[Types and Importance] of Packaging Services in Los Angeles

Product packaging is a basic marketing component. It protects the product from damages while functioning as a branding tool. This is why packaging services in Los Angeles continue to innovate to keep up with the demands of businesses and organizations.

But before you hire for contract packaging services in Los Angeles, you should know first the different types of packaging you can avail:

Anti-corrosive packaging

This type of product packaging in Los Angeles is used mostly used on metallic goods or when exporting products by the sea where moisture may compromise its quality.

Anti-corrosive packaging usually involves the use of coating methods using liquids and oils. Also, the most common is the use of aluminum foils together with desiccants. VCI papers and films can be used as well.

Plastic packaging

So far, plastic packaging is one of the most common choices for commercial packaging in Los Angeles. It includes clamshell, shrink packaging, and soft plastics. This is usually used for cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles and perishable goods like food.

Plastic packaging is also economical. For businesses that need large-scale packaging services, plastic is the best choice. It’s so versatile it can be printed with brand details and other marketing content.

Flexible packaging

On the other hand, flexible packaging is commonly used on powders and other goods that need to stay fresh even after opening the packet. The good thing with this product packaging is it can be molded on different shapes and sizes.

The main benefit of this packaging is it lasts longer and can be stored for a very long time even if the consumer is using the contents. This leads to less plastic wastes.

Pharma packaging

Next, Pharma packaging is usually reserved for drugs and pharmaceuticals. Unlike other packaging services in Los Angeles, this one needs to pass certain standards and local codes.

Also, this packaging service requires the utmost care in handling. Proper sanitation is the top priority here as well as labeling each pack with the right details.

These are usually used for medical supplies like syringes, semi-solid and solid drugs, powders, and more.

Why packaging is important

Generally, product packaging protects the item from damages and contamination. Another thing is that it can be used for branding purposes.

Product packaging plays the following roles:


The packaging of the product says a lot about the brand. This is the reason why big companies spend a lot of time and money in designing their product packaging. Just like the item inside, the outer appearance is responsible for overall customer satisfaction.


The way a product is packaged will affect its appeal to the potential buyer. The key is to make it eye-catching and engaging to the point that will convince someone to add it to their cart. The color, graphics, material, and form are crucial here.


One of the biggest roles of packaging is differentiating a certain brand from its competitors. This lets buyers identify which product they used to patronize. With this, the product will stand out among its competitors once it’s placed on the shelves.

Overall, commercial packaging in Los Angeles is more than just wrapping items. It’s crucial in increasing sales and brand awareness.

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