Expert States That The Packing Industry Is Embracing Demands For Sustainability

The following is an excerpt written by Philip Chadwick. It relates to recent trends in the packaging and warehousing industries, and their renewed efforts to produce products and items that are sustainable.

“Feedback from our experts on judging day for the UK Packaging Awards 2018 wasn’t too surprising. Entries for the quality awards seemed to pick up on the sustainability trend and while judges remarked that some efforts “weren’t quite there yet” it seems only a matter of time that the packs required to meet the challenges set out in the UK Plastics Pact will account for the majority.

This year’s judging day felt different. It’s as if the debate over plastics has energized the sector. Whether it’s finding plastic replacements or reducing the material’s use, the challenge has been picked up by technologists and designers. This approach has focused minds in the food sector. The dilemma that’s still facing the market is food waste and packaging’s role in reducing it.

As the Packaging Federation’s Dick Searle notes, ‘if global food waste was a country, it would be the third largest carbon emitter in the world’. And it just happens that plastic is a material that technologists love – it’s durable and has properties that can extend shelf life.

Of course, no one wants to solve one environmental problem only to create a bigger one. The balancing act for retailers and brands is a tricky one. It will be interesting to see how next year’s entries fare; are the plastic replacements for food ready and are they meeting the requirements to extend shelf life?

Developments in the disposable coffee cup saga are also moving, albeit slowly. Our Analysis examines DS Smith’s cup recycling plant in Kemsley. It’s currently waiting patiently for cups to recycle and hopes that the recycling and collection market will soon be fully established. For DS Smith, perhaps it’s a case of ‘if they build it, they will come.’”

As the 21st century progresses, the technologies involved in packaging and warehousing goods will only continue to advance, and within 100 years, who knows what typical warehouses will even look like. One thing is for certain, Build Rehabilitation is at the forefront of warehousing and packaging technologies.

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and the manpower required to service all of our clients and their custom packaging needs.

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