Cosmetic packaging: The best ways to showcase your beauty brand [Tips]

Cosmetics are one of the most difficult products to sell on the market today because there are so many different varieties out there. That’s why cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles is supremely important. It’s the packaging itself that’s going to grab the attention of potential customers and that’s going to result in a purchase.

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Choose a bold color

One of the best ways to grab the attention of others is through a bold colored product or the use of a color that isn’t seen very often in cosmetics. Sure there are proven colors that many companies specializing in cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles will want to use, but you need something that’s going to wow potential buyers. Try to go with an impressive color that isn’t being used very often. This is how you will stand out in a good way.

Be different, choose a unique shape

The shape of your packaging can have a major affect on whether or not you are able to sell your cosmetics. The best services for cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles can offer custom packaging shapes that will make it easier for your product to stand out. Go for a shape that is irregular compared to the other products on the market, but still convenient to use. A good example of this practice in use is the chapstick products that are round like a ball. Quality packaging services in Los Angeles can help your product stand out while still being convenient to use.

Easily display why your product is valuable

Another benefit of proper packaging through packaging services in Los Angeles is that you can demonstrate the value of the product right then and there. By including valuable information about the product on the package itself, you can explain exactly why the product is worth trying out and show off some of the key benefits. With the right cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles buyers will understand what they are getting immediately and should have no trouble deciding if they want to make the purchase or not.

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Test different options

You might think that you have a genius idea for product packaging, but you’ll never know what the best cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles is until after some testing. Work with a company like ours that will help you offer several different packaging types. You can test the different product looks to determine which packaging is the best overall and what is going to help you sell the most in the end. Packaging services in Los Angeles will help you test out different looks and over time you’ll figure out exactly what’s going to work best for your needs.

Cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles is vitally important and is one of the best investments that you can make for your business. Poor packaging will take a top quality product and keep potential customers from ever making a purchase. Excellent product packaging in Los Angeles will literally sell your products for you

Top 4 Worldwide Commercial Packaging Trends In [2018]

Packaging isn’t just a way to keep products safe and secure until they’re sold, it’s a way to educate buyers and help them make the right purchasing decision. It’s for that reason that packaging is becoming more and more sophisticated. Below are the most exciting packaging trends for 2018 and what changes you’ll likely see more and more with packaged products in the coming months.

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Eco-friendly and reusable

One of the biggest trends that are building throughout contract packaging services in Los Angeles and other areas around the country is a focus on sustainability. More and more people are beginning to care about that box that their items are shipped in and the different packaging materials. Packaging services in Los Angeles are focusing more and more on how to make their packages eco-friendly or how to make them reusable. Apple is a perfect example of this trend and is constantly talking about how it’s moving from plastic-based products to recycled paper instead for a better environmental footprint. That’s a direction that more services offering commercial packaging in Los Angeles are going to head as well.

Custom or limited products

Another major packaging trend carried out by contract packaging services in Los Angeles and other areas are custom or limited product packages. There are plenty of products sold as a limited item or as part of a set. Often the items are nearly identical to standard products, but they are sold as if they are special for some reason. Using custom packages and taking care to specially design different product packages can help them sell more effectively and make them seem special, which is another reason to work with packaging services in Los Angeles that can offer custom design services.

Vintage designs

Pastels and vintage designs are coming back in style and many of the businesses offering commercial packaging in Los Angeles, like Build Industries, are meeting this demand. The style has been bold and colorful for so many years, but many brands are turning back to a vintage look to help separate themselves from the other products on the market.

Unique shapes

Another 2018 packaging trend that’s going to be used even more often thanks to advancements made by packaging services in Los Angeles is custom shaped packaging. Companies are beginning to move away from traditional boxes, and go for round shapes, or irregular shapes entirely to try and stand out more and it’s transforming the way that packaging looks in stores around the country.

Packaging is becoming more advanced, and companies offering commercial packaging in Los Angeles are offering more and more services in order to keep up. Business owners looking to help their products stand out should really focus on the top packaging services in Los Angeles to give them an edge.



In its 50 years of existence, Build Rehabilitation Industries has assisted over 9,000 developmentally disabled clients.  When Build was launched in 1967, Lyndon B. Johnson was the President of the United States, gas cost 33 cents a gallon and the Beatles released their world-famous album, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Social media was not around and cell phones were science fiction.  Since then, Build Rehabilitation Industries has adjusted to the 21st century.  However, never have they taken their focus off of those needing help.

A nationally recognized mental health program turned vocational program, Build Rehabilitation Industries has assisted thousands of developmentally disabled in their pursuit of employment and a more independent life.

Build Rehabilitation Industries has been finding the best ways to help the disabled since 1967.  Over this time, Build has thrived by making the best of both the good times and the hard times.  Over the years, Build has expanded their reach to include the San Fernando Valley and Burbank.  Build currently offers eight industry leading programs that all result in a better quality of life for the disabled clients.

The difficu;t years for Build were pretty dark, but Build Rehabilitation Industries overcame a failing evonomy in the 70s that forced some of Build’s business partners into bankruptcy and almost left Build in the same condition.  During this time, donations dwindled and the Executive Director of Build died.  At one point there were only ten employees and each of those ten employees was not sure when, or if, their next paycheck would come.

However, Build and its dedicated team overcame.  In 1987, Build was on the brink of bankruptcy.  To breathe life into the organization, Matt Lynch was appointed temporary Executive Director.  In 1988, Matt and the Build team repositioned the organization to pass the accreditation process with flying colors and earn the highest accreditation possible.  Matt still leads Build and under his leadership the organization continues to expand into new programs dedicated to improving the lives of the disabled.

Build works with multiple partners to provide an array of program to meet the differing needs of their disabled clients.  Build continues to evolve its service offerings based on changing governmental policies and evolving demands from their disabled clients and their families.


These employment programs include:

THE BUILD WORK ACTIVITY PROGRAM – This program allows disabled clients to learn transferable skills, such as team work, following instructions and other critical work[place behaviors.  Clients gain these skills (and earn a paycheck) while doing light manufacturing assembly, packaging and repackaging under the care of the Build Workshop supervisors and counselors.  Build has developed relationships with private companies who are in need of these services.  These partners represent multiple industries, including cosmetics, vitamins and supplements, spirits, food and candy, consumer electronics, apparel, beauty supplies and others.  This program currently includes over 100 disabled clients.

BUILD’S SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM – The Build Supported Employment Program (SEP) is a best-in-class program that finds disabled clients work in the community with leading national and local employers.  Clients that work in the community are paired with a SEP job coach who learns the job that the client will perform and trains the client how to succeed in that job.  After the client has learned the job, the job coach will continue to check in with the client to ensure the job is going well and address any needs of the client or employer to enrue success for both parties.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SERVICE PROGRAM – This new program has been developed to create specialized businesses that will employ disabled clients.  These businesses are crated by putting the client first and by building a culture where clients will thrive fulfilling a useful service or providing an in-demand product.  To date, this program has created an eBay store and an urban organic agriculture program is currently under development.

Build also has an array of support programs for the disabled that complement their employment based programs.  These programs include the independent Living Skills Program (ILS), the Options Behavior Program and the Build Club.

INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS – In this program, staff members work one-on-one with clients on problem solving, community access, financial literacy, management of housing, medical issues and building social skills.  ILS staff also help clients access community resources and organize group activities.

OPTIONS – This is a behavioral program designed to improve the social and/or vocational development of clients with behavioral challenges.  Clients served in Options are encouraged to reach their full potential and reduce disruptive behavior frequency through a variety of seminars, training, recreational activities, community outings, social function and applied behavioral analysis.  Staffing is provided at a 1:3 staff/client ratio, as well as 1:1  intensive intervention for clients with more extensive needs.

BUILD CLUB – This unique classroom training is designed to provide clients with skills for employment, appropriate social skills and self sufficiency.

Build is also the operator of the West Valley WorkSource Center.  This center is federally funded through the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board.  As a result of the Workforce innovation and Opportunity Act, the Center provides no cost business services and resource for individuals seeking jobs and employers seeking quality candidates.

Even with all of these fantastic programs, Build continues to look toward the future.  For example, Build is currently developing a model for a fully integrated Work Activity Program.  This integrated model will enable people with developmental disabilities to work hand-in-hand with people that do not have developmental disabilities within Build’s existing workshop.

Build also plans on launching their newly approved community based program.  This program will take clients into the community on a daily basis and allow them to enjoy various environments and settings in the San Fernando Valley area.  These daily trips may include explorations of museums, parks and craft event.

“We are proud that we have been able to the community for 50 years.  We celebrate this rich history and plan to continue to serve the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas for a long time to come.  We will always find every opportunity to best assist our clients.:  Matt Lynch, the CEO of Build Rehabilitation Industries since 1987.

6 innovative packaging trends for 2018

Packaging is vitally important in the sale of physical products, and companies are getting more and more creative with what they’re doing with their packaging. They use a range of special techniques today, from making packages into weird shapes with unique textures, to relying on a minimalist design or using beautiful photography to help sell a product. If you’re running a company and looking for good ideas to send to your packaging company in Los Angeles, read on for the top packaging trends likely to continue throughout 2018 and beyond.

A newer trend that will go into 2018 is a focus on minimalism in packaging. More and more people are coming to see a minimalistic design as a proof of quality. With the right warehousing services in Los Angeles and a minimalistic design on your product, it could sell very well to the right audience.

Quality photography isn’t just for hanging on walls anymore, it’s a powerful tool that sells everything from dog food to hair care products, to drinks. Adding an artistic photo that has something to do with your product is a growing trend that will play a big role in selling products in 2018.

Huge Words
Nothing conveys a message like a massive set of words telling all about a product. There’s a growing trend to put massive lettering on the sides of the packaging. Most packaging companies in Los Angeles can handle this need easily.

Pastel Color Schemes
With overly aggressive packaging designs in use for decades, it makes sense that people are more drawn to softer pastels at present. Some leading-edge companies are stepping back with their contract packaging and actually going with soft pastels, lighter messages and a more genuine approach to their products.

Irregular Shapes and Materials
When working with some of the best packaging companies in Los Angeles, as well as talented warehousing services in Los Angeles, it’s possible to go with irregular shapes and materials. There are boxes shaped like trees, there are containers with irregular textures and a bunch of other cool features that make products stand out in interesting ways. Companies should consider altering their products to be outside standard shapes and dimensions because this really gets them noticed.

Color Gradients
One very common technique that’s being used in contract packaging jobs is brilliant color gradients on the packaging. Companies are transitioning from one bright color to several others using color gradients printed onto the package, and that creates a cool contrast that stands out well. There are several packaging companies in Los Angeles that can offer this advanced type of packaging.

Each of these trends is growing in popularity on contract packaging and is likely to become more effective and popular with a bit of time. Try some out for yourself to see how they help your company grow. Couple excellent packaging with top warehousing services in Los Angeles and you have a formula for business growth and success over time.

How product packaging influences buying decisions in Los Angeles

One thing that successful businesses realize very quickly is that product packaging is very important for success when selling physical products. In many cases, the look and feel of the packaging used on your specific product will determine whether you sell more than your competitors do. That’s why it’s so important to invest in quality packaging services in Los Angeles.

Appealing Images Matter
One of the most important aspects of top quality packaging is graphics and images put on the containers. Top quality product packaging in Los Angeles features graphics and photos that make it clear what the product is, what it’s used for and how it works. If customers are clear about what your product is for and they believe that it will work for them because of the images, they’ll buy it more often. Poor images make products look cheap and unreliable. Spending more money on cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles to get quality graphics and a good layout will result in you selling more and being more trusted overall.

Future Branding Opportunities
When you rely on top quality cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles, you will incorporate a logo, specific color scheme, and overall look. This guideline will make the product fit your company’s brand and also help you create a brand that customers can easily recognize. If you sell high-quality products, it’s likely that your future products will sell more easily if past customers can instantly recognize you’re the same company that helped them before.

Colors Make Products Stand Out
It might be affordable to use standard industry packaging for your products, but it’s the bright colors and unusual appearance that cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles offers that will help your product stand out. Sure, it costs a bit more for special product packaging in Los Angeles, but the extra expense will help your product stand above all the others on the shelf. When you’re selling a product that’s going to be sold in stores, it’s important to make it stand out in some way or another. A good company specializing in cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles, like Build Industries, can help you do just that.

Finding the Right Company
Hopefully, it’s obvious why packaging services in Los Angeles are important for any company that wants to sell physical products at this point. Now it’s time to track down a high-quality company that’s going to do a good job with making your products look good. Don’t just go with the first company to offer a cheap rate. Instead, take the time to really evaluate the different options available. Make sure the business has experience and that it offers products and packaging types that you like. Look at the different offerings, explain what you are looking for, and make sure you go with a company specializing in cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles that can meet all your requirements. It will take some time to get the right company to work with you, but it’s worth the investment.

Good product packaging in Los Angeles makes all the difference when it comes to selling a product. Poor packaging makes a product look low quality, and excellent packaging not only helps differentiate a product from the others around it, but it makes sure that buyers understand the value and the function of a product at first glance. Packaging is powerful, so invest in it with care and improve your business in the process.

What type of packaging is best for your product?

As the saying goes, “the first impression lasts”; and for businesses such as those in Los Angeles trying to sell their products, this saying has never been truer. One of the most important aspects of a product is the packaging. Not only does it leave impressions, but it also has the power to boost your brand as well. However, if you are on the rocks trying to figure out how to best package your product, then we are here to help. Below are some tips to help you decide before choosing packaging services in Los Angeles such as cosmetic packaging Los Angeles and product packaging Los Angeles:

Reflect the product
One thing you should make sure about your packaging is that it should reflect your product. As you look for product packaging services in Los Angeles, remember to ask around if they offer services fit for your product—whether it is for cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles or simple product packaging Los Angeles. This should be the basis of how you represent your brand.

Know your customers
Another tip you should know before presenting your business to companies offering cosmetic packaging services in Los Angeles is your target audience/consumers. You have to keep in mind that their opinions and impressions matter for them to stick with your products. For instance, if you are going for cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles or product packaging in Los Angeles, then make sure that it appeals to your consumers.

Product safety
Probably the most important tip you have to consult with packaging services in Los Angeles is the safety of your product. This is important since your product travels and goes through a lot of stops, checkpoints, and people. If your cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles ends up ruining your products when it arrives to your consumer, then you can expect to not hear from them again. The same goes with product packaging in Los Angeles.

Ask these 7 questions about your warehouse management

For businesses based in Los Angeles who are trying to expand their storage, it is very important to find a good warehousing service. And parts of these are warehouse management and commercial packaging in Los Angeles. Luckily, here at Build Industries, we can confidently offer you these services as well as our disabled American packaging services in Los Angeles, which aims to assist developmentally disabled adults in their pursuit of vocational skills. However, if you are one of those people finding it hard to decide on and commit to warehousing services in Los Angeles, then we are here to help you. Below are the seven questions you need to ask about your warehouse management:

What are your products?
Before even thinking about warehousing services in Los Angeles such as commercial packaging in Los Angeles and disabled American packaging services in Los Angeles, you first have to identify the kinds of products you need to store or distribute.

How big is your budget?
How much money do you plan on spending for your warehousing services in Los Angeles? Will it be enough to buy other necessary services like the commercial packaging in Los Angeles and disabled American packaging services in Los Angeles?

What packaging do you prefer?
For you to hire good commercial packaging in Los Angeles and disabled American packaging services in Los Angeles, you must first get to know the type of packaging your product and business entails.

What do your customers say?
To tie in the previous question, you also have to take into consideration what your customers say about your packaging. Is it in line with what they expect from your product?

Is the Warehouse Management experienced?
Before choosing a company that offers warehousing services in Los Angeles, you have to do your research. Were previous clients satisfied with their services? Are they able to provide authentic and trusted operations? How long have they been operating?

Does the company have 24/7 customer services operations?
This is essential to ensure in case something comes up suddenly. When problems arise, make sure that the warehouse company is able to provide you assistance anytime.

Can the Warehouse Management properly provide inventories?
At the end of the day, you would want to oversee and monitor your business operations. And this includes seeing your products well stored and distributed. Overall, well accounted for by the warehouse.

3 things the best cosmetic packaging options always have

Cosmetic packaging is vitally important to products and plays a major role in whether or not they will sell properly. That’s why companies spend so much money perfecting their packaging. If you are running a business that relies on selling products, take the time to ensure that you have high-quality cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles. If you can’t produce the packaging yourself, hire packaging services in Los Angeles to do the work for you. Just make sure that your final packaging meets all three of the below requirements.

It stands out
When you hire packaging services in Los Angeles to help you put together cosmetic packaging for your product, one of the most important considerations that you need to look out for packaging that stands out. It needs to be obvious this is a quality product and that you have something people are going to be interested in. Make sure that you look at samples and you only decide on the packaging that is going to highlight your product nicely. If you can’t get this from your current service for cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles, move on to someone else.

The packaging fits your product
The next most important concern in cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles is that it fits your product. For instance, imagine trying to sell men’s cologne packaged in a pink frilly box. It’s just not a good match for your customer base. The packaging should look like it fits with the product, and it should fit the demographic of your buyer as well. Product packaging in Los Angeles is vitally important, so make sure you nail it down properly.

It’s safe for customers
Finally, you need to consider the safety of your customers when hiring packaging services in Los Angeles. If the package is dangerous in any way, or it presents a hazard to children, it shouldn’t be used. Be very careful to ensure that it is safe for users, there is no contamination and there aren’t unhealthy coatings on the product that could be absorbed through the skin.

As long as you get cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles that meets all the above requirements, you can safely say that it’s a success. If you fail to meet any of the above points, you could have some trouble on your hands.

Are your goods safe and secure? Understanding warehousing services

One of the main problems that business owners face when trying to expand is dealing with their storage and distribution requirements. That’s because when you get a large enough customer base, you need to have more space to store your products and you need a larger staff to ship out all the products. While it’s possible for a Southern California company to address these issues in-house, many times they prefer to rely on warehousing services in Los Angeles. If you’re considering warehousing services, but you aren’t quite sure whether they are right for you or not, read on to learn what they are all about, the risks associated with using commercial packing in Los Angeles and whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

How warehousing services in Los Angeles work
Warehousing services in Los Angeles hold merchandise for your business at their location and send out the items as needed throughout the month. These companies handle taking orders, packing them up and shipping them out. They’re efficient and help make sure you don’t run into any problems with meeting customer demand. When you pay for warehousing services in Los Angeles you are effectively hiring out your shipping demands so that you don’t have to worry about handling them yourself.

The risks of commercial packaging in Los Angeles
There are a few major risks associated with using commercial packaging in Los Angeles. The first is a cost-based risk, and the second is a service-based risk. There’s a chance that your service could end up costing you far too much money. Many warehousing services in Los Angeles charge monthly based on the items that they hold for you. If you have items that are sitting for a very long time, you could be paying more than you would like for your inventory. There’s also handling costs and additional fee-based costs associated with the warehousing services. It’s important that you factor all these costs into your total so you don’t end up losing money on your warehouse. The other risk is a service-based risk. There’s a chance that your commercial packaging in Los Angeles will send out items slowly, lose items, damaged items or offer poor customer service that hurts your business. That’s why it’s so important to hire a quality company to do the work for you.

Working with a quality company
Now that you know how it all works, as well as the benefits and the risks of commercial warehouse services, it’s time to move on to considering which packaging service is right for you. When choosing a business to work with, you need to make sure you are looking closely at the companies to determine which one is high quality and which you should avoid. There are quality companies that do an excellent job with warehousing, and there are low-quality companies that you can’t rely on. Look at the track record of the company, look at the size of the warehouse and look at the cost of the service to determine if it is a good fit for you or not.

How to overcome packaging workflow challenges

The rise of the packaging industry in Southern California is undeniable in this day and age — from specific product packaging services in Los Angles to cosmetic packaging in Los Angles. With the demand in our consumer-centric society, problems and challenges in the packaging workflow inevitably arise. Failing to secure the proper packaging process could lead to confusion and business failure. Before that happens, we are here to help you overcome packaging workflow challenges with the following tips:

Shorten the approval process
Packaging services in Los Angeles, such as product packaging and cosmetic packaging are booming. And for your business to strive, time is of the essence. One process that could delay this is the approval stage. You should try to remove any additional and unnecessary parts of the approval stage. Appoint a number of people that can directly review, contact, and approve orders. A lengthy approval stage can affect how fast packaging services in Los Angeles are performed.

Create a database
Tracking packaging workflow is also a challenge. You might unknowingly miss out on some important tasks that could affect the entirety of your operation. By creating a database, you will be able to access all necessary information about the products as well as the procedures, schedules, budgets, and assignees of the packaging services.

If you have gathered all the necessary information, then you should start organizing it. When it comes to product packaging, the organization keeps the workflow consistent, fast, and efficient. It helps you see the workflow and the parts of the process you need to improve or correct. This is especially important since the packaging business is a fast-paced environment.

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