Minimizing Packaging Waste With Soap

Each year, over 552 million shampoo bottles are thrown away, and a large percentage of the bottles that are thrown away still have product in them. When Mi Zhou found this out, she began devising a plan to stop the waste. This led to her creating Soapack: bottles and jars that are made entirely of soap.

How It Works

The Soapack collection is made from vegetable oil-based soaps that will melt away when you don’t need them. Their instructions are also a dissolvable paper that you can dissolve in water when you’re done. A layer of beeswax is used to keep them waterproof and to prevent leaking from occurring.

Surprisingly Stylish

Using various minerals, plants, and pigments, the collection comes in an array of styles and colors. The result is a completely eco-friendly collection that looks great in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in your home.

LA’s Packaging Experts

Build Rehabilitation, which is located in Los Angeles, offers specialized packaging services to a variety of different businesses in the industry. With 200 disabled workers and 50,000 square feet available, we have space and manpower required to service all of our clients and their packaging needs.

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