Top 4 Worldwide Commercial Packaging Trends In [2018]

Packaging isn’t just a way to keep products safe and secure until they’re sold, it’s a way to educate buyers and help them make the right purchasing decision. It’s for that reason that packaging is becoming more and more sophisticated. Below are the most exciting packaging trends for 2018 and what changes you’ll likely see more and more with packaged products in the coming months.

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Eco-friendly and reusable

One of the biggest trends that are building throughout contract packaging services in Los Angeles and other areas around the country is a focus on sustainability. More and more people are beginning to care about that box that their items are shipped in and the different packaging materials. Packaging services in Los Angeles are focusing more and more on how to make their packages eco-friendly or how to make them reusable. Apple is a perfect example of this trend and is constantly talking about how it’s moving from plastic-based products to recycled paper instead for a better environmental footprint. That’s a direction that more services offering commercial packaging in Los Angeles are going to head as well.

Custom or limited products

Another major packaging trend carried out by contract packaging services in Los Angeles and other areas are custom or limited product packages. There are plenty of products sold as a limited item or as part of a set. Often the items are nearly identical to standard products, but they are sold as if they are special for some reason. Using custom packages and taking care to specially design different product packages can help them sell more effectively and make them seem special, which is another reason to work with packaging services in Los Angeles that can offer custom design services.

Vintage designs

Pastels and vintage designs are coming back in style and many of the businesses offering commercial packaging in Los Angeles, like Build Industries, are meeting this demand. The style has been bold and colorful for so many years, but many brands are turning back to a vintage look to help separate themselves from the other products on the market.

Unique shapes

Another 2018 packaging trend that’s going to be used even more often thanks to advancements made by packaging services in Los Angeles is custom shaped packaging. Companies are beginning to move away from traditional boxes, and go for round shapes, or irregular shapes entirely to try and stand out more and it’s transforming the way that packaging looks in stores around the country.

Packaging is becoming more advanced, and companies offering commercial packaging in Los Angeles are offering more and more services in order to keep up. Business owners looking to help their products stand out should really focus on the top packaging services in Los Angeles to give them an edge.

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