November 2014 Newsletter

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, Build Industries board of directors discussed the following matters:

  • Build President and CEO, Matt Lynch disclosed to the Directors that the company had successfully sold more than 900 Good Samaritan kits. The Board was very happy with this relative degree of success in such a short period of time.
  • The Board of Directors also considered a new type of accounting software, introduced to the company by accounting department manager, Gary Olson. This new software is intended to ensure company compliance with new state mandated sick leave legislation.
  • President Lynch introduced the proposed ad for the Good Samaritan Kit, which the Board of Directors viewed and analyzed. The proposed ad will surface in the Valley Industry and Commerce Association’s business journal.
  • The Board of Directors also expressed satisfaction at news of the Chatsworth Work Source Center’s grand re-opening, and the notable fact that the Build Work Source is now the 8th largest staffing agency in Los Angeles.
  • President Lynch provided the Board announced that Build’s 2nd annual Art Show will be held at the company headquarters in Sylmar, on Friday, November 14, 2014.
  • The Board also discussed Build’s immensely successful second annual staff retreat which was held at the Sportsman’s Lodge on October13th. The retreat, which was attended by all Build employees, received a lot of praise from many of the attendees, especially for the selection of guest speakers and Michael Schrader information provided at the event.
  • The Board also expressed satisfaction at the coordination and presentation of the recent health fair which took place at the company headquarters in Sylmar.
  • The Board continued its analysis of Build’s 2014 Strategic Plan and provided valuable input and suggestions.
  • The CEO and Board of Directors continued to analyze various options available for medical insurance. A number of prospective companies, quotes and financial strategies were put forth for consideration and the Board decided to keep its existing Medical and Dental Insurance and absorb the increased premium so staff will not be impacted.
  • The Board’s nominating committee nominated Tom Oliver for the position of Chairperson of the Board to be elected and serve commencing January 2015.
  • President Lynch informed the Board of Directors of some of the work being done by the Alliance lobbying group, of which Lynch is a member. The Alliance advocates on behalf of intellectually disabled consumers in California. Of most noteworthy mention was the successful lawsuit filed by the ARC and UCP foundations to repeal the state mandate which requires all programs and regional centers to close for 14 holidays per year.
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