Outstanding Clients

Matthew R.
Outstanding Client
Build Rehabilitation Industries wants to recognize Matthew R. as an outstanding client. He is in Build’s ILS and Options programs. In the above video, he speaks about his role in the Special Olympics. Matthew R. loves sports and has received numerous health benefits from his countless years of training and competing in Special Olympics Southern California. However, Matthew and his sister, Julie Baxter, have gained much more from sports. Attending practices and competitions and being around his peers has provided Matthew with a social outlet he didn’t have before Special Olympics. For Matthew, there is no better joy than putting on his glove and playing catch with another person.
Kira P.
Outstanding Client
Kira P. is a warm and friendly 35 year old young lady, who began working at the BUILD Burbank WorkActivity Program in May of 2009. Kira is a highly motivated and outstanding worker with many talents. She plays a key role in many of the programs daily operations, including product inventory, quality control, and office administration. Here, we see Kira conducting a final inspection and inventory of some documents she processed for a local Credit Union. Keep up the good work Kira!
Christopher P.
Outstanding Client
Christopher is a 24 year old young man who came to the BUILD Burbank Workshop in 2010 as part of our Supplemental Assistance Program, ‘BRIDGE’. This 4 to 1 program provides the support and supervision that allows Chris to make progress in his vocational training goals. Chris works alongside three co-workers and a supervisor performing basic work assignments such as packaging hardware, and collating documents for which he receives a paycheck every two weeks. Here, we see Chris assisting with a final quality check on some beauty products before they are shipped to our customer. Chris is a very good worker, and a valuable member of the BUILD Burbank team!
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