June 27, 2017 Build’s Board of Directors discussed the following topics:

  • Build CEO Matt Lynch introduced Karl Pawlik as Build’s new Director of Entrepreneurial Services.  The Board was excited about the prospect of Karl’s joining the company and the possible growth of entrepreneurial ventures to employ our clients.
  • Matt provided the Board with an update of the current status of the Chatsworth Work Source center and the good news that the Work Source is fully funded and suffered no cuts.
  • Matt gave the Board an update on the Ebay program, which will be a program in which 3 clients will work in an enclave to manage the Ebay sale of surplus items and inventory.
  • The CEO also reported that he may be seeking the assistance of a professional grant writing service, and is currently fielding suggestions regarding potential grant proposals.
  • Mr Lynch informed the Board that Build had hired a new independent Living Skills department manager and that his employment will commence this same week.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors continued the discussion about various refinance options available for the properties in Sylmar and Burbank.  The Board ultimately granted Matt the authority to take all measures necessary to secure a favorable re-financing, including switching of financial institutions, if deemed necessary.
  • Matt announced to the Board that he hosted a meeting at Build with Senator Kamala Harris’ field representative, Brent Robinson.  Mr Robinson toured the Sylmar facility and spoke with Matt, Pat and Joel about issues related to employment and service needs of the intellectually disabled and the specific needs of the programs that provide service to the IDD populations.


May 23, 2017, Build’s Board discussion topics

*BUILD CEO, Matt Lynch examined the project for canning craft beer for local microbreweries.  Matt distributed an informational packet containing financial projections and expectations

*Matt discussed the conference he attended in Sacramento and some of the key takeaways from the event including the consistently increasing intellectually and developmentally disabled population in California, and the fact that “On the job” training is allowed for SEP clients..

*Matt also notified the Board of the federal government’s postponement of the implementation of the CMS final rule.  It was initially slated to begin on March 17, 2019, and that date has now been pushed back to March 17, 2022.

*Matt introduced the new flyer which has been produced to help promote the partnership between the Build Work Source and Los Angeles Pierce College, in which Build Work Source personnel will maintain a presence on the college campus to help with the Work Source recruiting process.

*Mr. Lynch also announced to the Board that Build had found a new provider of SEP/PPC services.

*Matt informed the Board that there is a building in San Fernando which may be a good prospect for purchase, and that he intends to further research this project.

Dedicated Build Employee and Friend Patti Cooper Abbott Dies

Patti Cooper Abbott

Patti Cooper, Build Rehabilitation IndustriesDear friends,

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I, on behalf of myself and Build Rehabilitation Industries, announce the passing of Patti Cooper Abbott, a friend and employee.

Patti was my friend for over 38 years and a Build employee numerous times during those years, including the last six years of her career where she served as our Director of Support Services. During her time at Build, Patti was dedicated to ensuring that developmentally disabled adults were given every possible opportunity to achieve their individual employment goals. Patti’s love for life and tireless efforts empowered our clients to become more independent and productive members of our community.

Patti Cooper Abbott is survived by her husband Tony Abbott and her children Paul and Brandon, along with lots of sisters and grandchildren.

Celebration of Life services for Patti will be held in Temecula on Saturday, February 18 and in Idyllwild on Sunday, February 26. Specific locations and times for these services will be widely communicated when finalized.

In lieu of flowers, Tony and Patti’s family ask that donations be made in her name to Build Rehabilitation Industries. You may donate to Build by clicking on the following PayPal button or mail your donation directly – address below.

Please make your check payable to Build Rehabilitation Industries and send it to our corporate address:

c/o Patti Cooper Abbott Memorial
Build Rehabilitation Industries
12432 Foothills Blvd.
Sylmar, CA 91342


Thank you for your support of Build Rehabilitation Industries and please join all of us at Build as we pray for peace upon Patti’s family.


With gratitude,
Matt Lynch
CEO, Build Rehabilitation Industries


Build Rehabilitation Industries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in the San Fernando Valley. Over the last four decades, Build has served more than 8,000 adults with disabilities, setting them on a path to greater independence and a better way of life through their participation in our various programs.

Build Rehabilitation Industries
Federal Tax ID Number: 95-2483215

October 2016 Newsletter

Client Holiday Party Date

Build CEO Matt Lynch notified the Board of Directors that the Client Holiday Party has been scheduled for Friday, December 16th, and will be held at the company headquarters in Sylmar.


Refinance Building in Sylmar

The Board of Directors approved the CEO’s motion to refinance the building in Sylmar in an effort to reduce the interest rate eighty-five basis points from its current rate of 5.4% down to 4.55%.


Strategic Plan, Program Evaluation, and Outcomes Report

The Board elected to review the annual Strategic Plan, Program Evaluation, and Outcomes Report during their next retreat, which will take place shortly after the CARF survey.


Los Angeles Pierce College

Build CEO Matt Lynch introduced a tentative agreement with Los Angeles Pierce College to allow the company to have a tent/information booth on the college’s campus to promote the WorkSource Center. Build will be requesting twenty-seven thousand dollars to cover the company’s costs associated with the campus presence.


Automatic Front Door

Build CEO Matt Lynch also notified the Board that due to funding from a grant, Build had new automatic front doors installed at the company headquarters in Sylmar.


New Receptionist

Build CEO Matt Lynch notified the Board that Build had hired a new receptionist for its front office in Sylmar.


Build Rehabilitation Industries Corporate Retreat

The Board was also apprised of the location and date of the company’s next staff retreat/training held on October 10th. The retreat will take place at the Best Western Conference Center located at the Winnetka Bowling Alley.


Liability Insurance

Build CEO Matt Lynch indicated to the Board that he was unsatisfied with the rising costs associated with the company’s current Liability Insurance and that he intends to look for a new carrier during the next renewal period.


Steve Rosen

Build CEO Matt Lynch and Board agreed to seek the services of Steve Rosen for the next audit.


Build Art Show

The President informed the Board of Directors of the date and time of Build’s 4th Annual Art Show, which will be held on November 18th from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. in the main conference room.


2015 Workman’s Comp Audit

Matt discussed the results of the 2015 Workman’s Comp Audit, in which it was initially thought that Build would owe $26,000. However, Build Finance Manager Gary Olsen reviewed it and discovered that Build is actually owed $3,300.

November 2016 Newsletter

Holiday Staff Gift

Build CEO Matt Lynch and the Board of Directors decided to increase the Staff Holiday Gift this year to allow for a $35 gift card to Trader Joe’s.


Refinancing Sylmar Building

CEO Matt Lynch kept the Board of Director’s apprised of the process underway to refinance the Sylmar building. He notified them that he is awaiting a decision from the bank.


Build Rehabilitation Industries Annual Retreat

CEO Matt Lynch informed the Board that the Company’s Annual Retreat held on October 10th was a great success and that seventy-eight staff personnel participated in CARF mandated annual training.


Open Positions at Build

The Board was notified of several unfilled positions within the company, and that as a result, CEO Matt Lynch posted job openings on the employment website: indeed.com. Consequently, Matt convened open interviews on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.


Company Medical Insurance

CEO Matt Lynch told the Board of Directors that he would be receiving medical insurance quotes for the coming year. He also reminded the Board that the company is bracing for increased medical insurance costs which have been forecasted as much as 25% higher during the coming calendar year.


San Fernando Building Issues

CEO Matt Lynch made the Board cognizant of the structural problems associated with the building in San Fernando. He also informed the Board that he is in the process of negotiating with the building owner to determine which repairs should be completed by the owner and which repairs should be completed by Build.


Work Source Center

CEO Matt Lynch stated that he is in the process of searching for a smaller and more compact facility site for the Work Source Center since the lease will be up with Marie McGinley in October of 2017. The two tenants who had previously occupied the second floor are now gone.


New Company Website

The Board was informed that the company’s new website is getting very close to completion and that Matt will be viewing a draft of the new site, prior to launch. The Board expressed much interest in seeing the new site once it is launched.

Winner at Art Show

The Board voted, and chose the winner of the best poster submitted by clients who entered the annual Art Show.


Minimum Wage Increase

CEO Matt Lynch and the Board also discussed the pending Minimum Wage increases at the state and municipal levels, including the fact that the Los Angeles minimum wage will be increasing to $12.00 per hour on July 01, 2017.


June 2016 Newsletter

California Assembly Bill 2582

Build CEO Matt Lynch discussed California Assembly Bill 2582, introduced by California Assembly Member Brian Maienschein. Lynch talked about the potential opportunities this Bill would provide Build and other social services agencies across California who provide work training services to the disabled. The bill proposes that an agency be able to receive a tax credit amounting to the difference between the individual hourly rate a client should be receiving based upon individual productivity and the actual minimum wage. Read more

July 2015 Newsletter

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Build Industries board of directors discussed the following matters:

  • The Board of Directors completed their annual review of the authorized powers vested in Build’s President and CEO.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors also acquainted themselves with Build’s newest Board member: John Brooks. Brooks, who is a CPA, oversaw the growth and successful development of the Trinity School in Santa Clarita, where he is the Chief Financial Officer. Build’s Board of Directors voted and elected Mr. Brooks to be the Board’s next treasurer.
  • Build President and CEO, Matt Lynch discussed the departure of one of Build’s primary managers: Patty Cooper. Ms. Cooper will be relocating and will be leaving her position as manager of Support Services, which is comprised of the SEP and ILS departments. In Patty’s absence, the SEP and ILS programs will resume their separation, in which each department was managed by a separate program manager.
  • Executive assistant, Francine Leon has taken on the project of applying for a grant with the Department of Water and Power to fund the removal of the front lawn at the company headquarters in Sylmar. The initial plan was to replace the lawn with a garden. However, according to Mrs. Leon drought related stipulations would require that the garden only be comprised of drought resistant plants.
  • Another key item of discussion centered on the impending municipal efforts to significantly increase the minimum wage. President Lynch notified the Board that the city of Los Angeles plans to institute a minimum wage increase which will require that all employers in the city pay each employee a minimum of $15 per hour by the year 2020. The Board also discussed key components of the ordinance and the effect it will have on the prevailing wage, which is the basis used to establish wages paid to clients in the Work Activity Program. The Board and CEO also discussed ways that Build can remain viable and competitive during such wage mandates, including the possibility of only hiring part time employees, going forward.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors discussed the current vacancy at the Chatsworth WorkSource center and efforts to find a new tenant. There had been an initial agreement reached with a new prospective tenant, but the prospect has not yet provided a final response and follow-up. In the past, President Lynch has also mentioned the possibility of listing the space for as low as 50 cents per square foot to help ensure that the location is attractive to potential lessees.
  • Build CEO and President Matt Lynch, also discussed the renewal of Build’s contract with its corporate auditor. Mr. Lynch also discussed his recent initiative to encourage the auditor to amend the company’s federal and state income taxes, which resulted in a refund of an additional $6500 to the company.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors were also happy to announce that the ongoing legal issues with Build’s previous worker’s compensation insurance provider had been finalized and resolved.
  • The Board had a conversation about Build’s potential proposal for an increase in funding, since this year’s state budget offers no increased funding for programs that serve the intellectually disabled.
  • Build Chatsworth WorkSource center manager, Leonel Fuentes, has written a grant for neighborhood improvements. The grant was for ten thousand dollars. If secured, the grant would be sufficient to fund automatic door openers at the Chatsworth Work Source Center.
  • Mr. Lynch also discussed the annual Small Business Breakfast coordinated by the San Fernando Valley United Chambers of Commerce. President Lynch also discussed his contact with a Wells Fargo executive, who was one of the event’s esteemed awards of recognition recipients. Build and Wells Fargo are now entertaining the idea of a corporate alliance, and an ongoing business relationship, aimed at helping distribute Build’s Good Samaritan kits to help the homeless.
  • The 9th District Court of Appeals’ has decided to rescind the law which mandated that vendored programs in California observe 14 holidays annually. The law’s repeal will also mean that California programs, for the disabled, will no longer be forced to subscribe to a method of billing which requires programs to bill at a half day rate even if a client were in attendance for 65% of that day. The first 8 staff members who read this newsletter and contact Matt, Francine or Joel will receive a gift!!
  • The Board continued its ongoing review of the mounting challenges, to Build’s work activity programs. These challenges are resulting from state and national movements to change the nature of the Department of Labor’s 14 (c) requirements which authorize subminimum wages for clients enrolled in work training programs, and Supported Employment work enclaves. President Lynch made the point that Build has always maintained a strict adherence to the principle of not allowing consumers employed at any company work enclaves to work for less than minimum wage. However, due to the fact that more than 60% of the enclaves in California pay subminimum wages, the President and Board of Directors felt it essential that they consider all of the current disadvantages Build faces in securing additional enclaves, as well as keeping the current enclaves competitive, without paying enclave participants subminimum wages.

February 2015 Newsletter

On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, Build Industries board of directors discussed the following matters:

  • ·The Board of Directors conducted the election of Board members and chose former Pierce College President, Tom Oliver as Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Cliff Raymond as Vice Chairman.
  • ·The Board of Directors discussed plans to convene a special half day retreat at the Chatsworth Work Source, to provide time for a more penetrating analysis of the company’s direction, as well as potential new programs.
  • ·The CEO and Board of Directors also discussed, and considered the potential benefits associated with owning and operating Adult Residential Facilities. The Board ultimately decided to defer further analysis of this matter, and revisit this possible endeavor during their planned half day retreat.
  • ·The Board also initiated the proper motions to change the signatories on the company’s current banking institutions.
  • ·The Board of Directors continued to implement changes and amendments to the Build Personnel Policy including the following primary additions:

1) In accordance with California state law, anyone hired, must receive one hour of paid sick leave once they have completed the first 30 hours of employment.

2) In accordance with CARF regulations, the company established a policy, regarding, the service of legal documents and/or subpoenas to employees.

  • The Board also examined the loss of income associated with the departure of the tenant in the Chatsworth Building and ways in which the income and/or the tenant may be replaced.
  • Build CEO Matt Lynch, notified the Board that Acorn Inc. will be renewing its lease at the company headquarters in Sylmar. Lynch also mentioned that there would be an annual rate adjustment of 3% to match the consumer price index.
  • President Lynch also informed the Board of new and unfolding proposed changes in zoning for the city of San Fernando, and how these changes, if implemented, will affect Build and its business interests in the future.
  • The President also notified the Board of Directors that one of the company’s primary objectives during the coming year will be to locate, purchase and occupy a new building for the company’s licensed facilities.
  • The CEO introduced this year’s plan Carrie Bynum to streamline the Long Range Planning Committee. Primary discussion revolved around changes to the way in which assignments will be delegated as well as plans to convene committee meetings less frequently.
  • The Board of Directors explored the worker’s compensation premiums, which are currently in excess of $209,000 per year. Mr. Lynch stated to the board that, based upon existing company salaries, our annual premiums should be around $100,000 per year, and that the additional $109,000 per year is attributed to our unusually high x-mod as well as additional risk adjustment costs. Lynch also stated that he plans to continue his discussion with the insurance company to see if a more moderate premium is possible.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors continued to analyze some of the more readily apparent changes being made to California employment laws.
  • A discussion also centered on considering the possibility of constructing a kitchen and cafeteria at the rear section of the building in Sylmar. President Lynch mentioned the potential for marketing such a venture as a means of providing a way for consumers and staff to purchase lunch on site.
  • Build President and CEO, Matt Lynch also continued to reiterate the primary elements of the company employee benefit statement, which was designed by accounting department manager, Gary Olson. This statement is intended to communicate the quantifiable values which are derived from all of the benefits received by each Build employee which are received tax free.

December 2015 Newsletter

On Tuesday, November 25, 2014, Build Industries board of directors discussed the following matters:

  • Build President and CEO, Matt Lynch unveiled a benefit chart designed by accounting department manager, Gary Olson, which quantifies the actual value of all of the benefits appropriated to the average Build employee. Mr. Olson found that when all benefits were combined, the average Build employee receives close to $13,000 annually in benefits, in January Build will mail to all employees an individual analysis of their benefits.
  • President Lynch also discussed with the Board, various aspects of the pending lease re-negotiation process for the San Fernando building which currently houses Build’s Options program and the warehouse subsidiary.
  • The Board of Directors was also notified that a truck, while attempting to drop off a shipment to the Sylmar work training program, accidentally hit President Lynch’s parked vehicle, causing serious damage and need Caryl Strike for substantial repair.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors also discussed, and considered, the possibility of creating a “clean room” specifically to accommodate all of the numerous candy manufacturing and packaging accounts, which have been assumed by the Build Work Activity Program in Sylmar. Various financial and logistical requirements were considered, including a proposition that one or more of the contracted customers assist in funding of the endeavor.
  • The Board continued to analyze and review the findings from the most recent Program Evaluations. The discussion and deliberations have been set to continue at the next Board meeting in January.
  • The Board also recognized the vacancy of one seat on the Board of Directors and discussed how and when they would commence the process to fill the vacant seat.

November 2014 Newsletter

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, Build Industries board of directors discussed the following matters:

  • Build President and CEO, Matt Lynch disclosed to the Directors that the company had successfully sold more than 900 Good Samaritan kits. The Board was very happy with this relative degree of success in such a short period of time.
  • The Board of Directors also considered a new type of accounting software, introduced to the company by accounting department manager, Gary Olson. This new software is intended to ensure company compliance with new state mandated sick leave legislation.
  • President Lynch introduced the proposed ad for the Good Samaritan Kit, which the Board of Directors viewed and analyzed. The proposed ad will surface in the Valley Industry and Commerce Association’s business journal.
  • The Board of Directors also expressed satisfaction at news of the Chatsworth Work Source Center’s grand re-opening, and the notable fact that the Build Work Source is now the 8th largest staffing agency in Los Angeles.
  • President Lynch provided the Board announced that Build’s 2nd annual Art Show will be held at the company headquarters in Sylmar, on Friday, November 14, 2014.
  • The Board also discussed Build’s immensely successful second annual staff retreat which was held at the Sportsman’s Lodge on October13th. The retreat, which was attended by all Build employees, received a lot of praise from many of the attendees, especially for the selection of guest speakers and Michael Schrader information provided at the event.
  • The Board also expressed satisfaction at the coordination and presentation of the recent health fair which took place at the company headquarters in Sylmar.
  • The Board continued its analysis of Build’s 2014 Strategic Plan and provided valuable input and suggestions.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors continued to analyze various options available for medical insurance. A number of prospective companies, quotes and financial strategies were put forth for consideration and the Board decided to keep its existing Medical and Dental Insurance and absorb the increased premium so staff will not be impacted.
  • The Board’s nominating committee nominated Tom Oliver for the position of Chairperson of the Board to be elected and serve commencing January 2015.
  • President Lynch informed the Board of Directors of some of the work being done by the Alliance lobbying group, of which Lynch is a member. The Alliance advocates on behalf of intellectually disabled consumers in California. Of most noteworthy mention was the successful lawsuit filed by the ARC and UCP foundations to repeal the state mandate which requires all programs and regional centers to close for 14 holidays per year.
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