Why More Companies Are Saying No To Clamshell Packaging

Why More Companies Are Saying No To Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging has been voted the worst packaging design ever, and thousands of people seek medical treatment each year for cuts and injuries sustained while opening clamshell packages. Yet, there are still hundreds of items across store shelves that use clamshell packaging. This may not last much longer. Many companies such as Amazon are taking great strides to eliminate this annoying and cumbersome packaging once and for all.

Why Clamshells Are So Widely Used

Despite being a hassle for consumers to open, stores still turn to clamshells for a variety of reasons like:

  • Product is visible on both sides
  • Can be hung or freestanding
  • Much harder to shoplift
  • Lighter than cardboard
  • Cheaper to make
  • Durable

So What’s The Problem?

The biggest issue with clamshells is that they aren’t collected to be recycled. Despite being made from PET plastic, which is highly recyclable, clamshells aren’t being collected at the same rate as other recyclables. The other issue is that when they are collected for recycling, they often can’t be sorted out from other materials.

Starting this August, Amazon will be raising waste-efficient packaging standards for all vendors on the site. This includes no clamshells or other plastic packages for medium or large-sized products or they will be charged $1.99 per package. These restrictions are meant to help improve recycling efforts and to reduce the high amounts of waste that plastic packaging contributes annually.

If you’re looking for alternative packaging options, the team at Build Rehabilitation in Los Angeles is here to help.

Packaging Done Right

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and manpower required to service all of our clients and their packaging needs.

[How to Choose] Shrink Wrapping Packaging Services in Los Angeles

shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles

Finding the right shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles is critical and can make or break the quality of your product. Always remember that the best packaging companies in Los Angeles will offer shrink wrapping at the most competitive price and very high quality.

To help you choose the best packaging services in Los Angeles, here are some of our tips:

Prioritize quality

Prices vary widely among providers of shrink wrapping in LA. That’s why your deciding factor should be the quality of their work.

The shrink wrap should withstand the stresses of product transit. Aside from that, it should be durable enough to hold your product and retain its manufacturing quality.

Also, choose a product packaging Los Angeles company with machines that can keep up with your production levels. You wouldn’t want to hinder your sales just because of slow packaging.


As much as you want topnotch shrink wrap quality, the cost shouldn’t be exorbitant. Remember that you will have to pass the cost of the packaging service to the consumer. You wouldn’t want to go higher than your competitors or you will lose revenue.

Overall, shrink wrapping has a lower cost than other types of packaging. This allows new companies to launch their products without exhausting their financial means too much.

Still, you wouldn’t want a very low offer. Most of the time, very cheap packaging says a lot about its quality. You simply can’t take chances, especially if we’re talking about large inventories.


Although shrink wrapping uses transparent plastic, you can have something printed on it. This way, consumers will recognize your brand and know more about the product.

Consumers are more likely to purchase an item if there’s information included on its packaging. With that, look for packaging companies in Los Angeles that can provide this added service for you.

Choose local

Instead of scouting for national packaging companies, it’s best to work with local shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles. Transportation of the product will be easier, thus cutting the overhead cost of the packaging service.

Also, local companies have lower costs. Here at Build Rehabilitation Industries, we offer our shrink wrapping service in the most competitive rates. As a non-profit organization, we work to sustain our operation and to fund our charity work.

We don’t aim to make millions of dollars. For us, it’s about providing high-quality packaging to manufacturers while providing opportunities for other people.

Check the reputation of the company

Once you have a shortlist of prospective providers, always check their reputation first. Their standing in the industry will affect your brand’s reputation as well.

Here at Build Industries, we have established our image of being one of the most reliable and reputable providers of product packaging in Los Angeles.

We have been operating for more than 50 years now and our team is ever-growing. Over the decades, we’ve worked with more than 1,000 retail organizations and businesses.

This track record speaks about the quality of our work and our dedication to our craft.

How Product Packaging Helps To [Grow Your Brand]

packaging services Los Angeles

Many manufacturers tend to underestimate the power of product packaging. The truth is that the packaging is almost as important as the product itself. For those who know how to utilize this element, product packaging can be used to increase brand awareness and sales. Hiring the best packaging companies in Los Angeles can open possibilities for your brand.

Remember this: your product packaging is supposed to communicate a message to your consumers. This is the same reason why 95% of new products fail in the market each year. Not all consumers will have the time and energy to consider if a poorly labeled and unattractively packed product is worth their hard-earned money.

Here’s why you have to hire the best packaging services in Los Angeles now:

Packaging impacts brand awareness

Consumers are more likely to patronize a brand that they can recognize. Imagine this: a shopper walks into the cosmetics aisle. Which product would the person buy: a lipstick in an elegant box with complete information or one with plain box packaging?

The shopper should recognize your brand the moment they lay their eyes on the product. Consistency is the key here. If you don’t have an in-house department, you can work with packaging services in Los Angeles.

Product packaging is a platform for color psychology

In the field of psychology, each color can entice various subliminal emotions. For example, the eye focuses on the color red longer than other colors. Meanwhile, yellow induces the happy and lively emotion, perfect for beauty products and the likes.

It will help to hire the best cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles to maximize this part. Just remember that not all colors will suit a certain type of product.

The product packaging is where you communicate

Every product packaging Los Angeles company knows that it’s important to include product and brand information to the packaging of the commodity. This is so the consumers can decide if the product is worth the purchase based on their own prejudices.

Generally, you’d want the ingredients/materials of the product printed as well as the expiry dates, brand address, and added marketing pitch if need be.

Packaging will help you target the right consumers

If you’re willing to dig deeper on the psychology of product packaging, you’ll know that certain shapes, colors, and designs will appeal to one group but not on the other.

This will help you target the right group of consumers for your products. By piquing the interest of your targeted consumers, you can expect more sales.

It’s all about the appeal

Above all, product packaging is all about the appeal of the outer shell. No matter how good your product is, its packaging can defeat its quality. This is the reason why you should hire only competent commercial packaging in Los Angeles to work with you.

Also, take the time to develop the design of your product packaging. As much as you want to focus on your main product, you can improve your revenue by ensuring that it will appeal to the consumers inside and out.

Minimizing Packaging Waste With Soap

Minimizing Packaging Waste With Soap

Each year, over 552 million shampoo bottles are thrown away, and a large percentage of the bottles that are thrown away still have product in them. When Mi Zhou found this out, she began devising a plan to stop the waste. This led to her creating Soapack: bottles and jars that are made entirely of soap.

How It Works

The Soapack collection is made from vegetable oil-based soaps that will melt away when you don’t need them. Their instructions are also a dissolvable paper that you can dissolve in water when you’re done. A layer of beeswax is used to keep them waterproof and to prevent leaking from occurring.

Surprisingly Stylish

Using various minerals, plants, and pigments, the collection comes in an array of styles and colors. The result is a completely eco-friendly collection that looks great in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in your home.

LA’s Packaging Experts

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and manpower required to service all of our clients and their packaging needs.

Does Holiday Packaging Work?

Does Holiday Packaging Work?

With the Fourth of July and most other holidays, you often see tons of products using special/holiday themed packaging.

While holiday packaging might be eye-catching, just how effective is it:

Does It Tell A Story?

Holiday/special packaging needs to tell a story. It shouldn’t just catch their eye — it should connect them to your brand on a deeper level. Another great way to build this connection is by injecting a human touch to the packaging campaign.

Differentiate From The Competition

By studying the competition, you can craft a truly unique packaging campaign that stands out from the competition. You can see where competitors are doing it right as well as see what isn’t working — which will then help you refine your packaging.

Make It Your Own

Another important thing to remember is to keep your packaging true to your brand. Consumers can often tell when a company is forcing something just to capitalize on a holiday or event. Placing your brand’s style and personality into any special or seasonal campaign will also help consumers build long-term connections with your brand.

Keep The Same Quality

Just because you’re only using this packaging for a limited amount of time doesn’t mean that you can be cheap on packaging costs. Cheaper, subpar packaging (or designs) for a product can have a negative impact on the perception of your brand. Instead, maintain an emphasis on the same high quality and presentation that you use for your packaging throughout the year.

Plan Your Next Holiday Campaign

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have the space and manpower required to service all of our clients and their packaging needs.

[6 Reasons] Why Product Packaging is Important

packaging companies in Los Angeles

Our product packaging services in Los Angeles are indispensable to many businesses. Our packaging ensures that the product retains its quality while protecting it from external forces. This is the same reason why packaging companies in Los Angeles, like us at Build Industries, continue to boom as an industry.

However, many brands seem to overlook the value of improving their product packaging. Here are some reasons why brands should give more focus to their packaging:

1. It can change how consumers view your products

What consumers see when they first open your product will affect how happy they are with their purchase. If you have enticing packaging that adds to the user experience properly protects the product so that it arrives in good condition, then you’re going to win over every customer.

2. Packaging is an effective marketing tool

You can use packaging as an additional advertising medium to sell your product. Not only can you make it look enticing, but you can also highlight key details with effective marketing copy. This will increase brand awareness which will then translate to more revenue.

For example, placing your logo in front of the product will let consumers recognize your brand the next time they shop. Adding any awards that your product has won will sway customers to choose your product over a competitor.

3. It can improve brand recognition

Without excellent packaging, your product will remain invisible or generic in the eyes of consumers. They could easily forget your brand or not realize that this particular product is part of your brand.

Do you know how the likes of Coke and Tiffany stayed popular over the years? They put a lot of effort into improving their packaging.

4. Product packaging can improve functionality

With the right packaging, your product will retain its functionality. Also, some brands design their packaging in a way that actually adds to the product. Apple is a great example of this.

Aside from the looks, product packaging reduces the damage your goods absorb during transit and distribution. Depending on the type of product, the packaging material should survive the external force of stacking, pulling, and falling.

5. Packaging shields your product against external forces

Product transit can include intense force and elements. Your product might be exposed to moisture, force, and hot and cold temperatures. In these conditions, your packaging should be strong enough to protect your products.

As much as the way your product is handled plays a role, you can reduce losses if you invest in high-quality packaging. If you don’t have an in-house team, you can leverage the help of packaging companies in Los Angeles like Build Industries.

6. It triggers recall and patronization

Recall is a big factor when it comes to branding. You would want to explore all means to improve the recall of your brand and product. This way, consumers will likely to patronize your other offerings when they recognize that it came from the same brand.

Popular Packaging Trends In 2019

Popular Packaging Trends In 2019

Technology is constantly improving and advancing. Technological advancements have helped the packaging industry in a number of different ways.

Here are some of 2019’s most popular packaging trends:

  • Nostalgia

Many brands play up nostalgia in order to promote their products (and that is not going to change anytime soon). Recently, numerous companies have used packaging with a retro design/vibe in an attempt to connect with a younger demographic.

  • Smaller, Greener Packaging

Consumers are more conscious than ever about their environmental footprint, and the packaging industry has begun to embrace this trend. Many companies are using recycled materials to design smaller, more eco-friendly packaging — among other initiatives.

  • A Minimalist Approach

“Less is more” has become a popular phrase when it comes to packaging in 2019. Minimalist packaging is popular because of how simple it is. Consumers appreciate simple and economical packaging. This minimalist approach also includes labels as well. Too much detail and information can lead to customers passing on the product — a streamlined design with just key information is a great way to draw in potential customers/buyers.

  • Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is a trend that has gained popularity throughout 2019. Advances in materials have made flexible packaging more suitable for a wider variety of consumer products. Currently, the most popular flexible packaging options including bags, pouches, and envelopes.

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs. Please call or visit us today to learn more about all of our packaging and storage services.

Packaging Will Soon Be Going Digital

Packaging Will Soon Be Going Digital

With transparency being more important than ever, companies and brands are looking for ways to prioritize their customers and increase loyalty. Connected Packaging gives manufacturers the ability to give their products digital life.

What Digital Packaging Means

Connected Packaging is a blend of hardware and software that supports the printing and reading of codes and features strong cybersecurity capabilities. This allows the platform to offer bundles of solutions currently tailored to food and beverage manufacturers and allows brands and companies to interact and advertise directly with consumers. The data generated by consumers and the applications of the connected packaging can be analyzed in real-time to generate more insight. This will help companies fine-tune any marketing campaigns and can lead to increased sales and greater efficiency.

When To Expect It

Digital packaging is still in its early stages, but with the myriad of benefits (as well as constantly evolving and improving technology), many companies will be looking to integrate digital packaging options in the coming months. This is a great way for your brand to get real-time updates and insights into consumer feedback and will help you build brand loyalty.

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs. 

10 Advantages of Packaging Services in Los Angeles [Guide]

contract packaging services in Los Angeles

Unknown to some, contract packaging services in Los Angeles is more than just wrapping products. It also provides more benefits than what meets the eye.

Here are some of the main advantages of hiring a commercial packaging Los Angeles:

1. Less investment but a bigger profit

Since you no longer have to invest in your own equipment, you will spend less but earn more. Product packaging in Los Angeles lets you enjoy the benefit of readily available packaging equipment, warehouse, and manpower at all times.

2. Fast turnaround time

Commercial packaging in Los Angeles services has large-scale equipment that allows them to wrap hundreds of products in a short time. Since packaging services only focus on packaging alone, they can utilize their time on wrapping more products.

3. Less manpower needed

You no longer have to maintain your own manpower. Outsourcing your packaging needs mean you don’t have to pay for additional salary, training, and extra benefits. You can concentrate your budget on paying packaging contracts which are lower than having a team of your own.

4. Sustainable choice

Packaging services in Los Angeles keep up with the demands of their clients. This means that you will enjoy the benefit of sustainable services without spending more. The packaging company will also offer a more environmental-friendly choice.

5. Ideal for seasonal packaging

Short-term packaging needs for seasonal products are best given to contract packaging services. It’s just a waste to acquire resources only for minimal use. From perishable to cosmetic packaging, seasonal packaging is the expertise of product packaging.

6. Flexibility

Experimenting with various packaging methods and materials are expensive. Most manufacturers don’t have the time and resources for this. However, if you let contract packaging services do the job, you can demand various designs, materials, and methods.

7. Low costs

There’s no doubt that outsourcing your packaging needs is way cheaper than keeping an in-house packaging department. Aside from skipping the acquisition of equipment and additional manpower, you’ll also cut overhead costs.

8. Wide range of resources

Most packaging services would have the equipment that manufacturers alone rarely acquire. Since these companies bank on their packaging abilities, they would invest in the latest equipment and materials. This lets you explore various resources without affecting your budget too much.

9. Rush jobs

When it comes to rush jobs, contract packaging services in Los Angeles have the capabilities to deliver on time. Most of these packaging companies have large warehouses, thousands of employees, and an inventory of materials. They can wrap your products the moment it reaches their warehouse.

10. Expertise

The biggest benefit of tapping the help of packaging services is you’re paying for their expertise. Most of these companies like Build Industries have been operating for decades already. This means they have strict regard to quality control and quick turnaround time. Also, packaging companies abide by various sanitation and industry standards.

Professional packaging services will let you focus on the manufacturing aspects of your business. If you are in need of such services, feel free to contact Build Industries to know more.

The Global Barrier Packaging Market Is Set To Rise

The Global Barrier Packaging Market Is Set To Rise

The global barrier packaging industry was roughly around $9.39 billion in 2018. That number is set to rise dramatically. According to Zion Market Research, the global barrier packaging market is expected to generate around $13.78 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of around 5.4% between 2019 and 2025.

Below is an excerpt from Zion Market Research’s recent report entitled Barrier Packaging Market by Type (Bags and Pouches, Stand-Up Pouch, Tray Lidding Film, Forming Webs, Wrapping Film, and Blister Pack Base Webs), by Material (Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (nylon), Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH), Transparent High Barrier Films, and Others), by Technology (Polymer Nanocomposites, Multi-Layer Film, ORMOCERS, Sustainable Barrier Coatings, Melamine-Based Barrier Coatings, and Besela Barrier Film), and by Application (Food Industry, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, and Others): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2018–2025.

“Plastic packaging is among the most familiar forms of packaging. There is a rising need for products that can provide a high protection level to products, particularly for the food and beverage industry. Barrier packaging technology is replacing the outdated packaging type. Moreover, lifestyle-related changes among the population, rapidly changing consumer preferences, and availability of advanced technology have decreased the demand for traditional packaging. These factors are expected to drive the global barrier packaging market over the forecast time period. Furthermore, the growing trend of microwave cooking and ready-to-eat meals is expected to further drive this market’s growth in the upcoming years.

Browse through 140 Tables & 43 Figures spread over 110 Pages and in-depth TOC on ‘Global Barrier Packaging Market: Industry Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Segments, Analysis and Forecast, 2018–2025.’

Request Free Sample Report of Global Barrier Packaging Market Report at www.zionmarketresearch.com/sample/barrier-packaging-market.

Based on material, the global barrier packaging market includes polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (nylon), ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), transparent high barrier films, and others. Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) segments together accounted for around 50% revenue market share in 2018. Transparent high barrier films are expected to grow significantly in the future, owing to the increasing product demand for various packaged food products.

By application, this global barrier packaging market includes food industry, healthcare, consumer goods, and others. The food industry held a major market share in 2018, due to the increasing consumption of baby food, sauces, and curries across the globe.”

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs. 

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