Six Things Your Product Packaging Must Do for You

Product packaging works more than just a container for your product. It should serve a variety of purposes to maximize the cost and effort allotted to it. Whether it’s a specialty, cosmetic, or shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles, your product packaging must do the following things:

1. Protect your product

The first purpose of product packaging is to shield the item from external elements. Your goods go through various processes before landing on the hands of your consumers. From your factory, it will go through packaging, shipping, and distribution. This movement will expose your product to wear and tear.

The packaging should be durable enough to withstand these forces without losing its shape and appeal. Most of all, your product packaging should reduce the risk of tampering.

2. Stand out on the shelf

Your product packaging should also stand out on the shelf while lined up with your competitors. Your brand should be easy to identify in the stack of other options.

Your product should pass the ‘five-year-old test’. If you can describe your product to a five-year-old and they can distinguish it from other options, then you have a functional packaging. Many packaging services in Los Angeles use this test to check the appeal of the packaging design.

3. Initiate emotional engagement

Regardless if it’s cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles or other products, the packaging should entice an emotional response. Eventually, this emotional response would lead to a purchase.

Ask yourself this: does the packaging make your consumers feel something?

This is why packaging designers use photos of people that look at you straight in the eye. This imagery entices engagement and connection between the buyer and the product.

4. Inform your customers

Another essential thing that packaging should do is to inform your potential customers. The only way to sell your item is to provide information about what buyers can expect. Proper labeling, a complete list of ingredients, manufacturing location, and pertinent details must be included in the package.

A well-labeled product is more likely to sell than a blank carton. As much as the mystery has its magic, it’s not always applicable to all products.

5. Represent your brand

Your product packaging should also represent the character of your brand. This is why various brands use proprietary fonts, colors, logos, and designs. You can use your product packaging as a branding tool to relay your message to your consumers. It should also trigger a sense of trust and patronage.

Always consider the psychological impact of your packaging on your customers. Would it sell or not? You can hire contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles like Build Industries to help you with this.

6. Add value to your product

Above all, the product packaging should add value to your product. Some brands use packaging with double functions: pizza boxes that work as plates, pasta boxes with serving sizes, and reactive labels that indicate freshness.

If you need help with your packaging designs and the packaging process itself, you can enlist the help of Build Industries. We are one of the disabled American packaging services Los Angeles that has been partnering with businesses for more than 50 years.

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