August 2013 Newsletter

On Tuesday, July 23, 2013, Build Industries board of directors discussed the following matters:

  • The Board of Directors reviewed and approved the company’s internal S.W.O.T. analysis.
  • Build Rehabilitation is currently in the process of interviewing different auditing firms, as potential replacements for the current auditing firm.
  • Build Business Services is now exploring the opportunities associated with becoming a provider of Live Scan fingerprinting.
  • Additionally, Build Business Services (BBS), which is gradually creating a successful catalogue of business related trainings, recently completed its first training on safe forklift operation. This training, conducted by Bill Augustyn, provides other companies with assistance in maintaining compliance with Occupational Safety and Health. (Ray Valdivezio) Administration (OSHA) requirements.
  • The possibility of creating a janitorial enclave in which clients from the supported employment program and the work activity program, are provided the opportunity to further develop their vocational skill while earning a paycheck, and providing janitorial services.
  • The ever increasing likelihood of moving the Options behavior program to a new location within the City of San Fernando. Discussion centered on the details of a letter of intent, which will be drafted, for a prospective property, currently being seriously considered, in the Maclay district of San Fernando.
  • Build has secured a lessee for an office in the unoccupied office space located in the Chatsworth facility . There is still a large amount of office space, not yet leased, and anyone who finds a tenant, will receive a finder’s fee, in the form of a 6% commission of the monthly rent amount, for the first six months following the commencement of the tenancy.

Build Industries - PaulaJuly 29, 2013: BUILD Rehabilitation Industries is proud to acknowledge the outstanding performance of Mrs. Paula Romero.  For the past two years, Paula has worked at BUILD’s Burbank facility as a Support Staff person.  Paula currently supervises four consumers assigned to BUILD’s supplemental assistance program, ‘BRIDGE’.  Paula provides vocational training to her consumers on a daily basis, which includes instruction of basic production fundamentals, safety, quality control, communication, workplace conduct and behavior management.

Paula’s daily efforts have greatly enhanced the BUILD Burbank BRIDGE Program.  She excels in small-group instruction and one-on-one coaching, and the consumers under her supervision have shown notable increases in their functional and behavioral development.  One of Paula’s consumers, Sevag S. has recently transitioned from the BRIDGE program into the Burbank Work Activity Program full-time (see photo). This is a remarkable achievement for Sevag, and we commend Paula for her outstanding efforts in working with this consumer. Sevag is now on his way to greater independence and personal development, and this is in no small part because of Paula’s patience and professionalism. Thank you Paula !

  • On another note, the date for this year’s Holiday Party has been set for December 13, 2013.
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