Innovating Services for the Disabled: Build Rehabilitation Industries Launches eBay Store

SYLMAR, CA September 7, 2017: Build Rehabilitation Industries has officially launched an eBay store that employs three disabled individuals. The eBay program employees earn a paycheck working at the eBay store and are learning how to operate computers, take professional quality photographs of the products, advertise online, and properly package and ship the items sold. Most importantly, clients have learned to operate as a team in a business environment.

The Build eBay store is the first of many programs slated for launch by the newly introduced Build Entrepreneurial Services Program. Sales from the eBay store will help fund these other programs.

‘The skills that the program employees are mastering at our eBay store will continue to expand their level of independence and marketability,” said Karl Pawlik, Director of Entrepreneurial Services, Build Rehabilitation Industries.

“This is just another example of Build innovating to provide best-in-class programs and employment offerings for our program participants,” said Matthew Lynch, President and Chief Executive Officer, Build Rehabilitation Industries.

The Build commitment to innovation and quality is one of the many reasons why it has been able to effectively serve individuals with developmental delays for 50 years. Build is dedicated to providing opportunities for purposeful employment, greater independence, and a better way of life for individuals with developmental delays or any other barrier to employment.

To visit the Build Rehabilitation Industries eBay store click here or go to

For more on the amazing things that Build is doing, check out their entire website at http://www

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