How to Choose the [Best Clamshell Packaging] for Your Small Business

Clamshell blister packaging is everywhere. If you’ve purchased anything in a store, you will have seen it before. It’s the rigid plastic container that contours and encases the product perfectly. Such a thing allows the product to be seen without sacrificing the seal and protection. According to the Freedonia Group, the clamshell packaging is the leading packaging in the market, consisting of about 65% in total.

Unlike carton boxes, the clamshell packaging is more economical and appealing to the consumers. In case you’re looking to use the services from packaging companies in Los Angeles, you should know how to choose the best clamshell packaging. Here are some points to ponder:

The cost

There’s no specific price for this type of packaging. It will vary on the size, shape, and volume as well as the supplier’s rates. The other listed factors here will affect the price. Be smart enough to distinguish if the price equates the quality of the packaging.

Shape and size

The bigger the packaging is, the more plastic material needed. It’s essential that you determine the required size and shape for the product you intend to package. In case the shape is difficult to nest together, the shipping cost could become higher. Nevertheless, achieving the exact shape and size of the clamshell blister packaging is best for your business.


The more you buy the bigger discounts you can bargain with the supplier. If you have products you need to sell, it’s best to order the packaging in bulk so you can save more money. Still, this depends on your financial ability as a small business.

Stock vs. custom

A custom clamshell packaging is the best option if you want a form-fitting container. However, you will need to purchase a separate custom tool that can cost as much as $5,000. Bear in mind that this type has an MOQ of 30k units. Stock clamshell packaging, on the other hand, won’t need any tooling and you can order units for as low as 20 pieces.

Supplier’s expertise

It’s advisable to seek the expertise of suppliers about the best option for your packaging. Most likely, they can offer help in the insertion of the marketing material and the product itself on the clamshell packages you purchased. If you’re lucky, some packaging services in Los Angeles may have a connection with a printing service that can provide your marketing material as well.

Packaging services in Los Angeles

Type of product

Products like food and medical goods will require compliance with different safety regulations. It is always best to ask your supplier about which of the clamshell packages they offer meet such standards. Meanwhile, non-perishable items like toys and headphones would not require any special clearance.

Barcode printing

If you’re running a POS sale system where you have the ability to generate barcodes, you can have the code printed right on the inserted marketing material. You can request this to the printing service so you no longer have to paste a separate sticker to the clamshell blister packaging.

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