Types of Cosmetic Packaging in Los Angeles

Cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles continues to innovate with various types of packaging. Each cosmetic product requires a particular container to retain its quality. Aside from that, packaging also plays a significant role in branding. When it comes to packaging services in Los Angeles, the following are the commonly used cosmetic packaging types:

Jars and pots

This type of container packaging is used for foundations, face creams, lotions, and gels. Usually, these jars come in 20 to 60 mm sizes, which can hold up to 250 ml of cosmetic products.

Also, pots can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit the need of the brand. It can be made of acrylic, glass, polyethylene, and others.

Sprayers and pumps

Sprayers and pumps are used often on perfume and liquid products. This type of dispenser is commonly found in skincare products with multi-layers to prevent spillage.

Usually, pumps are foamer pumps, plating pumps, and aluminium pumps. These have a metal-sheathed closure for efficient dispensing.


Vials are widely used for lip glosses and other liquid cosmetic products that should be applied in small amounts. It comes with a top cover or roller for easier application.

Cosmetic vials are cylindrical, but it can also be square, convex, and concave versions. These vials have thick walls and can contain around 5 ml to 15 ml of cosmetic content.


Tubes are typically used for gels, creams, and lotions. It’s usually the option to pack smaller amounts of products to make it more affordable than jars and pots.

It’s one of the most common cosmetic packaging due to its convenience and cost-efficiency. Tubes are semi-cylindrical, but it can also have triangular versions.


This container is used for compressed powders like blush, foundation, eye shadow, and the likes. Compacts are typically circular while it can also come in small square or rectangular shapes to create a pallet inside a bigger container.

Compacts are made of plastic since it’s lightweight and more affordable. Also, this packaging is refillable.

Wood packaging

Cosmetic product packaging in Los Angeles has adopted an eco-friendly material by using bamboo and other types of wood. This is commonly found on high-end products since sourcing the materials and producing the packaging takes more time and money.

Also, wood or bamboo packaging appeals more to consumers due to its eco-friendly image.

Airless bottles

Airless bottles are non-pressurized and are used to retain the quality of the product until it gets used up. This gives the product a longer shelf life. Also, it locks in the efficiency of the cosmetic product.

Although airless bottles can cost more, it’s a rising trend among cosmetic brands who want to switch from pressurized to non-pressurized technology.

Final words

Commercial packaging in Los Angeles has a lot to offer for cosmetic brands. Unlike other products, cosmetics imbibe creativity and beauty, which is the same thing that should be seen on its packaging. Each packaging material suits a specific type of product. Aside from picking the right material, you should also choose the right people to do the packaging job for you.

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