The Importance of Packaging for Beauty Products

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Packaging plays an important role in all products, especially cosmetic items. Just like the product inside, the packaging should be eye-catching and aesthetic. But beyond its visual value, the packaging should also protect the product from damage. This is the same reason why cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles is an indispensable service to so many industries.

Cosmetic packaging should be beautiful and functional. The following are some of the reasons cosmetic packaging adds value to the product.

Protection against damage

The main purpose of any packaging is to shield the product inside from damage. Your cosmetic products will be exposed to various dangers during distribution. It will be stacked, unloaded, and reloaded repeatedly. This is why product packaging in Los Angeles should focus on quality and durability.

Moreover, cosmetic packaging discourages tampering. It keeps your product intact from the distribution center to the shopping cart. Contract packaging in Los Angeles should consider the potential risks that the product may encounter along the way.

Better brand identity

Product packaging is also pivotal to brand identity. Cosmetic companies have to establish their name and image through their product packaging. The easier it is for customers to recall the brand, the better it is for your marketing efforts.

A brand with a strong identity generates more sales than others. The packaging should tell a story unique to the brand’s personality.

Encourage a purchase decision

Contract packaging in Los Angeles should aim to encourage purchasing decisions. Aside from the material, design, and color of the package, it should also have enough information about the product. This will help a critical consumer gauge if the cosmetic product is suitable for their needs.

Defective packaging is a major deal-breaker as the consumer will doubt the quality of the product. Overall, the packaging should be memorable. Make sure that the packaging of your cosmetic product reflects the message you want to impart to your customers.

Ease of use

Cosmetic packaging should have more value, aside from being a protective layer for your products. Some companies make their packaging functional and use it as a container.

Avoid packaging that requires another tool to open. The consumer should be able to access the product easily without hurting their hands. A commercial packaging company in Los Angeles can help you come up with a design.

A cost-efficient way of presenting the product

Above all, the product packaging should become a cost-efficient way of presenting your product. The overall look of the packaging should catch the eyes of your consumer. It should stand out from the shelf and other competitor products.

It should have the so-called ‘Instagram factor’ that will encourage social sharing. If you succeed in doing this, your product packaging becomes another marketing tool for your brand.


Cosmetic packaging should be as enticing as the product inside. Beyond its appearance, it should also possess the best quality to withstand external force and natural elements. It’s important to craft the packaging in line with your brand’s image and the image you want to portray.

What is Shrink Wrapping Services: What to Expect

shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles

Shrink wrapping is one of the most cost-efficient forms of packaging. If outsourced to shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles, this form of packaging will help a manufacturer save time, money, and resources. Moreover, shrink wrapping services provide a faster way to package products. This is the main reason why shrink wrap is the common choice among companies that produce their goods in bulk.

What is shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrap is made of a polymer plastic film. It is then heated to conform to the shape of the item. This makes shrink wrapping a space and cost-efficient option. It’s also less prone to tampering that’s why many industries utilize this option.

Although thin, shrink wrap is durable and can be used on food, electronics, books, and other items. It’s also waterproof, and there’s no restriction on the packaging size.

The best thing about shrink wrapping is that it allows instant product identification. The transparent plastic film makes it convenient for buyers to see the product inside without the need to open a box or look inside.

Moreover, shrink-wrapped products are easier to stack and will consume less space than boxed ones. This is another money-saving benefit, much so for large inventories.

The cost of shrink wrapping

In general, shrink wrapping is one of the most affordable packaging options. Still, the actual price will vary depending on the contract packaging services in Los Angeles you’re going to use. The number of products to be packaged and distance to the packaging center will also affect the cost.

Some packaging companies in Los Angeles will also impose a minimum order quantity, usually measured by square feet of the plastic film. Others can run a smaller size but will charge the same minimum amount.

At Build Industries, we provide an affordable option for all local businesses in LA. Feel free to call us to get a free quote of our shrink wrapping services.

Downsides of shrink wrapping

Like any other packaging, shrink wrapping has some disadvantages. Still, most of it is dependent on the type of product being packed. The following are the downsides you should expect from this form of packaging.

Products like electronics and other gadgets can’t be packed through shrink wrapping. The heat used to shrink the plastic film may potentially damage the item.

Moreover, improper shrink packaging may deform the bar code, rendering it unreadable. A contract packaging Los Angeles company must pay attention to the design and manner of shrinking.

Should you consider shrink wrapping for your products?

Shrink packaging is widely used on beverage products, bottled solutions, cosmetics, alcohol, jars, stationery products, and more. Shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles can design the packaging for you.

If you want to save money, shrink wrapping is an excellent choice. Outsourcing it to a packaging company will also make it more cost-efficient. In this case, you no longer have to procure your own equipment and hire additional manpower. The packaging company provides everything you need, including pick-up, warehousing, and delivery to your facility.

How to Create the Perfect Cosmetics Packaging for Your Brand?

Cosmetics Packaging

Just like the product it encases, cosmetic packaging needs to be equally aesthetic, enticing, and functional. This is why designing perfect packaging is a crucial selling factor of each cosmetic product. If you’re looking to hire packaging services in Los Angeles, make sure that you cover the following points:

Define your target consumer

Regardless if you’re using shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles or other methods, always define your target market. Are your products directed to young tweens? How about office ladies? Young adults?

It’s important to decide your target market so that you can set a limit on what you add to your mood board. For example, if your target is young teenage girls, sparkles and bright colors will be ideal.

Come up with a mood board

A mood board is a collection of images, colors, and other materials that you think embody your brand. This will help you come up with a design by experimenting with the gathered elements.

During the creation of the mood board, you can also add advertisements from other brands to inspire the creation of your cosmetic packaging near Los Angeles.

Overall, your mood board is the collection of all raw materials that can be used for the package design.

Know your brand’s personality

As much as you have to define your customers, you should also define the personality of your brand. Are you more of a preppy company? How about edgy or classy? In doing so, you can portray your brand to your customers and establish a mark for your new products.

If you’re having problems identifying this part, you can use the help of contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles. Our service offers package design services to save you from the hassle.

Consider custom fonts

The most established beauty brands stand out due to their custom fonts. It’s also a great way to make a mark on your target market. So whenever customers see your packaging, they will know that it belongs to you. And if you provide great-looking packaging, it will become a badge for buyers to look for.

Use engaging colors

Colors are one of the biggest components of packaging. When it comes to cosmetics, the colors you use will depend on your target market. Brands with a sophisticated image opt for dark, matte, and deep colors. Meanwhile, those who sell items to a younger audience may opt for brighter and cooler colors.

Always consider durability

An eye-catching packaging will not serve its purpose if it’s not durable enough to protect the product. Packaging is supposed to protect the product from damage. As such, you should always prioritize quality over aesthetics.

You can hire disabled American packaging services in Los Angeles like Build Industries for your packaging needs. We have been in the industry for more than 50 years. With that, we can deliver quality, aesthetics, and affordable packaging for your cosmetic products.

Six Things Your Product Packaging Must Do for You

Product packaging

Product packaging works more than just a container for your product. It should serve a variety of purposes to maximize the cost and effort allotted to it. Whether it’s a specialty, cosmetic, or shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles, your product packaging must do the following things:

1. Protect your product

The first purpose of product packaging is to shield the item from external elements. Your goods go through various processes before landing on the hands of your consumers. From your factory, it will go through packaging, shipping, and distribution. This movement will expose your product to wear and tear.

The packaging should be durable enough to withstand these forces without losing its shape and appeal. Most of all, your product packaging should reduce the risk of tampering.

2. Stand out on the shelf

Your product packaging should also stand out on the shelf while lined up with your competitors. Your brand should be easy to identify in the stack of other options.

Your product should pass the ‘five-year-old test’. If you can describe your product to a five-year-old and they can distinguish it from other options, then you have a functional packaging. Many packaging services in Los Angeles use this test to check the appeal of the packaging design.

3. Initiate emotional engagement

Regardless if it’s cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles or other products, the packaging should entice an emotional response. Eventually, this emotional response would lead to a purchase.

Ask yourself this: does the packaging make your consumers feel something?

This is why packaging designers use photos of people that look at you straight in the eye. This imagery entices engagement and connection between the buyer and the product.

4. Inform your customers

Another essential thing that packaging should do is to inform your potential customers. The only way to sell your item is to provide information about what buyers can expect. Proper labeling, a complete list of ingredients, manufacturing location, and pertinent details must be included in the package.

A well-labeled product is more likely to sell than a blank carton. As much as the mystery has its magic, it’s not always applicable to all products.

5. Represent your brand

Your product packaging should also represent the character of your brand. This is why various brands use proprietary fonts, colors, logos, and designs. You can use your product packaging as a branding tool to relay your message to your consumers. It should also trigger a sense of trust and patronage.

Always consider the psychological impact of your packaging on your customers. Would it sell or not? You can hire contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles like Build Industries to help you with this.

6. Add value to your product

Above all, the product packaging should add value to your product. Some brands use packaging with double functions: pizza boxes that work as plates, pasta boxes with serving sizes, and reactive labels that indicate freshness.

If you need help with your packaging designs and the packaging process itself, you can enlist the help of Build Industries. We are one of the disabled American packaging services Los Angeles that has been partnering with businesses for more than 50 years.

What to Consider When Selecting a Contract Packaging Services

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Many manufacturers opt to outsource the packaging of their goods to save money. Instead of maintaining an in-house facility and manpower, packaging companies in Los Angeles offer a hassle-free option for producers. It speeds up production and guarantees the quality of the packaging. This is the same reason you should choose a packaging service you can trust.

The following are some of the key considerations when hiring packaging services around Los Angeles:

Capability and resources

The first thing that you have to check is the capability of the contract packaging services in Los Angeles. Do they have enough equipment to handle the amount of goods you want packaged? You should also consider the manpower and process it takes for the product packaging.

Another crucial aspect is the resources of the packaging company. Ask how the company sources its raw materials, how long it takes for them to procure, and if they offer package design support.


As much as possible, you should look for product packaging in Los Angeles nearest to your production area. This will optimize the production and packaging time instead of spending it on transit. A packaging service located in your vicinity also reduces the potential damage to your goods associated with long transport.

Local packaging services are also cost-efficient. You can use the money you saved from transporting the products to improve other areas of your production. And since the packaging facility is located close to your factory, you can visit it anytime you wish.


Changes can happen in the course of your production. You may need to pack more inventory during peak season or adjust your production based on the demand shift.

A flexible packaging partner can adjust to these challenges without shutting down the operation. You must discuss this factor on your potential packaging partner.

If you often receive bulk orders, it’s worth looking for packaging services that can handle last-minute requests. Having a nimble provider will boost your bottom line and increase your production.

Competitive pricing

Most importantly, you should look for a packaging provider with transparent pricing. The rule of thumb in retail is that the packaging cost shouldn’t go beyond 10% of the total price of the item.

Always remember that contract packaging is a custom service, which means that the price will vary based on your products and the packaging materials you prefer. You should discuss this upfront with the provider of contract packaging services in Los Angeles to avoid any hiccups.

Communication and delivery

Lastly, you should know how the company communicates with its clients. Would there be a reliable point of contact? How would you receive updates on your orders? Be it cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles, shrink packaging, or pharmaceutical packaging, the company should be easy to contact.

This will save you from the agony of guessing what’s going on with your goods. Being in the know of the packaging process will guarantee that your products will be delivered within the agreed timeframe.

How to Design Cosmetics Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

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Designing your cosmetics packaging is a crucial part of product development. It helps enhance the beauty that of your product. This is why unique and stunning cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles is needed to make your products stand out in the market. The following are some of the simple steps you should undergo during the design phase:

Define your brand’s personality

The first thing you have to do is to identify the personality of your brand. Ask yourself this question: what image do I want to portray to my target market? You can be edgy or serious or cool or trendy. It all depends on your product line and your target consumers. This part will define the course of designing your packaging.

Create a mood board

Next, come up with a mood board. This is a collection of colors, images, and other inspirations for the design. You can send this to packaging companies in Los Angeles so they can create various samples. From there, you can choose which design suits your product best.

A mood board will also help you experiment on the color and look of the packaging. This way, you won’t have to start with a blank page.

Identify the focal point

The most critical part of your packaging is the focal point. It’s the part where buyers will first lay their eyes on. Regardless of the shape and size of the packaging, the focal point should always bear the logo of your brand, basic info about the product, and other bits of useful markers.

Take note that most buyers won’t read through the sides and back of the packaging. This is why you should use the focal point to indicate all the main selling points of your product.

Give your cosmetics packaging a little make-up

Colors will make your cosmetic packaging stand out on the shelf. Packaging services in Los Angeles can help in picking the right color and design for your products. You can also suggest your preferred look and they will design it for you.

Anyway, you can also opt for a minimalist look if you have an older target market and a more sophisticated product line.

Plan the packaging levels

Most cosmetic packaging has three layers: the outer layer, the inner layer, and the product container. The outer layer is the first thing that potential buyers will see. Aside from being enticing, it should also be durable enough to protect the product from damage.

Choose the materials

Once you have an initial design, it’s time to choose the materials. If you’re hiring contract packaging services in Los Angeles, you can work with them to procure a specific material. Most companies like Build Industries have a wide range of options for you to choose from when it comes to product material.

Come up with a prototype

Once you have the design and material in place, it’s now time to create a prototype. It’s the first model of your packaging, which will be supplied by your choice of product packaging company.

You can use the prototype to check the suitability of the design and material to the product. From there, you can make adjustments before mass production.

Custom Packaging and Shrink Wrappings: An Important Role in Selling Your Product

shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles

Custom packaging and shrink wrapping are becoming a trend in the packaging industry. They allow a personalized as well as a cost-efficient approach for packaging services in Los Angeles. And regardless of the product’s size and shape, shrink wrapping is a convenient choice. Aside from that, it can be customized to suit the needs of the manufacturer as well as the type of product being packed.

So why would you choose shrink wrapping and custom packaging? Here are some of the reasons:

Increased storage space

Shrink packaging allows you to stack the products to save from storage space. Shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles can help you fill your warehouse with more products with the same floor area.

This way, you can save more from storage, which you can invest in the expansion of your production. This may sound like a small thing, but for big manufacturers, it will actually translate to thousands of dollars.


Unlike corrugated boxes, shrink packaging is cheaper. Aside from that, the print can be customized with the help of contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles like Build Industries. Shrink packaging is so versatile it can be produced in different colors and with designs that you like.

Overall, shrink packaging consumes 75% less material than traditional packaging methods. Aside from that, it’s easier to dispose of the packaging on the part of consumers.

Preserving your products

Many food and cosmetic products are sealed in shrink wrapping to retain its production quality. This way, it will arrive in retail stores in good condition and appealing to consumers.

Even large companies prefer shrink wrapping for their food products. It’s a cost-efficient approach that also offers a long-lasting benefit.

Faster turnaround time

Unlike other forms of packaging that require longer designing and procuring time, many packaging services in Los Angeles have shrink wrap ready to use. This is very important, especially for large manufacturers who need cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles.

With a faster turnaround time, perishable products will have longer shelf-life upon purchase. It benefits the consumers and the manufacturers alike as they reduce wastage.

Better branding

Although shrink wrap is a soft packaging, it can be customized with words, pictures, colors, and other features. You can wrap your products with your brand, which increases the marketing benefit of the packaging.

Aside from that, shrink wrapping increases the visibility of your product. This way, consumers can quickly check it out and decide if they want the condition of the product.


The best thing about shrink wrapping is it reduces the tampering of the product. It would be evident if someone tried to open the item, which will help manufacturers detect any faulty items. This is the same reason why pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies opt for shrink wrapping instead.

It’s an affordable choice that provides more value than other packaging materials.

Final words

Shrink wrapping and custom packaging are ideal options for a myriad of products. It’s cost-efficient and offers a faster turnaround time, which allows you to transit your goods faster. Paired with proper designing, shrink wrapping is an unbeatable option.

How Can Good Packaging Increase Sales?

packaging companies in Los Angeles

Product packaging is the first thing that consumers will see upon laying eyes on your product. It has to stand out and make a good impression that will convince a consumer to make a purchase. According to research, product packaging in Los Angeles plays a big role in marketing and forming the purchasing decision of a buyer.

Colors matter

According to the 2012 research of Ahmad, Billoo, and Lakhan, the colors of the packaging is one of the most significant features of product packages. Consumers prefer eye-catching colors. Upon catching their attention, the other aspects of the packaging will dictate whether that person will purchase or not.

Images are critical

Humans are visual beings, so it’s not quite surprising that consumers prefer packaging with pictures or images. This is more evident in cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles, where consumers rely on visual representation.

This is the same reason why contract packaging services in Los Angeles spend a great deal of time designing product packaging.

Information is a must

Aside from the aesthetic aspect of packaging services in Los Angeles, consumers also look for products with ample amounts of information on their packaging. For consumable products like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, ingredients and nutritional facts are important. This helps consumers compare products based on their content.

More and more consumers are getting wiser. They are now taking the time to read printed information on the packaging to make a purchasing decision. So if your packaging doesn’t have this element, you’ll likely lose a large chunk of sales.

Product protection

Packaging companies in Los Angeles aren’t just bent on making your product appealing to the eyes. The goal of product packaging is to protect the goods from physical and chemical damages. With that, the packaging has to be durable, much so for commodities that will be transited in long distances.

Just imagine your products arriving all dented and crushed. No one would like to purchase such goods, except if it’s offered at very low prices. This is the reason why you should invest in product packaging as much as you’re willing to invest in the equipment involved in the production of your products.

Packaging talks about your brand

If you want to make the most out of your product’s packaging, you should build your brand around it. Make it interactive and useful for consumers. For example, Ole Candy from Spain designed their boxes like a page from coloring books. This way, the kids will enjoy the sweets as well as coloring on the candy boxes.

With this added perk, children and their parents will find your product more interesting to buy. In fact, yours will stand out even if there are other better products in the market.

Consumers invest in unique packaging

Over the years, consumers have become more willing to purchase goods packed in unique packaging. Eco-friendly boxes and pouches are a big hit. Other great designs include a self-heating food packaging that comes with water-activated heating technology.

Meanwhile, scented packaging is becoming popular as well as packaging companies in Los Angeles with a mission – just like Build Industries.

What Makes a Good Product Packaging?

packaging companies in Los Angeles

Product packaging is an integral part of marketing and selling a commodity. It’s the first thing that consumers will see and it’s responsible for maintaining the quality of the item inside. Many packaging companies in Los Angeles offer a variety of materials and designs to suit every type of product.

But what makes good product packaging? If you’re planning to hire packaging services in Los Angeles, make sure that you look for the following characteristics:

A packaging that talks about your brand

It’s important that the packaging can talk about your brand, especially when it comes to cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles. On the first look, the packaging should capture the attention of the customer.

You can use your product’s packaging to include information that will help the customer come up with a purchasing decision.

It should also stand out from other products, which gives an added edge when it comes to sales.

Packaging protects your product

Of all characteristics of product packaging in Los Angeles, it should strive to protect the commodity. It should make sure that the product can endure the impact of transit, distribution, and selling. This way, your product will remain in good condition once it reaches the shelves.

The material used should be durable and in line with the standards of the packing industry. Avoid contract packaging services in Los Angeles that skimp on quality. If possible, ask for a prototype before giving it a go.

Packaging that’s cost-efficient

Aside from looking good and having excellent quality, the packaging should also be cost-efficient. This is to ensure that the manufacturer can still make a profit without passing costs onto customers.

Cost-efficiency is a big factor. A single cent can make a big difference in the production, much more so for big manufacturers that release thousands of inventories per day.

Still, cost-efficiency isn’t always about lowering the cost. It’s more about having the right balance between price and quality.

Packaging that’s sustainable

Product packaging needs to be sustainable, so the manufacturers can use it for a long time. The materials should also be easy to source and shouldn’t be damaging the environment.

Many companies are already switching to eco-friendly packaging as an effort to cut their carbon footprints. This appeals to many consumers who are starting to become aware of the potential for packaging materials to the environment.

Packaging that matches the product

It’s always important to match the material, color, and design of the packaging to your product. Cosmetics, perishable goods, and electronics all require a different approach since they have different target markets.

For this, you need packaging companies in Los Angeles like Build Industries that can design and produce a specific packaging for you. Whether it’s cosmetics, food, accessories, electronics, chinaware or anything else, we have the solutions that match your products.

Final words

Product packaging Los Angeles plays an integral part in the saleability of a specific product. It must match your product and target market. Also, you should choose a reliable packaging service for your products.

Advantages of Shrink Wrapping Equipment and Systems

shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles

Shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles are gaining popularity among manufacturers. That’s because they offer a cost-efficient way of packing products without compromising the quality of the product. Also, they tend to be more appealing to customers as it allows them to see the product through the packaging.

Packaging services in Los Angeles are also offering this method of packaging. Here are some of the advantages of shrink wrapping:

Reduced tampering

The biggest advantage of having shrink wrapping equipment and systems is that it reduces tampering of the product. Any attempt to tamper with the product will easily show, which discourages those who might otherwise try.

If you can’t procure the necessary equipment in-house, you can hire packaging services in Los Angeles to provide the shrink wrapping for you. You can also find cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles for a more tailored solution.


Shrink wrapping is a sustainable type of packaging. It can be used on almost any product, even perishable ones. It’s also versatile as it can be formed into different shapes and sizes, depending on the product’s specifications.

As a result, you no longer have to acquire new packaging equipment after a few years.

Reduced cost

Above all, shrink wrapping cuts the cost of packaging. It uses fewer materials, plus it also speeds up the process of packing the goods. In addition, since the items are shrink-wrapped, they will make up less space. This allows you to maximize storage costs and delivery fees.

The cost you saved using shrink packaging can be used to improve your products or acquire other equipment necessary for manufacturing.

Maximized space

Instead of large boxes with empty spaces, you can use shrink wrapping to maximize the space in your warehouse. Due to its compact nature, the products can be stacked tightly without damaging each other. This means you can store more products without the need to acquire an additional lease.

However, if you don’t have any storage space, you can use contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles, like Build Industries. We have large warehouses, massive manpower, and complete shrink wrapping equipment to handle your products.

Increases shelf-life of perishable goods

With the help of disabled American packaging services in Los Angeles, you can now use shrink wrapping to boost the shelf-life of your products. This translates to lower losses and higher sales on your end. Also, you can deliver the product to consumers in the best quality possible. It also boosts product reception while saving costs and improving your production.

Better branding

Shrink wrapping is a very versatile form of packaging. You can have it printed with your branding message, sales pitch, product details, and other information that will convince your customer to purchase the item.

Packaging services can also tailor it with colors, inserts, logos, photos, and more. There’s a lot that you can do with shrink wrapping with the help of shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles.

If this is something you are considering, you should hire the most reliable packaging company to do the job. At Build Industries, you’re going to get 50+ years of packing expertise while giving back to the community.

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