The Pet Economy Is Booming Because Of Subscription-Based Services

The Pet Economy Is Booming Because Of Subscription-Based Services

Businesses and corporations that offer a monthly subscription type of product have seen a major boom in 2018 with no signs of slowing down in 2019.

From grooming items to cosmetic products, monthly subscription-based products are a very hot commodity. With this being said, one such niche market that is rapidly growing is the pets-related subscription market.

American consumers are prioritizing convenience above all else, and it only makes sense that this consuming habit would make its way down to pets. Some of the products that are being sent to pet owners for their furry friends include treats, snacks, healthy foods, toys and more. 

Why is the subscription-based model growing?

In addition to convenience, the subscription model is growing because it oftentimes lends itself to customizability. Now, not every item and every service can be customized, but most of them come with a variety of different options. For example, most subscription-based services/products offer different color schemes, an emphasis on one item over others, and so on. Netflix at one time was a completely subscription-based service with their customers only receiving DVDs in the mail (eventually Netflix would start streaming movies, but their subscription model is almost entirely how they make money).

With this being said, if you offer a direct to consumer product, you might want to consider offering a subscription-based product (if it makes financial sense).

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have the space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs.

Will Simplified Packaging Continue To Grow In Popularity?

Will Simplified Packaging Continue To Grow In Popularity

If you’ve paid attention to the products that are on the shelves of supermarkets and big box stores, you’ve most likely noticed that the packaging/boxes for items and products are becoming simpler and have less cluttered designs.

It’s unknown if this trend will continue, but as of this moment, products’ packaging and boxing are moving towards simple and less complicated looks.

Complex and bright packaging aren’t going to become extinct

With that being said, colorful boxes and packaging isn’t totally non-existent and aren’t exclusively moving in that direction.

In some cases, simplified packaging can attract consumers, but in other situations, it could create an uphill battle for brands, says Jacqui Dawson, creative director with The Content Crew, which provides marketing and branding services to businesses. “Simplified packaging works for products bought online and by subscription, or for products you already know you like and want to buy in bulk or regularly,” Dawson says. However, branded, well-designed and attractive packaging can entice shoppers to discover new products, she adds.

Case in point: The founders of better-for-you pancake and waffle brand Birch Benders defied the simplification trend and debuted packaging that has bright colors and multiple images. “While our packaging breaks all of the rules of the current trend — it’s busy, it’s not minimalist, there’s a lot going on — people love it,” co-founder Lizzi Ackerman told Entrepreneur. “You don’t always have to follow the rules.”

In some cases, packages that have a lot of graphics and information on them may be telling you more about the product, allowing the company to use the package as a marketing and sales vehicle. “So any money saved on packaging if you go simple has to be put into initial promotion and marketing so people will buy into the brand before using it,” Dawson said.

What’s inside really does count

When shoppers are browsing the grocery aisles, if they don’t know anything about the different types of products, they’ll usually opt for the one that is most visually appealing to them, which depends on the shopper’s personal preferences. However, when they get that product home, it’s what’s inside that matters and the packaging becomes much less important.

“Anyone developing a product is obviously trying to make it commercially viable and something people will want to buy more than once, especially in the food and beverage market,” Dawson said. “If it’s not a good product, no amount of good design is going to fix sales numbers in the long term.”

Therefore, manufacturers should ensure that the product itself is perfect before they put it on shelves since consumers will be judging its quality long after they’ve been drawn in by the packaging.

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs.

Importance of Cosmetic Packaging in Los Angeles [Things to Know]

cosmetic packaging Los Angeles

Packaging plays an important part in the saleability of a product – more so for cosmetic goods. Since this is a business of aesthetic, it’s just right that manufacturers pay equal attention to the material that encases their commodity. For those who don’t have the resources, services for cosmetic packaging Los Angeles will be a big help.

As you know, the market is flooded of all cosmetic products anyone can think of. From lipsticks to setting powders, a manufacturer should know how to stand out to make a sale. That would be close to impossible if the first selling factor isn’t utilized.

To give you an idea, here are some key advantages of excellent product packaging Los Angeles has to offer:

Safety for your customers

Cosmetic products require a high level of quality control. Since these would be directly applied to the skin of the consumer, it should be safe to use. Aside from the formulation, packaging becomes a game changer here. If the container where the product is stored doesn’t meet the industry standards, both the quality and reputation of the manufacturer would be on the wringer. Product packaging in Los Angeles will prevent contamination, hazard risks, and potential damages during transit.

The embodiment of your product

Cosmetic items are intended to accentuate the beauty of the users. If it’s wrapped in low quality plastic containers and cheap boxes, who would want to purchase it? This is the reason why the packaging should always embody what’s inside. Besides, your consumer will first judge the commodity as how they see it from the outside. You have to make sure that it’s attractive enough to convince them to add it to their cart.

Standing out among competitors

Companies offering cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles will provide you with various packaging prototypes for your product. This way, you can pick one that suits your brand. It has to be unique and it has to pique the interest of the consumers. Remember, you’re competing with hundreds – or thousands – of other cosmetic companies. You should use every edge you can get for your advantage.

Packaging that suits the item

Your packaging should always fit your target market. If you’re selling women’s cologne, the print of the box should be directed to the consumer. The same goes for products intended for men. Aside from the demographics of your customer, the product should also be packed on a container that suits its purpose. Will it be easy to use if placed on a plastic container? Is the cologne bottle easy to pump?

Latest packaging trend

Many cosmetic companies have devised various gimmicks for their product packaging in Los Angeles. Being in the hook on the latest product trend will help you compete with the top brands. For example, many of the top shelf cosmetic brands are transitioning to twist tubes from the traditional compact. Since this packaging offers more control and ease of application, consumers are apt to invest in such products.

Getting cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles that is safe to use is a priority. You should also consider the quality and how it will be used for your brand’s benefit.

[The Guide] to the Benefits of Commercial Packaging in Los Angeles

Commercial Packaging in Los Angeles

The packaging of a product says a lot about the quality of the commodity. If it looks worn out and unsightly, the customer will doubt the credibility of the product inside. This is the reason why reliable commercial packaging Los Angeles is indispensable.

According to the government, Los Angeles is one of the biggest manufacturing centers across the country. And with the competition alive and bustling, there’s no doubt that even a tiny detail on the packaging will make a massive difference.

A lot of business owners pack their own goods. Although many of them do it right, a huge part of their resources is wasted on a task that could be simply outsourced. With that, here are some of the benefits of availing packaging services Los Angeles:

Better product performance

As the product moves across the supply chain, it’s passed on different trucks and warehouses. If the packaging is of low quality, it will soon sustain damages. The product will be damaged even before it reaches the retailers and the consumers. By availing the service of packaging experts, business owners will be assured that their goods are sealed in containers that last long.

Tailored to your business needs

Many manufacturers are too busy improving the quality of their products that they miss to innovate their packaging. Though the impact isn’t colossal, poor packaging will smack their sales. Commercial packaging Los Angeles has been booming and hiring an expert will make the job easier. Packaging companies will know how to tailor their service to meet your business’ needs – whatever industry you’re in.

Innovative solution

Is your packaging the same one you’re using for the past 20 years? There’s nothing wrong about having a signature look, but it will be beneficial to explore innovative options. The means of product distribution has changed over the decades and it’s just right that your wrapping should keep up. Availing the service of packaging designers will allow you to explore tons of options.

Higher sales

With your product secured during transit, you’ll record lower losses and higher sales. The appearance isn’t the only one that’s at stake here; the quality is also a key factor. Once it reaches the sellers, the goods are retail-ready, not to mention the low landed cost. When you calculate all that, it will translate to all-time high income. It’s one thing that makes packaging services Los Angeles worth the investment.

Consumer satisfaction

The life force of every business is customer satisfaction. When the customers are happy with what they get, they will continue to patronize the commodity. Aside from making your product appealing, it also retains the quality it bears after it exited the factory. Good reviews will never lie about your company and you can expect more customers coming in.

Commercial packaging Los Angeles is always there when you need it. For businesses that do not have the resources to maintain an in-house packaging team, outsourcing it would be more convenient and cost-efficient. Aside from that, the manpower will be more focused on improving product quality.

Paper Packaging Market To Grow Substantially Through 2027

Paper Packaging Market To Grow Substantially Through 2027

The world is rapidly changing, and the global economy is changing and growing at a rate that is unprecedented.

With that said — there are still a number of industries and products that might be thought of to be legacy items but are anything but, and are actually going to see substantial growth for the next ten years.

One such industry and product that is going to see a good amount of growth is the paper packaging market.

According to the Future Gadgets,

“Paper packaging market is a traditional market. It contributes more than 30% to overall packaging market share and dominates other packaging domains. In 2016 overall market size of paper packaging was estimated to be $243 Billion and forecasted to reach $450 Billion by 2027. Paper packaging market is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 7%. Paper packaging is used in variety of applications ranging from food & beverages to pharmaceuticals to cosmetics. Different grades of papers and products are used in packaging. Paper packaging is the most preferred packaging among all other types of packaging, because of its lightweight and flexible features. In heavy-duty packaging paper packaging is not the suitable or preferred packaging. Paper packaging is majorly used as a tertiary packaging.

Paper packaging: Market Dynamics

Paperboard is estimated to be the fastest growing product segment with estimated growth rate of 7.5% among all other product segments of paper packaging. APAC region leads the paper packaging market (estimated revenue share of 35%). Europe region follows APAC, North America follows Europe. The demand in APAC is driven by India & China. The carton board market is dominated by European paper packaging manufacturers because of lack of facility and capacity in APAC region. Flexible plastics packaging is posing a tough competition to paper packaging.

Rising oil prices work in favor of paper packaging market, but in recent times the oil prices are so volatile and declining due to over production and over supply. The rise in the number of hypermarkets and supermarkets is influencing the growth of the paper packaging market. A rapidly growing organized retail sector is leading to rise in demand of food & beverages and other. Paper packaging not only helps retail stores to pack the food but also to protect and maintain nutritional values.

Global paper packaging market is consolidating to gain new capacities, expertise and new markets. Major M&A deals happened in 2016. Clearwater Paper Corporation has acquired Manchester Industries of Richmond, Virginia, from PaperWorks Industries, an integrated full-service packaging provider for a purchase price of $68.25 million Mondi Group has acquired 100% of the outstanding share capital of LLC Beepack from a private investor for a consideration of RUB 2,825 million (EUR41 million) on a debt-and-cash-free basis. Packaging Corporation of America acquired Columbus Container, Inc., an independent corrugated products producer in a cash-free, debt-free transaction of $100 million.”

Economists and investors will be paying close attention to the paper packaging industry, and from now until 2027, this industry is bound to pay out dividends for the foreseeable future.

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs.

The Holidays, Packaging, And Sales

The Holidays, Packaging, And Sales

The holidays are just around the corner and that means that annual consumer spending is about to dramatically spike.

Although consumers spend more at this time of the year than at any other point, for businesses that sell packaged items, the task of getting consumers to actually purchase a packaged good still remains. There are a variety reasons for this, amongst those being the graphic design of the package itself, and the allure of the product.

Consumers make impulse purchasing decisions in about 1/3 of a second, meaning that customers make their impulse purchasing decisions purely based on how attractive the package for that product looks. What this means is that businesses can excel in selling their products — if the packaging is done right, conversely, they might struggle to sell their product(s) if the packaging doesn’t connect with the consumer.

Package design and the holidays

The holidays are a busy time for most Americans, and most people are looking for products that can make their holiday and purchasing experience easier. A study by the Flexible Packaging Association found that 14% of consumers would pay more money for products that they can reseal. Being able to reclose a product helps to preserve its freshness, and it helps most people when gift wrapping comes along.

Consumers desire products that are reusable/refillable; for example, candy dishes. Until very recently, the only way that consumers could keep certain items fresh was through press-to-close zippers. Now, through new innovations (such as small-sized sliders), keeping food items fresh isn’t as much of a task it was once.

As the holidays rapidly approach, consider this, every item, product, or good that you purchase at the store comes in a package that was meticulously worked on, approved of, and market-researched.

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs.

[How Contract Packaging Supports] Effective Retail Fulfillment

Contract Packaging Services In Los Angeles

The retail industry is bustling and the growing demand makes it even more competitive. Businesses choose to outsource a part of their production to third party companies. With the recent technology and fine-tuned experience, 3PL companies allow faster and free shipping, not to mention lower overhead costs. Contract packaging services in Los Angeles are just a few of the third-party providers that help other business catch up with the supply chain’s state of flux.

But how does it actually work on the bigger picture? Packaging companies in Los Angeles usually do the following:

Accommodate order flexibility

Compared to maintaining an in-house packaging system, contract packaging companies can handle bigger orders. This is a crucial aspect, especially for companies who are always under high demand and strict deadlines. The orders will be sent to the warehouse of the packaging company for faster picking and packing as the orders stream. Also, this means reducing space requirements inside the production house where quality maintenance can be a pain.

Outsourcing the packaging and delivery of goods will ensure that order surges are handled well.

Transparency within the supply chain

Retail fulfillment nowadays uses automated systems to track products that circulate in the supply chain. An experienced 3PL provider can do this with precision and speed – the two most important foundations of distribution. Large companies use the RFID technology to track the products without having to count it manually. It speeds up delivery while utilizing time and resources on other logistical tasks. With the products arriving on time, the business will experience more sales.

Larger profit margins

Inventory management doesn’t just consume endless hours when doing it in-house. It also eats up resources and piles up expenses in the maintenance of equipment and additional personnel. This is what contract packaging companies solve. 3PL providers have more purchasing power. They can secure bigger discounts which they can pass on to retailers. These savings translate to larger profit margins among retail partners; a good sign of business and patronization. Not to mention the performance of best practices, availing contract packaging Los Angeles style will be cost-efficient.

Better customer experience

The packaging of the product sets the first impression among buyers. The easier it is to open without sacrificing quality, the better. Many consumers demand packaging that is child-proof, especially for pharmaceuticals products. Aside from securing the goods inside, the packaging is also an excellent avenue to improve branding awareness. Contract packaging companies who can come up with creative designs that will enhance customer experience is the best to partner with. Enjoyable unboxing is a thing nowadays; contact packaging can make it work to your advantage.

More options, lower cost

The most experienced packaging companies in Los Angeles deal with shipping carriers that charge based on the dimensional weight of the products. Instead of charging based on the space that the products occupy, dimensional weight takes into account the weight in relation to the occupied space. Retailers who outsource their packaging will likely enjoy this benefit, especially if they are shipping large quantities.

By using the best contract packaging services in Los Angeles, retail fulfillment shouldn’t be a burden to businesses.

Automated Packaging Systems Is Offering A New Line Of Wide Bag Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems Is Offering A New Line Of Wide Bag Packaging Systems

The world of packaging, manufacturing, and warehousing is rapidly evolving and changing. As globalization continues to become more and more prominent and as technology continues to impact the economy, the world of warehousing and packaging are keeping pace with the changes that are going on in order to remain at the forefront of a growing and diversifying economy.

Build Rehabilitation Industries has built up a reputation for embracing and utilizing technological innovations in the warehousing world.

Automated Packaging Systems has recently announced a new line of wide bag packaging systems.

According to a press release published by

“Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in high-reliability bagging systems, has introduced two new Autobag® bag packaging systems with advanced engineering technology for flexibility and efficiency in large bag applications. The new Autobag® 600™ and Autobag® 650™ Wide Bagging Systems will accommodate a range of Autobag® bags-on-a-roll and bags-in-a-box material up to 16 inches wide by 27 inches long.

Autobag 600 and Autobag 650 Wide Bag Packaging Systems

The Autobag 600 is a semi-automatic filling and sealing machine designed for packaging large products at speeds up to 65 bags per minute. An innovative engineering design has eliminated the need for light curtains or double-palm switches, while the adjustable six-inch pass-through enables faster, more efficient cycle times.

The Autobag 650 is the same wide bagging system with a fully-integrated next-bag-out printer that eliminates the need for a separate labeling operation, increasing speed and accuracy in mail order ecommerce, prescription-by-mail, catalog order fulfillment, and frequent changeover, variable data applications. The Autobag 650 prints and packs at speeds up to 40 bags per minute.

These baggers include an AutoTouch™ Control Screen that provides quick and easy access to job storage and recall, onboard diagnostics and productivity monitoring. The Autobag 600 and Autobag 650 can also be networked for full pack station integration and central monitoring. Both baggers feature an open design with fewer moving parts for longer life and ease of maintenance. Plus, the Autobag 600 and Autobag 650 easily integrate with Autobag and third-party equipment for fully automatic bag packaging operations.

About Automated Packaging Systems
Automated Packaging Systems has been designing and manufacturing original Autobag®, AirPouch®, and SidePouch® systems and products for over 50 years. With more than 30,000 packaging systems in operation and a worldwide service organization, Automated Packaging Systems has the experience and support to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Automated Packaging Systems offers a complete line of baggers, void-fill and protective packaging systems, stretch sleeve labels, thermal transfer imprinters, counters, scales, and specialty packaging materials. Complete information is available at the company’s website.”

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs.

[5 Benefits] of Shrink Wrap Product Packaging

product packaging Los Angeles

Shrink wrap packaging is used in a wide range of industries with food production as one of the prominent users. It uses soft plastic sheets to cover the product using heat and other machinery. The plastic wraps tightly on the product regardless of its shape in order to extend shelf-life and maintain the quality. These advantages of shrink wrapping make it an in-demand solution for businesses.

True enough, here are some of the benefits that packaging companies in Los Angeles love about this method of wrapping.

Product quality

When the plastic material wraps tightly on the product, it creates an almost vacuum-like condition that maintains the freshness of the goods. It prevents high levels of oxygen from being stuck inside which is the leading cause of rotting among perishable items. And when products are fresh for a long time, less effort and resources will be needed for its replacement and production. It’s one of the reasons why shrink wrap packaging is best used for food, pharmaceuticals, and other ingested products.

product packaging Los Angeles

Utilized storage

Excessive storage is added expenses on logistics. Instead of using boxes and clamshells, shrink wraps are excellent alternatives if a business wants to save money from freight costs and storage. This is without sacrificing the quality of their products. Also, multiple products can be wrapped together like soda bottles, spray cans, and cup noodles. Aside from saving space, the packaged products will also weigh lighter so businesses can save more from distribution costs.

Low cost

Start-ups who are a bit cash-strapped in terms of production will benefit from using shrink wrap packaging. The plastic material used in this process is cheaper than purchasing carton boxes and hard plastic encasements. Another thing is that production is faster with shrink wrapping which directly translates to utilized manpower. This method of packaging will directly reduce the cost of production, distribution, and the end cost of the goods.

Durable and versatile

Although it doesn’t look as thick as other packaging, shrink wraps hold well on the product. If done well, the packaging will not wither or puncture easily even if stacked in several layers. The good thing about shrink wrapping is it’s easy to detect whether a distributor tampered with the product. Any sign of punctures or tears on the packaging will become obvious. It’s an added security to the quality of the product.

Shrink packaging is very versatile that it can be used across a variety of products. It’s an excellent choice for general merchandisers who are dealing with a wide range of goods.

Added aesthetics

Since the packaging is clear, buyers have the chance to check the quality of the product. This is very effective for perishable items like vegetables and fruits. Customers are more likely to purchase a product that they can scrutinize closely instead of counterparts packed in boxes and opaque materials.

Businesses will also enjoy the benefit of marketing since the plastic material can be printed without affecting the visibility of the item.

Shrink wrapping will likely benefit your business too like how it works well on packaging companies in Los Angeles.

Packaging Experts Praise Amazon’s New Incentive Program

Packaging Experts Praise Amazon’s New Incentive Program

Amazon has recently announced a new, innovative program called the “Amazon Incentive Program”. Basically, this program is geared towards certified Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) on certain products sold by Amazon.

This news has been met with positive responses by packaging pundits and analysts.

Here are some quotes by experts in the field regarding the Amazon Incentive Program:

Brian Wagner, co-founder and principal, PTIS LLC: “We have worked with clients to develop holistic ecommerce and omni-channel packaging strategies. This fast-growing channel is driving and will drive packaging, automation and supply chain innovation, to cut waste and improve margins for all across the entire value chain. We also provide consulting advice, design and opportunities for Amazon FFP and SIOC [Ships in Own Container].

Some thoughts on the new incentive program:

  • Consumers will love it and should help to centralize waste for collection, so that is good.
  • Amazon’s timing seems a bit aggressive, so we assume it will be phased in.
  • Directives like the Walmart Scorecard and item level RFID [radio frequency identification] set a bad precedence, and didn’t work. However, mandating concentrated liquid laundry detergent made a truly positive impact. Amazon’s directive is consumer and cost driven.
  • This will likely be the ‘kickstart’ that many companies needed to truly design packaging for the ecommerce channel. Many have been using the exact same package format they use in retail and simply let Amazon rebox the product.
  • This could really have a dramatic change on package design—elimination of windows and cut outs, for example. Do you put the nice graphics on the inside of the box instead to delight the consumer upon opening?
  • This could have a dramatic effect on Amazon’s shipping costs—no longer shipping a box in another box.
  • There will be lots of pressure to get certified FFP based on the timing—labs will be busy!
  • Timing could be tough—many packages have been designed for retail, but not the rigors of single-unit direct-to-consumer shipping. Impacts could be pretty large based on which categories are selected by Amazon.
  • This is just the start. I can see this (Amazon’s ecommerce pack) becoming a standard package format in every company’s product portfolio as Amazon expands this to other categories. If you’re not impacted today, I’d take the time to start thinking about how you would achieve FFP certification and protect your product for direct-to-consumer shipping (which is likely for products and SKUs [stock-keeping units] over a certain size).
  • Packages that are easier for consumers will generate positive reviews, and will ultimately lead to more package recycling.
  • Be sure to use How2Recycle labeling to communicate to the consumer!”

Matt Dingee, co-founder and COO OnPoint2020: “The Amazon news is a big step and I think will be a pivotal moment for brands and packaging in ecommerce. Although it has flashbacks to Walmart, I think it will have a more powerful outcome for two reasons.

First, the mindset will change for brands to truly meet FFP compliance. Brands that take this to heart will necessarily engage experts and packaging ideas from all over to meet the Amazon guidelines. During this process, brands will discover that there are many sustainability and business benefits beyond compliance. As a result, brand mindset toward packaging design for ecommerce (Amazon) will be elevated.

Second, FFP is primarily of direct benefit to the consumer. So the outcome is not actually serving Amazon or some subjective metric, but the consumer directly. The brand now has an opportunity to improve packaging and product design for a customer ecommerce experience!”

David Luttenberger, global packaging director, Mintel: “You drew a parallel between WalMart’s Scorecard and Amazon’s FFP certification program. I believe what Amazon is doing is very different and is being received by vendors in a totally positive light. Amazon is incentivizing CPG [consumer packaged goods] vendors and training them to create more environmentally responsible packaging, which in and of itself will save them money and create supply chain efficiencies. At the same time, it’s enabling them to retain proprietary branding while creating a more cost- and logistics-efficient system in which to sell and profitably compete.

Mintel is now qualified as an APASS certified consultant, having gone through the training at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters. It’s eye-opening to see the ISTA6 testing protocols Amazon has developed and to witness real testing in person. Amazon tests packages and products to the worst-case scenario, the outcome of which is two-fold. First, it ensures that a consumer will receive products and packages that are undamaged and which reflect the equity of the brand. That is critical to a successful ecommerce experience for the consumer. Second, it will significantly reduce costs to Amazon for damaged and returned goods, which in turn will help it keep its overall costs of fulfillment and distribution as low as possible.

Finally, it’s interesting—and totally believable once you experience it first-hand—but Amazon considers itself to be a sustainability company, not an ecommerce retailer or logistics/distribution company. Everything it does reflects that mindset, and its package testing protocol is just one facet of a multi-faceted plan to prove that day by day, package by package.”

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs.

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