October 2016 Newsletter

Client Holiday Party Date

Build CEO Matt Lynch notified the Board of Directors that the Client Holiday Party has been scheduled for Friday, December 16th, and will be held at the company headquarters in Sylmar.


Refinance Building in Sylmar

The Board of Directors approved the CEO’s motion to refinance the building in Sylmar in an effort to reduce the interest rate eighty-five basis points from its current rate of 5.4% down to 4.55%.


Strategic Plan, Program Evaluation, and Outcomes Report

The Board elected to review the annual Strategic Plan, Program Evaluation, and Outcomes Report during their next retreat, which will take place shortly after the CARF survey.


Los Angeles Pierce College

Build CEO Matt Lynch introduced a tentative agreement with Los Angeles Pierce College to allow the company to have a tent/information booth on the college’s campus to promote the WorkSource Center. Build will be requesting twenty-seven thousand dollars to cover the company’s costs associated with the campus presence.


Automatic Front Door

Build CEO Matt Lynch also notified the Board that due to funding from a grant, Build had new automatic front doors installed at the company headquarters in Sylmar.


New Receptionist

Build CEO Matt Lynch notified the Board that Build had hired a new receptionist for its front office in Sylmar.


Build Rehabilitation Industries Corporate Retreat

The Board was also apprised of the location and date of the company’s next staff retreat/training held on October 10th. The retreat will take place at the Best Western Conference Center located at the Winnetka Bowling Alley.


Liability Insurance

Build CEO Matt Lynch indicated to the Board that he was unsatisfied with the rising costs associated with the company’s current Liability Insurance and that he intends to look for a new carrier during the next renewal period.


Steve Rosen

Build CEO Matt Lynch and Board agreed to seek the services of Steve Rosen for the next audit.


Build Art Show

The President informed the Board of Directors of the date and time of Build’s 4th Annual Art Show, which will be held on November 18th from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. in the main conference room.


2015 Workman’s Comp Audit

Matt discussed the results of the 2015 Workman’s Comp Audit, in which it was initially thought that Build would owe $26,000. However, Build Finance Manager Gary Olsen reviewed it and discovered that Build is actually owed $3,300.

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