The Pet Economy Is Booming Because Of Subscription-Based Services

Businesses and corporations that offer a monthly subscription type of product have seen a major boom in 2018 with no signs of slowing down in 2019.

From grooming items to cosmetic products, monthly subscription-based products are a very hot commodity. With this being said, one such niche market that is rapidly growing is the pets-related subscription market.

American consumers are prioritizing convenience above all else, and it only makes sense that this consuming habit would make its way down to pets. Some of the products that are being sent to pet owners for their furry friends include treats, snacks, healthy foods, toys and more. 

Why is the subscription-based model growing?

In addition to convenience, the subscription model is growing because it oftentimes lends itself to customizability. Now, not every item and every service can be customized, but most of them come with a variety of different options. For example, most subscription-based services/products offer different color schemes, an emphasis on one item over others, and so on. Netflix at one time was a completely subscription-based service with their customers only receiving DVDs in the mail (eventually Netflix would start streaming movies, but their subscription model is almost entirely how they make money).

With this being said, if you offer a direct to consumer product, you might want to consider offering a subscription-based product (if it makes financial sense).

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