December 2015 Newsletter

On Tuesday, November 25, 2014, Build Industries board of directors discussed the following matters:

  • Build President and CEO, Matt Lynch unveiled a benefit chart designed by accounting department manager, Gary Olson, which quantifies the actual value of all of the benefits appropriated to the average Build employee. Mr. Olson found that when all benefits were combined, the average Build employee receives close to $13,000 annually in benefits, in January Build will mail to all employees an individual analysis of their benefits.
  • President Lynch also discussed with the Board, various aspects of the pending lease re-negotiation process for the San Fernando building which currently houses Build’s Options program and the warehouse subsidiary.
  • The Board of Directors was also notified that a truck, while attempting to drop off a shipment to the Sylmar work training program, accidentally hit President Lynch’s parked vehicle, causing serious damage and need Caryl Strike for substantial repair.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors also discussed, and considered, the possibility of creating a “clean room” specifically to accommodate all of the numerous candy manufacturing and packaging accounts, which have been assumed by the Build Work Activity Program in Sylmar. Various financial and logistical requirements were considered, including a proposition that one or more of the contracted customers assist in funding of the endeavor.
  • The Board continued to analyze and review the findings from the most recent Program Evaluations. The discussion and deliberations have been set to continue at the next Board meeting in January.
  • The Board also recognized the vacancy of one seat on the Board of Directors and discussed how and when they would commence the process to fill the vacant seat.
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