June 2016 Newsletter

California Assembly Bill 2582

Build CEO Matt Lynch discussed California Assembly Bill 2582, introduced by California Assembly Member Brian Maienschein. Lynch talked about the potential opportunities this Bill would provide Build and other social services agencies across California who provide work training services to the disabled. The bill proposes that an agency be able to receive a tax credit amounting to the difference between the individual hourly rate a client should be receiving based upon individual productivity and the actual minimum wage. Lynch also introduced the idea that, this Bill, if successful, would provide Build an additional opportunity to possibly provide time study services to other companies since there would inevitably be an increased demand for such services.

Build’s Banking Practices

The Board of Directors and CEO also discussed possible changes to Build’s banking practices and focused the discussion on FDIC insurance limitations. Consequently, Matt will be seeking another banking institution to establish a greater disbursement of company assets.

CATS Program

Matt also discussed the CATS program, which provides disabled students with advanced transition skills to better equip them for a successful transition from high school into a community college. The CATS program currently provides 19 different courses for students to choose from and the enrolled consumers are provided the opportunity to improve their vocational skill level while also developing essential work ethics. The CATS program has now expressed interest in developing a cooperative relationship with Build to engage in efforts of mutual benefit to both organizations and provide greater assistance to both of the client populations our organizations serve.

Update on Tax Assessment

Lynch also apprised the Board of Directors about the progress Gary Olsen and Steve Rosen have made in resolving a mistaken tax assessment of Build made by the IRS. Apparently, the mistaken assessment and assignment of tax liability resulted from an internal computer glitch at the IRS.

Rate Increase

Matt also mentioned that the Governor’s revised budget will allow for regional center programs to get an increase in rates during the upcoming fiscal year.

CARF Accreditation

The CEO also informed the Board that the CARF preparation committee continues to make progress in its preparation for the CARF survey which is scheduled caryl strike to be conducted during the first quarter of 2017.

Email System

Matt also informed the Board that Build has hired information technology firm “Ethernet Geeks” to provide consulting and support for Build’s email system and computer hardware and software maintenance needs.

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