Disabled Job Training

The modern American workplace is very competitive and there’s a perception that it’s very cutthroat and lacking compassion. With that being said, the number of Americans who have a disability has gone up exponentially over the past thirty to forty years.

So, the workplace is more competitive than ever, and there are more disabled individuals than ever. What’s the solution?

The answer isn’t very complex: train disabled individuals (who possess the physical ability) to do certain jobs.

On face value, certain people might think that that isn’t a viable answer, but why not?

Not all disabilities are equal

There is a perception that just because someone is disabled it means that they can’t do anything. This belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Autism, for example, exists on a scale that includes Aspersers, and people with Aspersers can have jobs, be married and have families. Certain individuals who have Autism are very low functioning, others, it’s a different story.

What used to happen to disabled Americans?

According to Samuel Bagensto (a disability rights lawyer and law professor at the University of Michigan):

“Children with significant disabilities received separate schooling if they received schooling at all. As late as 1970, only a fifth of children with disabilities received public schooling; schools often simply excluded children with developmental disabilities as uneducable. As they grew to adulthood, individuals with developmental disabilities moved to state-run institutions that theoretically provided training and treatment, but in practice warehoused them.”

Essentially, in the past, disabled Americans were largely forgotten by society or simply ignored. As a solution to this problem, a number of states crafted legislation that would allow employers to hire disabled individuals for a lower amount than minimum wage. This way they would be able to work and contribute to society.

There have been a few states that have reversed course on this type of employment, but the vast majority of them still allow it.

At Build Rehabilitation, we provide training and employment opportunities for disabled Americans

We believe in trying to maximize the potential of everyone that walks through our doors, and to this end, we offer programs that help people reach their full potential.

Some of the training programs we offer include:

  • Occupational training
  • Job readiness/work adjustment
  • Supportive work environment
  • Educational courses
  • Onsite job training

The Build Rehabilitation Work Activity program is a sheltered work program designed to assist developmentally disabled adults in their pursuit of vocational skill. Persons served develop a strong work ethic and on the job work skills, as they earn a paycheck. Consumers enrolled in the Work Activity Program (WAP), also known as the Work Services Program, engage in piece rated work, and enjoy working on a wide array of jobs.

If your business could benefit from one of the services we offer, don’t hesitate, and call us today!

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