How Can Good Packaging Increase Sales?

Product packaging is the first thing that consumers will see upon laying eyes on your product. It has to stand out and make a good impression that will convince a consumer to make a purchase. According to research, product packaging in Los Angeles plays a big role in marketing and forming the purchasing decision of a buyer.

Colors matter

According to the 2012 research of Ahmad, Billoo, and Lakhan, the colors of the packaging is one of the most significant features of product packages. Consumers prefer eye-catching colors. Upon catching their attention, the other aspects of the packaging will dictate whether that person will purchase or not.

Images are critical

Humans are visual beings, so it’s not quite surprising that consumers prefer packaging with pictures or images. This is more evident in cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles, where consumers rely on visual representation.

This is the same reason why contract packaging services in Los Angeles spend a great deal of time designing product packaging.

Information is a must

Aside from the aesthetic aspect of packaging services in Los Angeles, consumers also look for products with ample amounts of information on their packaging. For consumable products like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, ingredients and nutritional facts are important. This helps consumers compare products based on their content.

More and more consumers are getting wiser. They are now taking the time to read printed information on the packaging to make a purchasing decision. So if your packaging doesn’t have this element, you’ll likely lose a large chunk of sales.

Product protection

Packaging companies in Los Angeles aren’t just bent on making your product appealing to the eyes. The goal of product packaging is to protect the goods from physical and chemical damages. With that, the packaging has to be durable, much so for commodities that will be transited in long distances.

Just imagine your products arriving all dented and crushed. No one would like to purchase such goods, except if it’s offered at very low prices. This is the reason why you should invest in product packaging as much as you’re willing to invest in the equipment involved in the production of your products.

Packaging talks about your brand

If you want to make the most out of your product’s packaging, you should build your brand around it. Make it interactive and useful for consumers. For example, Ole Candy from Spain designed their boxes like a page from coloring books. This way, the kids will enjoy the sweets as well as coloring on the candy boxes.

With this added perk, children and their parents will find your product more interesting to buy. In fact, yours will stand out even if there are other better products in the market.

Consumers invest in unique packaging

Over the years, consumers have become more willing to purchase goods packed in unique packaging. Eco-friendly boxes and pouches are a big hit. Other great designs include a self-heating food packaging that comes with water-activated heating technology.

Meanwhile, scented packaging is becoming popular as well as packaging companies in Los Angeles with a mission – just like Build Industries.

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