What to Consider When Selecting a Contract Packaging Services

Many manufacturers opt to outsource the packaging of their goods to save money. Instead of maintaining an in-house facility and manpower, packaging companies in Los Angeles offer a hassle-free option for producers. It speeds up production and guarantees the quality of the packaging. This is the same reason you should choose a packaging service you can trust.

The following are some of the key considerations when hiring packaging services around Los Angeles:

Capability and resources

The first thing that you have to check is the capability of the contract packaging services in Los Angeles. Do they have enough equipment to handle the amount of goods you want packaged? You should also consider the manpower and process it takes for the product packaging.

Another crucial aspect is the resources of the packaging company. Ask how the company sources its raw materials, how long it takes for them to procure, and if they offer package design support.


As much as possible, you should look for product packaging in Los Angeles nearest to your production area. This will optimize the production and packaging time instead of spending it on transit. A packaging service located in your vicinity also reduces the potential damage to your goods associated with long transport.

Local packaging services are also cost-efficient. You can use the money you saved from transporting the products to improve other areas of your production. And since the packaging facility is located close to your factory, you can visit it anytime you wish.


Changes can happen in the course of your production. You may need to pack more inventory during peak season or adjust your production based on the demand shift.

A flexible packaging partner can adjust to these challenges without shutting down the operation. You must discuss this factor on your potential packaging partner.

If you often receive bulk orders, it’s worth looking for packaging services that can handle last-minute requests. Having a nimble provider will boost your bottom line and increase your production.

Competitive pricing

Most importantly, you should look for a packaging provider with transparent pricing. The rule of thumb in retail is that the packaging cost shouldn’t go beyond 10% of the total price of the item.

Always remember that contract packaging is a custom service, which means that the price will vary based on your products and the packaging materials you prefer. You should discuss this upfront with the provider of contract packaging services in Los Angeles to avoid any hiccups.

Communication and delivery

Lastly, you should know how the company communicates with its clients. Would there be a reliable point of contact? How would you receive updates on your orders? Be it cosmetic packaging in Los Angeles, shrink packaging, or pharmaceutical packaging, the company should be easy to contact.

This will save you from the agony of guessing what’s going on with your goods. Being in the know of the packaging process will guarantee that your products will be delivered within the agreed timeframe.

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