Does Holiday Packaging Work?

With the Fourth of July and most other holidays, you often see tons of products using special/holiday themed packaging.

While holiday packaging might be eye-catching, just how effective is it:

Does It Tell A Story?

Holiday/special packaging needs to tell a story. It shouldn’t just catch their eye — it should connect them to your brand on a deeper level. Another great way to build this connection is by injecting a human touch to the packaging campaign.

Differentiate From The Competition

By studying the competition, you can craft a truly unique packaging campaign that stands out from the competition. You can see where competitors are doing it right as well as see what isn’t working — which will then help you refine your packaging.

Make It Your Own

Another important thing to remember is to keep your packaging true to your brand. Consumers can often tell when a company is forcing something just to capitalize on a holiday or event. Placing your brand’s style and personality into any special or seasonal campaign will also help consumers build long-term connections with your brand.

Keep The Same Quality

Just because you’re only using this packaging for a limited amount of time doesn’t mean that you can be cheap on packaging costs. Cheaper, subpar packaging (or designs) for a product can have a negative impact on the perception of your brand. Instead, maintain an emphasis on the same high quality and presentation that you use for your packaging throughout the year.

Plan Your Next Holiday Campaign

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