How to Create the Perfect Cosmetics Packaging for Your Brand?

Cosmetics Packaging

Just like the product it encases, cosmetic packaging needs to be equally aesthetic, enticing, and functional. This is why designing perfect packaging is a crucial selling factor of each cosmetic product. If you’re looking to hire packaging services in Los Angeles, make sure that you cover the following points:

Define your target consumer

Regardless if you’re using shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles or other methods, always define your target market. Are your products directed to young tweens? How about office ladies? Young adults?

It’s important to decide your target market so that you can set a limit on what you add to your mood board. For example, if your target is young teenage girls, sparkles and bright colors will be ideal.

Come up with a mood board

A mood board is a collection of images, colors, and other materials that you think embody your brand. This will help you come up with a design by experimenting with the gathered elements.

During the creation of the mood board, you can also add advertisements from other brands to inspire the creation of your cosmetic packaging near Los Angeles.

Overall, your mood board is the collection of all raw materials that can be used for the package design.

Know your brand’s personality

As much as you have to define your customers, you should also define the personality of your brand. Are you more of a preppy company? How about edgy or classy? In doing so, you can portray your brand to your customers and establish a mark for your new products.

If you’re having problems identifying this part, you can use the help of contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles. Our service offers package design services to save you from the hassle.

Consider custom fonts

The most established beauty brands stand out due to their custom fonts. It’s also a great way to make a mark on your target market. So whenever customers see your packaging, they will know that it belongs to you. And if you provide great-looking packaging, it will become a badge for buyers to look for.

Use engaging colors

Colors are one of the biggest components of packaging. When it comes to cosmetics, the colors you use will depend on your target market. Brands with a sophisticated image opt for dark, matte, and deep colors. Meanwhile, those who sell items to a younger audience may opt for brighter and cooler colors.

Always consider durability

An eye-catching packaging will not serve its purpose if it’s not durable enough to protect the product. Packaging is supposed to protect the product from damage. As such, you should always prioritize quality over aesthetics.

You can hire disabled American packaging services in Los Angeles like Build Industries for your packaging needs. We have been in the industry for more than 50 years. With that, we can deliver quality, aesthetics, and affordable packaging for your cosmetic products.

Six Things Your Product Packaging Must Do for You

Product packaging

Product packaging works more than just a container for your product. It should serve a variety of purposes to maximize the cost and effort allotted to it. Whether it’s a specialty, cosmetic, or shrink wrapping packaging services in Los Angeles, your product packaging must do the following things:

1. Protect your product

The first purpose of product packaging is to shield the item from external elements. Your goods go through various processes before landing on the hands of your consumers. From your factory, it will go through packaging, shipping, and distribution. This movement will expose your product to wear and tear.

The packaging should be durable enough to withstand these forces without losing its shape and appeal. Most of all, your product packaging should reduce the risk of tampering.

2. Stand out on the shelf

Your product packaging should also stand out on the shelf while lined up with your competitors. Your brand should be easy to identify in the stack of other options.

Your product should pass the ‘five-year-old test’. If you can describe your product to a five-year-old and they can distinguish it from other options, then you have a functional packaging. Many packaging services in Los Angeles use this test to check the appeal of the packaging design.

3. Initiate emotional engagement

Regardless if it’s cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles or other products, the packaging should entice an emotional response. Eventually, this emotional response would lead to a purchase.

Ask yourself this: does the packaging make your consumers feel something?

This is why packaging designers use photos of people that look at you straight in the eye. This imagery entices engagement and connection between the buyer and the product.

4. Inform your customers

Another essential thing that packaging should do is to inform your potential customers. The only way to sell your item is to provide information about what buyers can expect. Proper labeling, a complete list of ingredients, manufacturing location, and pertinent details must be included in the package.

A well-labeled product is more likely to sell than a blank carton. As much as the mystery has its magic, it’s not always applicable to all products.

5. Represent your brand

Your product packaging should also represent the character of your brand. This is why various brands use proprietary fonts, colors, logos, and designs. You can use your product packaging as a branding tool to relay your message to your consumers. It should also trigger a sense of trust and patronage.

Always consider the psychological impact of your packaging on your customers. Would it sell or not? You can hire contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles like Build Industries to help you with this.

6. Add value to your product

Above all, the product packaging should add value to your product. Some brands use packaging with double functions: pizza boxes that work as plates, pasta boxes with serving sizes, and reactive labels that indicate freshness.

If you need help with your packaging designs and the packaging process itself, you can enlist the help of Build Industries. We are one of the disabled American packaging services Los Angeles that has been partnering with businesses for more than 50 years.

[Benefits of Contract Packaging] Services in Los Angeles

contract packaging services in Los Angeles

Many product manufacturers are outsourcing their packaging needs to save money while earning more. Contract packaging services in Los Angeles offer a sustainable option, especially for small brands that can’t maintain an in-house packaging department. From cosmetics to electronic items, many contract packagers are willing to provide their service for a lower cost.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring contract packing by disabled Americans in Los Angeles from Build Industries:

Bigger profit with less investment

Contract packaging in Los Angeles provides the manpower, material, equipment, and even logistics for the product. Manufacturers will save a lot of money by outsourcing instead of maintaining an in-house team for the same packaging quality.

The money saved from this can be channeled to product development and higher production yields. Also, manufacturers can invest the savings in expanding their company.

Fast turnaround time

Packaging services in Los Angeles have large warehouses, equipment, and staff. Since they are only focused on packaging, you can expect faster turnaround times for your product packaging.

This will decrease lead-time while reducing product spoilage for perishable goods. The packaging output will be twice faster if it’s outsourced to a third-party packer.

Optimized manufacturing resources

Many contract packaging services in Los Angeles provide added-value features like barcoding, thermoforming, and more. Acquiring the equipment for this will cost manufacturers large sums of money. Businesses can enjoy these perks without shelling out more funds if they will outsource their packing needs.

Ideal for seasonal items

Seasonal products may require special packaging design and materials. If businesses shoulder all the cost of this, it will cost more than what they’re going to pay for packaging services in Los Angeles.

It doesn’t make sense to hire more staff and purchase more equipment for products that will only be produced on a specific season per year.

More sustainable

Contract packaging provides sustainable options for both small and large businesses. Since the packaging industry is ever-evolving, brands will have one less headache if they will entrust the packing demands to a third-party provider.

Also, contract packaging services will offer more eco-friendly choices. This will help manufacturers save money while improving their brand image..

Design flexibility

Contract packers can supply design ideas for your packaging. This is crucial for cosmetic products and other creative items. You no longer have to hire designers since the packagers will provide it for you.

This lets manufacturers explore their options while having full control over the cost.

Access to the latest packaging technology

The best thing about outsourcing packaging needs is that manufacturers get access to the latest packaging technologies without acquiring the equipment on their own. Contract packagers are in competition with other providers so they always aim to offer the best packaging at the lowest possible cost.


Contract packaging brings in a lot of benefits for a business. It’s convenient, sustainable, and more efficient than maintaining an in-house packing department. Most of all, manufacturers are in full control of the cost. This is one thing that brands always aim to achieve.

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