Why More Companies Are Saying No To Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging has been voted the worst packaging design ever, and thousands of people seek medical treatment each year for cuts and injuries sustained while opening clamshell packages. Yet, there are still hundreds of items across store shelves that use clamshell packaging. This may not last much longer. Many companies such as Amazon are taking great strides to eliminate this annoying and cumbersome packaging once and for all.

Why Clamshells Are So Widely Used

Despite being a hassle for consumers to open, stores still turn to clamshells for a variety of reasons like:

  • Product is visible on both sides
  • Can be hung or freestanding
  • Much harder to shoplift
  • Lighter than cardboard
  • Cheaper to make
  • Durable

So What’s The Problem?

The biggest issue with clamshells is that they aren’t collected to be recycled. Despite being made from PET plastic, which is highly recyclable, clamshells aren’t being collected at the same rate as other recyclables. The other issue is that when they are collected for recycling, they often can’t be sorted out from other materials.

Starting this August, Amazon will be raising waste-efficient packaging standards for all vendors on the site. This includes no clamshells or other plastic packages for medium or large-sized products or they will be charged $1.99 per package. These restrictions are meant to help improve recycling efforts and to reduce the high amounts of waste that plastic packaging contributes annually.

If you’re looking for alternative packaging options, the team at Build Rehabilitation in Los Angeles is here to help.

Packaging Done Right

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