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Partnering with BUILD will allow you to optimize and transform your business today.

We have stood by our mission since 1967 and it inspires our vision every day.

Imagine your workforce optimized with talent perfectly suited for their roles and your culture, engaged, productive and consistently delivering on expectations…. at a cost well below other employment agencies.

BUILD will get you there.

BUILD matches candidates with employers across the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area in direct hire, contract, and temporary-to-hire arenas. When you partner with Build Industries, you are joining a socially responsible organization, one that has built a reputation and legacy on a commitment to the community. We are dedicated to finding the best solutions to your staffing and organizational needs, and our success stories from companies and candidates over the years reaffirm our core belief…

YOU come first.

galpin-fordBUILD subscribes to the highest ethical and professional standards in the training and placement of a diversified workforce to help our company partners stay profitable and efficient. We empower and motivate our candidates and contract businesses to achieve their goals by providing training, support, guidance, and accountability as a trusted partner to both employer and employee.

We will provide you with the best talent that suits your business at no cost to you. No matter what your employee needs are, we will provide you with talented, driven and trained personnel. With our top-notch customer service, you will have a partner with BUILD. At anytime you are not satisfied, we will provide you with solutions and replacements if needed.

frito-laySome of our many candidates include hard working individuals with developmental disabilities. BUILD Rehabilitation is committed to increasing employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled, providing them with job training and assistance in finding gainful employment, either working on varied projects within our packaging center and warehouse, or directly with a company partner such as Frito Lay, Galpin Ford and Lowes. Our Supported Employment Program mentors individuals with developmental challenges by matching his or her skills and abilities with the right company. The program fosters long-term success for both the individual and company with the assistance of a training specialist and job coach who will provide continued and consistent on-the-job support, at no cost to the employer.

lowesHeightened expectations on the part of consumers and their families, increased use of modern service technologies such as our Supported Employment Program, and newly emerging business trends that value workforce diversity have opened up an exciting new world of opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and companies alike. For more about BUILD Rehabilitation’s Supported Employment Program for the developmentally disabled, click here.

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