November 2016 Newsletter

Holiday Staff Gift

Build CEO Matt Lynch and the Board of Directors decided to increase the Staff Holiday Gift this year to allow for a $35 gift card to Trader Joe’s.


Refinancing Sylmar Building

CEO Matt Lynch kept the Board of Director’s apprised of the process underway to refinance the Sylmar building. He notified them that he is awaiting a decision from the bank.


Build Rehabilitation Industries Annual Retreat

CEO Matt Lynch informed the Board that the Company’s Annual Retreat held on October 10th was a great success and that seventy-eight staff personnel participated in CARF mandated annual training.


Open Positions at Build

The Board was notified of several unfilled positions within the company, and that as a result, CEO Matt Lynch posted job openings on the employment website: Consequently, Matt convened open interviews on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.


Company Medical Insurance

CEO Matt Lynch told the Board of Directors that he would be receiving medical insurance quotes for the coming year. He also reminded the Board that the company is bracing for increased medical insurance costs which have been forecasted as much as 25% higher during the coming calendar year.


San Fernando Building Issues

CEO Matt Lynch made the Board cognizant of the structural problems associated with the building in San Fernando. He also informed the Board that he is in the process of negotiating with the building owner to determine which repairs should be completed by the owner and which repairs should be completed by Build.


Work Source Center

CEO Matt Lynch stated that he is in the process of searching for a smaller and more compact facility site for the Work Source Center since the lease will be up with Marie McGinley in October of 2017. The two tenants who had previously occupied the second floor are now gone.


New Company Website

The Board was informed that the company’s new website is getting very close to completion and that Matt will be viewing a draft of the new site, prior to launch. The Board expressed much interest in seeing the new site once it is launched.

Winner at Art Show

The Board voted, and chose the winner of the best poster submitted by clients who entered the annual Art Show.


Minimum Wage Increase

CEO Matt Lynch and the Board also discussed the pending Minimum Wage increases at the state and municipal levels, including the fact that the Los Angeles minimum wage will be increasing to $12.00 per hour on July 01, 2017.


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