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build-icon Shrink Wrapping features:

    • Get any retail product shrink wrapped!
    • Highest-grade shrink wrapping films!
    • We accommodate the tightest deadlines!
    • Cost-effective shrink bundling!
  • Printed shrink wrap machines!
  • Automated shrink wrappig equipment!
  • Quick turn-around time!
  • Can bundle any services!
  • Trained and dedicated support staff!
  • Shrink Wrap Packaging Los Angeles!
  • Shrink Wrapping Los Angeles!
  • Retail Shrink Wrapping services!

build-icon Our Shrink Wrap Packaging Services

  • Shrink Branding services
  • Shrink Wrap services
  • Shrink Wrapping services
  • Shrink Wrap Packaging services
  • Anything Shrink Wrapped!
  • Full service shrink wrapping for small quantities


build-icon Shrink Wrap Packaging Los Angeles

Your local Southern California Shrink Wrap packaging services in the greater Los Angeles area. Our top quality shrink branding and shrink wrapping services have a very quick turnaround time and a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. Build Industries is one of the largest Los Angeles shrink wrap services provider in LA county.

Our California based shrink wrapping company provides a unique edge for companies who need professional shrink wrap and shrink branding services. Build Industries is LA’s top shrink wrap packaging services provider for retail companies.

Shrink wrapping is popular among packaging companies in Los Angeles. It’s cost-effective, lightweight, and durable even during long transits. Since the plastic sheet shapes itself in the form of the product being packed, it’s also space-saving which cuts logistics costs of commercial packaging Los Angeles.

Using a plastic sheet, a heated gun or machine will then soften the material to wrap around the product. It packs, seals, and secure the goods at the same time.

build-icon Advantages of Shrink Wrapping in Los Angeles

Thinking of using shrink wrapping? Here are some benefits:

packaging companies in Los Angeles

Impossible tampering. Unlike boxes, shrink packages are almost impossible to tamper with. If someone tries to tamper with the product, any damage on the shrink wrap will be noticeable. This is the reason why pharmaceutical companies and banks opt for shrink wrapping to secure their products and sensitive items.

Affordable. Aside from being durable, shrink wrapping is much more affordable than customized boxes and crates. Commercial packaging Los Angeles is widely offering this service since there are machines that can speed up the packing.

Branding. Most of the plastic sheets used in shrink wrapping in packaging companies in Los Angeles are translucent. With this, the seller can print words, designs, and information without the need for extra material.

Preserving. Perishable items and fragile products are best wrapped with shrink packaging to retain its quality. Shrink wrap is proven to increase the shelf life of food items which makes it a top choice in the food industry.

Although made with plastic, shrink wraps can be recycled for future use.

All of us at Build Industries would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to quote your needs.

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