled Americans and maximize their opportunities. Our model helps disabled Americans earn money and take care of themselves just like everyone else.

Our work activity program is designed to assist disabled employees with their pursuit of vocational opportunities under specialized supervision. Participants develop job skills and a strong work ethic while earning an income through a productivity-based rate. The strength of Build Industries’ contract packaging services in Los Angeles lies in its team. The staff works with participants to increase their tolerance toward certain tasks.

Another initiative that Build Industries has proudly featured for years is the independent living skills program. Through this, any person suffering from a disability is equipped with basic skills to maintain a living. Build Industries assists these adults in gaining the necessary skills to live independently. Disabled individuals are visited on a regular basis to strengthen their daily living skills, allowing Build Industries to make sure that all of its employees are equipped to handle daily challenges, both at the workplace and at home.

In addition to our stellar contract packaging services in Los Angeles, Build Industries is successfully getting desired results because of the enthusiasm surrounding our commitment toward helping the community. If you are in need of commercial packaging services, give us a call and help us support those who need it the most.

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