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Build Industries Supported Employment Program
Build Rehabilitation Industries’ Supported Employment Enclave at Galpin Motors

The Build Rehabilitation Supported Employment Program (SEP) is dedicated to ensuring that developmentally disabled adults are given every possible opportunity to achieve their individual employment goals. Job developers are tireless in their efforts to find jobs for consumers and the SEP program regularly holds pre-placement job clubs to inform consumers of ways to secure employment. This information includes: what to wear and what to say during a job interview, how to fill out an application, and how to assess which jobs are right for the individual. A job developer will accompany and support the consumer during the interviewing process. Once hired, the SEP program provides a job coach to provide necessary on the job support to ensure the consumer is trained and able to keep the job. Job coaches are on-site instructors and counselors who create a task analysis and frequently act as liaison between the employer and the consumer. The following section will explain, in greater detail, various highlights of the SEP program.

What Consumers Should Know About

BUILD’s Supported Employment program is specifically designed to work in partnership with you, the Department of Rehabilitation, and the Regional Centers, to find and adapt a job to your needs, abilities, and interests; as well as to provide you with on the job training and support once you start the job. How does BUILD find a job? Our program finds a job that is specific to you, we develop each employment opportunity based on the information you provide us. We will never just fill jobs off a list; we create the job for each individual we work with. BUILD Job Developers will work in partnership with you to locate employers, check sources for openings and complete the application and interviewing process. This task requires time, patience, and flexibility. You will need to participate by attending interviews, participating in placement classes, working on your job seeking skills, and assisting the Job Developers as they offer you assignments. Our job is to not only find you work, but to empower you so that you are capable of seeking work independently in the future. The employment we seek is yours and our interest is helping you have an investment and accomplishment when the right job is found.

What Build will do for you?

BUILD will complete assessments with you to determine what the best types of jobs are for you, the location, hours of work, etc. These assessments will all be based on your direct input. BUILD will develop plans on how to attain that “right” job for you. BUILD will then teach you how to get the job and how to present yourself on interviews. Build will develop a professional resume for you and distribute it to employers. BUILD will fill out applications for and with you. BUILD will take you out into the community to identify and visit potential employers. BUILD will set up interviews for you and attend them with you. BUILD will advocate on your behalf so that employers give you equal opportunity and accommodations. BUILD will maintain contact with potential employers and continue to make weekly visits and contacts until you are offered a job. BUILD will assist you in understanding job offers, wages, and hours. BUILD will also assist you in learning how to get to work once placed.

What happens after the job is found?

Build Industries - Employment Services
SEP Coach with two proud Costco employees.

BUILD will assist you in learning the work you are assigned. BUILD will provide you with your own personal trainer to help you as much as you need it. The trainer will be there to assist you in understanding work tasks, rules, regulations, and pay procedures. The trainer will also help you get to know your coworkers and supervisors. Supported Employment success is a team effort. The trainer will be available to you as long as you need it. This will be based on your input and the input of your employer. Once you are independent and comfortable the trainer’s amount of time with you will fade. We will assist you until you are 100% independent.

Build Rehabilitation’s Supported employment model has assisted hundreds of individuals in obtaining and maintaining community employment. Its proven success relies on your direct input and decisions. BUILD wants you to select a job that will make you happy and that you feel is right for you. BUILD will never force you to take a job, and will provide counseling to you when faced with tough decisions. These individualized services separate the Build Supported Employment program from other job placement programs and agencies.

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How Long Will it Take?

In many ways that can depend on your flexibility in the types of work you want, the areas you will work, and your availability and participation. The more appointments you attend, and the more applications submitted, the quicker you will find work. In today’s economy there is a lot of tough competition for jobs, often it requires being at the right place at the right time. Your active participation in the process will not merely increase your independence but will assist in a speedy placement. The current average for obtaining community work is 4 – 8 weeks.

Work Incentive Resources and Publications:

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If you are interested in taking advantage of all that the Build Rehabilitation SEP department has to offer, please CONTACT US.

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