More Robots Are Coming To Warehouses

According to some analysts, the near future is set to see an increase in the number of warehouse workers that will be wearing some kind of robotic exoskeleton suits. The future of warehouses and warehousing isn’t only relegated to exoskeleton suits, robots, or robotics — in that humans won’t have jobs in the future, but they are going to increase in popularity/use in warehouse settings. Exoskeleton suits help with heavy lifting, and most people are familiar with some form of robotic automation.

Companies like Sarcos Robotics plan to introduce industrial exoskeleton suits by the year 2019 and these products aim to reduce onsite injuries and accidents. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, accidents cost American employers more than $60 billion annually. The top three leading causes (for this rather high number) are overexertion, falls from the same level, and falls from lower levels.

According to Santagate,

“Companies are looking for ways to keep employees safer, extend their workers’ longevity, and reduce the costs associated with injury risk. Right now, exoskeleton suits with payloads of around 200 pounds are coming down the pike, which means a human worker will be able to lift 200 pounds in a repetitive fashion as if he or she was lifting a pencil.”

As technology advances (in this case exoskeleton suits that have superhuman strength), Santagate speculates “It’ll be far more flexible than a rigid contraption that’s designed to do the same thing,” he says, and will allow workers to move in a more fluid manner.”

According to Norm Saenz, who is a managing director at the supply chain consultancy St. Onge Company, states that “At first, we saw a few installations here and there, but now we’re seeing some definite development taking place, with robots being used to move ‘fluid’ loads or those that include loose cases transported via tractor-trailer or container.”

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