Why Are Water Companies Using Aluminum Packaging?

More than ever, companies are opting for environmentally conscious options when it comes to packaging their products. This eco-friendly mindset has even reached the bottled water industry. Coca-Cola brand announced that their water, Dasani, would be the latest to switch to an aluminum bottle instead of the traditional plastic. These are just a few reasons why more companies are likely to follow suit and abandon plastic water bottles altogether.

Reduced Waste

Plastic bottles are one of the most abundant pollutants in the world today. Plastic microfibers have been discovered in rainwater in the Rocky Mountains and even showing up in the food supplies for some cities (via fish mostly). By switching to aluminum these companies are looking to eliminate a large contributor to this plastic pollution.

Independent Brand Competition

Smaller brands like Ever and Ever and Liquid Death are making a name for themselves with unique aluminum packaging. These brands have cut into the larger companies’ markets with consumers responding to the eco-friendly packaging and unique presentation.

Other Environmental Benefits

In addition to reduce waste, there are other benefits to manufacturing aluminum cans/bottles compared to plastic. Emissions from recycling aluminum are much lower than even the emissions from hybrid plastics that some companies are currently using. The production also yields less waste, helping to eliminate build-up/pollution issues that conventional plastics can cause.

Help Your Brand Make A Statement

Packaging liquids in aluminum cans is nothing new, soda and beer companies have been doing it for years. Yet, unconventional brands like water or sports drinks can help separate themselves from the competition while also reducing waste and pollution.

LA’s Packaging Experts

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