June 27, 2017 Build’s Board of Directors discussed the following topics:

  • Build CEO Matt Lynch introduced Karl Pawlik as Build’s new Director of Entrepreneurial Services.  The Board was excited about the prospect of Karl’s joining the company and the possible growth of entrepreneurial ventures to employ our clients.
  • Matt provided the Board with an update of the current status of the Chatsworth Work Source center and the good news that the Work Source is fully funded and suffered no cuts.
  • Matt gave the Board an update on the Ebay program, which will be a program in which 3 clients will work in an enclave to manage the Ebay sale of surplus items and inventory.
  • The CEO also reported that he may be seeking the assistance of a professional grant writing service, and is currently fielding suggestions regarding potential grant proposals.
  • Mr Lynch informed the Board that Build had hired a new independent Living Skills department manager and that his employment will commence this same week.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors continued the discussion about various refinance options available for the properties in Sylmar and Burbank.  The Board ultimately granted Matt the authority to take all measures necessary to secure a favorable re-financing, including switching of financial institutions, if deemed necessary.
  • Matt announced to the Board that he hosted a meeting at Build with Senator Kamala Harris’ field representative, Brent Robinson.  Mr Robinson toured the Sylmar facility and spoke with Matt, Pat and Joel about issues related to employment and service needs of the intellectually disabled and the specific needs of the programs that provide service to the IDD populations.


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