Supply Chain Management

Full Service Third Party Logistics Solutions
for the greater San Fernando Valley area


State of the Art Supply Chain Management Solutions

Build Industries - inside warehouseBuild’s fully managed warehouse in the heart of the San Fernando Valley and close to all major freeways and not far from the Port of Los Angeles. Build offers a comprehensive suite of third party logistics (3PL) services that addresses the requirements of your entire product lifecycle. Build Industries has the most affordable 3PL services your business needs.

Build’s 3PL services in the San Fernando Valley are scalable and their 3pl services in the San Fernando Valley can also be leveraged to maximize supply chain value for your business. Whether your business needs only one service Build provides, or if you need many services, Build can bundle any services your company requires at one low price guaranteed.

Build’s Third-Party Logistics Services

Unlike alternative 3PL companies, Build Industries can support supply chain requirements all the way through the entire product lifecycle. From warehousing, inventory management, and a wide variety of product packaging services, Build’s supply chain solutions deliver value for your product, whereas making your business a lot more efficient, while increasing your companies bottom line all at the same time.

Whether your business needs supply chain solutions, product packaging, eCommerce product storage and/or packaging such as Shrink Wrapping, Kit Assembly, Poly Bagging, Product Labeling, Blister packaging, Clamshell packaging, Logo Embroidery, Skin packaging; or order fulfillment, inventory management, warehousing, inventory storage or product distribution.. Build Industries has the perfect third-party logistics solutions for your business!

What is Supply Chain Management?

build-warehouseSupply chain management or otherwise called (SCM) is that the management of an interconnected network, within the provision of product and service packages needed by the end customers. Supply chain management encompasses the movement and storage of product inventory, and finished product from purpose of origin to purpose of consumption.

It’s conjointly outlined by the design, planning, execution, control, and observance of supply chain activities with the target of making net worth, building a competitive infrastructure, investing worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measure performance globally.
As organizations attempt to concentrate on core competencies and they scale back their possession of raw materials sources and distribution channels. The impact is to extend the quantity of organizations concerned in satisfying client demand, whereas reducing management control of daily supply operations. The aim of supply chain management is to boost trust and collaboration among supply chain partners, therefore improving inventory management and inventory movement throughout the chain all the way to the end customer.

Organizations progressively notice that they have to trust effective supply chains, or networks, to vie within the world market and networked economy. therefore once you your business needs a supply chain management solution, you’ll count on Build’s best in-class low price supply chain management solutions within the heart of the San Fernando valley.

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