Custom Packaging and Shrink Wrappings: An Important Role in Selling Your Product

shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles

Custom packaging and shrink wrapping are becoming a trend in the packaging industry. They allow a personalized as well as a cost-efficient approach for packaging services in Los Angeles. And regardless of the product’s size and shape, shrink wrapping is a convenient choice. Aside from that, it can be customized to suit the needs of the manufacturer as well as the type of product being packed.

So why would you choose shrink wrapping and custom packaging? Here are some of the reasons:

Increased storage space

Shrink packaging allows you to stack the products to save from storage space. Shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles can help you fill your warehouse with more products with the same floor area.

This way, you can save more from storage, which you can invest in the expansion of your production. This may sound like a small thing, but for big manufacturers, it will actually translate to thousands of dollars.


Unlike corrugated boxes, shrink packaging is cheaper. Aside from that, the print can be customized with the help of contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles like Build Industries. Shrink packaging is so versatile it can be produced in different colors and with designs that you like.

Overall, shrink packaging consumes 75% less material than traditional packaging methods. Aside from that, it’s easier to dispose of the packaging on the part of consumers.

Preserving your products

Many food and cosmetic products are sealed in shrink wrapping to retain its production quality. This way, it will arrive in retail stores in good condition and appealing to consumers.

Even large companies prefer shrink wrapping for their food products. It’s a cost-efficient approach that also offers a long-lasting benefit.

Faster turnaround time

Unlike other forms of packaging that require longer designing and procuring time, many packaging services in Los Angeles have shrink wrap ready to use. This is very important, especially for large manufacturers who need cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles.

With a faster turnaround time, perishable products will have longer shelf-life upon purchase. It benefits the consumers and the manufacturers alike as they reduce wastage.

Better branding

Although shrink wrap is a soft packaging, it can be customized with words, pictures, colors, and other features. You can wrap your products with your brand, which increases the marketing benefit of the packaging.

Aside from that, shrink wrapping increases the visibility of your product. This way, consumers can quickly check it out and decide if they want the condition of the product.


The best thing about shrink wrapping is it reduces the tampering of the product. It would be evident if someone tried to open the item, which will help manufacturers detect any faulty items. This is the same reason why pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies opt for shrink wrapping instead.

It’s an affordable choice that provides more value than other packaging materials.

Final words

Shrink wrapping and custom packaging are ideal options for a myriad of products. It’s cost-efficient and offers a faster turnaround time, which allows you to transit your goods faster. Paired with proper designing, shrink wrapping is an unbeatable option.

How Can Good Packaging Increase Sales?

packaging companies in Los Angeles

Product packaging is the first thing that consumers will see upon laying eyes on your product. It has to stand out and make a good impression that will convince a consumer to make a purchase. According to research, product packaging in Los Angeles plays a big role in marketing and forming the purchasing decision of a buyer.

Colors matter

According to the 2012 research of Ahmad, Billoo, and Lakhan, the colors of the packaging is one of the most significant features of product packages. Consumers prefer eye-catching colors. Upon catching their attention, the other aspects of the packaging will dictate whether that person will purchase or not.

Images are critical

Humans are visual beings, so it’s not quite surprising that consumers prefer packaging with pictures or images. This is more evident in cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles, where consumers rely on visual representation.

This is the same reason why contract packaging services in Los Angeles spend a great deal of time designing product packaging.

Information is a must

Aside from the aesthetic aspect of packaging services in Los Angeles, consumers also look for products with ample amounts of information on their packaging. For consumable products like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, ingredients and nutritional facts are important. This helps consumers compare products based on their content.

More and more consumers are getting wiser. They are now taking the time to read printed information on the packaging to make a purchasing decision. So if your packaging doesn’t have this element, you’ll likely lose a large chunk of sales.

Product protection

Packaging companies in Los Angeles aren’t just bent on making your product appealing to the eyes. The goal of product packaging is to protect the goods from physical and chemical damages. With that, the packaging has to be durable, much so for commodities that will be transited in long distances.

Just imagine your products arriving all dented and crushed. No one would like to purchase such goods, except if it’s offered at very low prices. This is the reason why you should invest in product packaging as much as you’re willing to invest in the equipment involved in the production of your products.

Packaging talks about your brand

If you want to make the most out of your product’s packaging, you should build your brand around it. Make it interactive and useful for consumers. For example, Ole Candy from Spain designed their boxes like a page from coloring books. This way, the kids will enjoy the sweets as well as coloring on the candy boxes.

With this added perk, children and their parents will find your product more interesting to buy. In fact, yours will stand out even if there are other better products in the market.

Consumers invest in unique packaging

Over the years, consumers have become more willing to purchase goods packed in unique packaging. Eco-friendly boxes and pouches are a big hit. Other great designs include a self-heating food packaging that comes with water-activated heating technology.

Meanwhile, scented packaging is becoming popular as well as packaging companies in Los Angeles with a mission – just like Build Industries.

What Makes a Good Product Packaging?

packaging companies in Los Angeles

Product packaging is an integral part of marketing and selling a commodity. It’s the first thing that consumers will see and it’s responsible for maintaining the quality of the item inside. Many packaging companies in Los Angeles offer a variety of materials and designs to suit every type of product.

But what makes good product packaging? If you’re planning to hire packaging services in Los Angeles, make sure that you look for the following characteristics:

A packaging that talks about your brand

It’s important that the packaging can talk about your brand, especially when it comes to cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles. On the first look, the packaging should capture the attention of the customer.

You can use your product’s packaging to include information that will help the customer come up with a purchasing decision.

It should also stand out from other products, which gives an added edge when it comes to sales.

Packaging protects your product

Of all characteristics of product packaging in Los Angeles, it should strive to protect the commodity. It should make sure that the product can endure the impact of transit, distribution, and selling. This way, your product will remain in good condition once it reaches the shelves.

The material used should be durable and in line with the standards of the packing industry. Avoid contract packaging services in Los Angeles that skimp on quality. If possible, ask for a prototype before giving it a go.

Packaging that’s cost-efficient

Aside from looking good and having excellent quality, the packaging should also be cost-efficient. This is to ensure that the manufacturer can still make a profit without passing costs onto customers.

Cost-efficiency is a big factor. A single cent can make a big difference in the production, much more so for big manufacturers that release thousands of inventories per day.

Still, cost-efficiency isn’t always about lowering the cost. It’s more about having the right balance between price and quality.

Packaging that’s sustainable

Product packaging needs to be sustainable, so the manufacturers can use it for a long time. The materials should also be easy to source and shouldn’t be damaging the environment.

Many companies are already switching to eco-friendly packaging as an effort to cut their carbon footprints. This appeals to many consumers who are starting to become aware of the potential for packaging materials to the environment.

Packaging that matches the product

It’s always important to match the material, color, and design of the packaging to your product. Cosmetics, perishable goods, and electronics all require a different approach since they have different target markets.

For this, you need packaging companies in Los Angeles like Build Industries that can design and produce a specific packaging for you. Whether it’s cosmetics, food, accessories, electronics, chinaware or anything else, we have the solutions that match your products.

Final words

Product packaging Los Angeles plays an integral part in the saleability of a specific product. It must match your product and target market. Also, you should choose a reliable packaging service for your products.

Advantages of Shrink Wrapping Equipment and Systems

shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles

Shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles are gaining popularity among manufacturers. That’s because they offer a cost-efficient way of packing products without compromising the quality of the product. Also, they tend to be more appealing to customers as it allows them to see the product through the packaging.

Packaging services in Los Angeles are also offering this method of packaging. Here are some of the advantages of shrink wrapping:

Reduced tampering

The biggest advantage of having shrink wrapping equipment and systems is that it reduces tampering of the product. Any attempt to tamper with the product will easily show, which discourages those who might otherwise try.

If you can’t procure the necessary equipment in-house, you can hire packaging services in Los Angeles to provide the shrink wrapping for you. You can also find cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles for a more tailored solution.


Shrink wrapping is a sustainable type of packaging. It can be used on almost any product, even perishable ones. It’s also versatile as it can be formed into different shapes and sizes, depending on the product’s specifications.

As a result, you no longer have to acquire new packaging equipment after a few years.

Reduced cost

Above all, shrink wrapping cuts the cost of packaging. It uses fewer materials, plus it also speeds up the process of packing the goods. In addition, since the items are shrink-wrapped, they will make up less space. This allows you to maximize storage costs and delivery fees.

The cost you saved using shrink packaging can be used to improve your products or acquire other equipment necessary for manufacturing.

Maximized space

Instead of large boxes with empty spaces, you can use shrink wrapping to maximize the space in your warehouse. Due to its compact nature, the products can be stacked tightly without damaging each other. This means you can store more products without the need to acquire an additional lease.

However, if you don’t have any storage space, you can use contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles, like Build Industries. We have large warehouses, massive manpower, and complete shrink wrapping equipment to handle your products.

Increases shelf-life of perishable goods

With the help of disabled American packaging services in Los Angeles, you can now use shrink wrapping to boost the shelf-life of your products. This translates to lower losses and higher sales on your end. Also, you can deliver the product to consumers in the best quality possible. It also boosts product reception while saving costs and improving your production.

Better branding

Shrink wrapping is a very versatile form of packaging. You can have it printed with your branding message, sales pitch, product details, and other information that will convince your customer to purchase the item.

Packaging services can also tailor it with colors, inserts, logos, photos, and more. There’s a lot that you can do with shrink wrapping with the help of shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles.

If this is something you are considering, you should hire the most reliable packaging company to do the job. At Build Industries, you’re going to get 50+ years of packing expertise while giving back to the community.

Types of Cosmetic Packaging in Los Angeles

Types of Cosmetic Packaging in Los Angeles

Cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles continues to innovate with various types of packaging. Each cosmetic product requires a particular container to retain its quality. Aside from that, packaging also plays a significant role in branding. When it comes to packaging services in Los Angeles, the following are the commonly used cosmetic packaging types:

Jars and pots

This type of container packaging is used for foundations, face creams, lotions, and gels. Usually, these jars come in 20 to 60 mm sizes, which can hold up to 250 ml of cosmetic products.

Also, pots can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit the need of the brand. It can be made of acrylic, glass, polyethylene, and others.

Sprayers and pumps

Sprayers and pumps are used often on perfume and liquid products. This type of dispenser is commonly found in skincare products with multi-layers to prevent spillage.

Usually, pumps are foamer pumps, plating pumps, and aluminium pumps. These have a metal-sheathed closure for efficient dispensing.


Vials are widely used for lip glosses and other liquid cosmetic products that should be applied in small amounts. It comes with a top cover or roller for easier application.

Cosmetic vials are cylindrical, but it can also be square, convex, and concave versions. These vials have thick walls and can contain around 5 ml to 15 ml of cosmetic content.


Tubes are typically used for gels, creams, and lotions. It’s usually the option to pack smaller amounts of products to make it more affordable than jars and pots.

It’s one of the most common cosmetic packaging due to its convenience and cost-efficiency. Tubes are semi-cylindrical, but it can also have triangular versions.


This container is used for compressed powders like blush, foundation, eye shadow, and the likes. Compacts are typically circular while it can also come in small square or rectangular shapes to create a pallet inside a bigger container.

Compacts are made of plastic since it’s lightweight and more affordable. Also, this packaging is refillable.

Wood packaging

Cosmetic product packaging in Los Angeles has adopted an eco-friendly material by using bamboo and other types of wood. This is commonly found on high-end products since sourcing the materials and producing the packaging takes more time and money.

Also, wood or bamboo packaging appeals more to consumers due to its eco-friendly image.

Airless bottles

Airless bottles are non-pressurized and are used to retain the quality of the product until it gets used up. This gives the product a longer shelf life. Also, it locks in the efficiency of the cosmetic product.

Although airless bottles can cost more, it’s a rising trend among cosmetic brands who want to switch from pressurized to non-pressurized technology.

Final words

Commercial packaging in Los Angeles has a lot to offer for cosmetic brands. Unlike other products, cosmetics imbibe creativity and beauty, which is the same thing that should be seen on its packaging. Each packaging material suits a specific type of product. Aside from picking the right material, you should also choose the right people to do the packaging job for you.

5 Questions to Ask Your Contract Packaging Company

contract packaging Los Angeles

The packaging of your product is almost as essential as the commodity itself. If you’re outsourcing your packaging needs, you have to ensure that the contract packaging services in Los Angeles you’re hiring is reliable enough. This way, you can prevent possible hiccups on your production while enjoying lower operational costs.

If you already have candidates to choose from, make sure that you ask them the following questions:

Question 1: What packaging materials do you use?

Most of the time, consumers judge your product based on their outer appearance. It’s crucial that the contract packaging service you’ll hire in Los Angeles has premium materials for packaging.

Aside from branding, the quality of the packaging will give you an idea of how long the wrapper will hold up. This is very crucial for products that will be distributed to various regions. Also, if your product is fragile, you should look for product packaging that will shield it against direct impact during transit.

Question 2: What is your current production capability?

Always size up the packaging services in Los Angeles to your packaging needs. If you’re distributing 2,000 pieces per day, the packaging service should have enough space, manpower, and equipment to keep up with the demand.

A faster turnaround time means shorter lead times. This is important if you have perishable products. Also, it’s best to hire a company that has massive production capabilities. This will make the service sustainable should you decide to expand your production.

Question 3: How long have you been in the packaging business?

The track record and experience of the packaging service will speak a lot about its work. The likes of Build Industries has been operating for over 50 years and offering contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles.

By hiring them, you’re not just getting high-quality packaging. You’re also helping them fulfill their causes of helping others in need.

Also, the length of operation of the packer will give you an idea of how stable their operations are.

Question 4: Can you store products and maintain its quality?

It’s important that the packaging service you’re hiring can take good care of your products while it’s in their custody. This is important, so your product retains its production quality as it reaches your customers.

Look for a packaging service with environment-controlled stock rooms if you have special products.

You should always check the storage conditions of the packaging service to ensure that your products are in good hands.

Question 5: How do you deal with customer service?

The packaging service should maintain open communication with their clients. This way, the flow of products will be easier to manage.

Always ask for a point of contact from the contract packaging services in Los Angeles. The company should provide regular inventory reports, order confirmations, and billing notices on time.


Contract packaging will help manufacturers cut cost while enjoying the same packaging quality. Still, they must hire reliable and competent providers that can keep up with their demands.

[Benefits of Contract Packaging] Services in Los Angeles

contract packaging services in Los Angeles

Many product manufacturers are outsourcing their packaging needs to save money while earning more. Contract packaging services in Los Angeles offer a sustainable option, especially for small brands that can’t maintain an in-house packaging department. From cosmetics to electronic items, many contract packagers are willing to provide their service for a lower cost.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles from Build Industries:

Bigger profit with less investment

Contract packaging in Los Angeles provides the manpower, material, equipment, and even logistics for the product. Manufacturers will save a lot of money by outsourcing instead of maintaining an in-house team for the same packaging quality.

The money saved from this can be channeled to product development and higher production yields. Also, manufacturers can invest the savings in expanding their company.

Fast turnaround time

Packaging services in Los Angeles have large warehouses, equipment, and staff. Since they are only focused on packaging, you can expect faster turnaround times for your product packaging.

This will decrease lead-time while reducing product spoilage for perishable goods. The packaging output will be twice faster if it’s outsourced to a third-party packer.

Optimized manufacturing resources

Many contract packaging services in Los Angeles provide added-value features like barcoding, thermoforming, and more. Acquiring the equipment for this will cost manufacturers large sums of money. Businesses can enjoy these perks without shelling out more funds if they will outsource their packing needs.

Ideal for seasonal items

Seasonal products may require special packaging design and materials. If businesses shoulder all the cost of this, it will cost more than what they’re going to pay for packaging services in Los Angeles.

It doesn’t make sense to hire more staff and purchase more equipment for products that will only be produced on a specific season per year.

More sustainable

Contract packaging provides sustainable options for both small and large businesses. Since the packaging industry is ever-evolving, brands will have one less headache if they will entrust the packing demands to a third-party provider.

Also, contract packaging services will offer more eco-friendly choices. This will help manufacturers save money while improving their brand image..

Design flexibility

Contract packers can supply design ideas for your packaging. This is crucial for cosmetic products and other creative items. You no longer have to hire designers since the packagers will provide it for you.

This lets manufacturers explore their options while having full control over the cost.

Access to the latest packaging technology

The best thing about outsourcing packaging needs is that manufacturers get access to the latest packaging technologies without acquiring the equipment on their own. Contract packagers are in competition with other providers so they always aim to offer the best packaging at the lowest possible cost.


Contract packaging brings in a lot of benefits for a business. It’s convenient, sustainable, and more efficient than maintaining an in-house packing department. Most of all, manufacturers are in full control of the cost. This is one thing that brands always aim to achieve.

Why Are Water Companies Using Aluminum Packaging?

Why Are Water Companies Using Aluminum Packaging?

More than ever, companies are opting for environmentally conscious options when it comes to packaging their products. This eco-friendly mindset has even reached the bottled water industry. Coca-Cola brand announced that their water, Dasani, would be the latest to switch to an aluminum bottle instead of the traditional plastic. These are just a few reasons why more companies are likely to follow suit and abandon plastic water bottles altogether.

Reduced Waste

Plastic bottles are one of the most abundant pollutants in the world today. Plastic microfibers have been discovered in rainwater in the Rocky Mountains and even showing up in the food supplies for some cities (via fish mostly). By switching to aluminum these companies are looking to eliminate a large contributor to this plastic pollution.

Independent Brand Competition

Smaller brands like Ever and Ever and Liquid Death are making a name for themselves with unique aluminum packaging. These brands have cut into the larger companies’ markets with consumers responding to the eco-friendly packaging and unique presentation.

Other Environmental Benefits

In addition to reduce waste, there are other benefits to manufacturing aluminum cans/bottles compared to plastic. Emissions from recycling aluminum are much lower than even the emissions from hybrid plastics that some companies are currently using. The production also yields less waste, helping to eliminate build-up/pollution issues that conventional plastics can cause.

Help Your Brand Make A Statement

Packaging liquids in aluminum cans is nothing new, soda and beer companies have been doing it for years. Yet, unconventional brands like water or sports drinks can help separate themselves from the competition while also reducing waste and pollution.

LA’s Packaging Experts

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and manpower required to service all of our clients and their packaging needs.

New Packaging Technologies That Could Change the Industry[Things to know]

Packaging companies in Los Angeles

The packaging industry is continuously evolving with the acquisition of new technologies. With the exciting innovations, contract packaging in Los Angeles is about to get better. Aside from cutting costs, it will also speed up the packaging services in Los Angeles without compromising the quality.

Here are some of the technologies you should watch out for:


Robotics are dominating various industries and they are here to level up the packaging process as well. Robotic arms can sort items for faster packaging. Platforms with robotic functions can also be programmed to navigate around the warehouse for a more straightforward inventory check.

Also, robotics can be used to transport products within the warehouse. This makes shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles faster, which will directly cut the cost of the service.

Together with human pickers, robots can be used to transport pallets of packed goods.

3D Printing

3D technology is starting to gain traction in the packaging industry. In fact, a U.S. company called SmartCups produced the “first-ever” 3D printed beverage. The 3D material is infused with energy drink ingredients. So when the user pours water, the cup will start to mix the ingredients, creating a purple-colored drink.

When it comes to packaging, this same technology can be used to create durable and unique plastic containers. This may likely innovate the cosmetic packaging as the competition for creativity remains in cut-throat condition.

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is an exciting innovation that lets producers and consumers monitor the condition of their food items. Using concealed RFID codes, the consumer can scan the signals using their smartphone or a special device. This will show the current status of their food within seconds.

The radio sensors track the food’s temperature. It’s commonly used in the pharmaceutical and beverage industry.

Smart packaging aims to reduce food wastage and protection from theft. For pharmaceuticals, it’s a genius way to prevent counterfeit and pirated versions.

Modified Air Packaging

Modified Air Packaging technology aims to preserve perishable goods by packing them with various gasses. The moment a vegetable, fruit, or meat is harvested, it will start to deteriorate. Instead of using artificial preservatives, Modified Air Packaging will inject gasses inside the packaging to hinder the growth of harmful microbes.

These gasses could be argon, nitrous oxide, hydrogen, and more. The aim is to remove large amounts of oxygen that will start the spoilage of the food item.

Anti-Microbial Packaging

Like Modified Air Packaging, the Anti-Microbial Packaging aims to extend the shelf-life of the perishable goods. A company called Parx Plastic was able to produce anti-microbial plastic that reduces bacterial buildup by 99% within the first 24 hours of use.

The company used Zinc instead of artificial chemicals. This reduces food wastage while improving food quality.

Other companies are using fruit extracts and other natural substances to fight the buildup of microbes on packed food items.


Packaging companies in Los Angeles can start adapting these innovations to provide more efficient services. In the technology era, even packaging services should keep up. These technologies help cut costs while extending the lifespan of the items.

Why More Companies Are Saying No To Clamshell Packaging

Why More Companies Are Saying No To Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging has been voted the worst packaging design ever, and thousands of people seek medical treatment each year for cuts and injuries sustained while opening clamshell packages. Yet, there are still hundreds of items across store shelves that use clamshell packaging. This may not last much longer. Many companies such as Amazon are taking great strides to eliminate this annoying and cumbersome packaging once and for all.

Why Clamshells Are So Widely Used

Despite being a hassle for consumers to open, stores still turn to clamshells for a variety of reasons like:

  • Product is visible on both sides
  • Can be hung or freestanding
  • Much harder to shoplift
  • Lighter than cardboard
  • Cheaper to make
  • Durable

So What’s The Problem?

The biggest issue with clamshells is that they aren’t collected to be recycled. Despite being made from PET plastic, which is highly recyclable, clamshells aren’t being collected at the same rate as other recyclables. The other issue is that when they are collected for recycling, they often can’t be sorted out from other materials.

Starting this August, Amazon will be raising waste-efficient packaging standards for all vendors on the site. This includes no clamshells or other plastic packages for medium or large-sized products or they will be charged $1.99 per package. These restrictions are meant to help improve recycling efforts and to reduce the high amounts of waste that plastic packaging contributes annually.

If you’re looking for alternative packaging options, the team at Build Rehabilitation in Los Angeles is here to help.

Packaging Done Right

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and manpower required to service all of our clients and their packaging needs.

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