Cost Of Safe And Affordable Commercial Packaging

Finding cost-effective ways to ship products is commercial packaging’s number one issue. Packaging can oftentimes be costly — with weight and size affecting overall shipping costs, and that will impact the cost for which a product can be sold.

Here are three means of affordable packaging:

Plain Tyvek Envelopes

These thin white envelopes make shipping easy for items that need little to no protection. Cloth products like t-shirts, apparel, and linens are the best goods for this type of packaging. The cost of this shipping ranges from 3 cents to $1.75.

Bubble Mailers

These yellow envelopes provide just the right amount of protection for semi-fragile objects. Products like books, boxed or bagged jewelry, and DVDs are examples of what best suits these types of envelopes. The cost of bubble mailers ranges from 11 cents to 80 cents.

Standard Boxes

Classic cardboard boxes can carry a variety of different products. Their versatility explains their popularity. However, packagers must be aware of the cost of bubble wrap and dividers for these boxes — depending on the product’s size and shape. For the heavier loads, the cost can range from 40 cents to $3.00.

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